Accepting Contrast

th-15“You must accept contrast. Your expansion is because of this resistance to contrast. Remember, you made the decision to come into your body and you jumped into contrast and loved it. You may have cried as a baby but you told yourself, “I’m going to deliberately choose contrast for the leading edge expansion that it brings!”   Abraham’s Message on September 13, 2016

Needing Therapy

post-46740-unicorn-therapy-meme-funny-img-clkmAbraham advises, “We don’t mean that going to therapy is bad but you’ll never get to the bottom of it all! Instead, make an empowering statement about it! (This is the Step 5 that we speak about.)”

“Detach from it!  Find an improved thought. Move from resistance into expansion. Choose a subject that you truly ARE and stay there!”


September 2016 Mediterranean cruise.

A Vibrational Match


On the September Abraham Cruise, a person asks, “What is a rendezvous?” Abraham said, “It means a vibrational match. All that comes back to you is what you broadcasted. You keep pulling in the Vortex and keep allowing (or not). There always will be more in your vortex. You don’t want it all today! (Like, you don’t want all of the air you breathe to be given to you at once!) The planting seeds concept is that you can’t eat all the seeds today.  The rendezvous is waiting to happen!”

Osho Zen Tarot Cards

One of my most helpful and inspiring guidance has come from “The Osho Zen Tarot Cards” by the Osho International Foundation.  It is advertized as “The Transcendental Game of Zen.”  Its introductory page says, “During the course of thirty years of talks to disciples and friends, Osho would answer their questions or comment on the teachings of the world’s great sages and scriptures.”  These cards are based on Osho’s wise teachings.

osho-on-osho_i-am-not-seriousTraditionally, tarot cards are used as a method of answering questions about life. It is one way to satisfy a longing to know about one’s past and future. Osho Zen Tarot cards focus on gaining a clear and insightful understanding of your events through the ancient wisdom of Zen. The Zen philosophy says that what happens in the outer world is simply a reflection your own thoughts and feelings.  Asking for answers using these cards enables seekers to turn their attention from outside events to discover clarity of understanding from their innermost, heartfelt wishes.0312117337_b

These tarot cards suggest several sample spreads or layouts for learning answers to your deepest life questions.  Connect with Spirit, choose your card layout, shuffle the cards, think of your question and run your hand over the deck to choose the cards that you are guided to draw.  Doing this from time to time may give you surprisingly accurate results!

Until you decide to buy your own cards, go to the Osho site and use theirs for free.  There are 9 choices or spreads to chose from for answering your question.  Have fun!

Osho on the Capacity of Being Alone

headerOne of the greatest spiritual teachers was Osho, born Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. He died in 1990.  Osho’s 30 years of wisdom have been translated and published in a variety of languages worldwide.  His meditations, books, audios and information can be found on this website,


Spiritual Dynamics Newsletter about The Recent Election


Spiritual Dynamics Newsletter
Spiritual Growth, Vitality and Wellness

A Word About Chaos
by Owen K Waters

The recent election results in America have turned the country from one deeply divided into one filled with a sense of chaos.

Today, we stand at a turning point where almost anything can happen. The deciding factor, as always, will be the level of consciousness which is applied to situations as they arise.

Groups of people – even entire countries – share collective states of consciousness. Each one of us affects our shared atmosphere of consciousness for better or worse.

As spiritual people who appreciate the vital need for higher consciousness, we have far more power to affect world consciousness that we realize. It is a silent power that almost seems lost in a world filled with billions of people and, yet, your individual practice of gaining higher consciousness can actually raise the thoughts of millions of other people!

This principle of powerful influence through higher states of consciousness is detailed in my book, The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness.

Another section of the book deals – appropriately in today’s world – with chaos. In the chapter, A Word About Chaos, it states:

“In physics, chaos is a phase that occurs during transformation. You can resonate a container of water with sound waves that generate a balanced, symmetrical pattern on the surface of the water. Then, if you turn up the frequency a little, chaos will ensue. The neat pattern on the surface of the water will become choppy and discordant. However, when you turn the frequency up still more, a new pattern emerges, one which is even more complex and beautiful.

“The chaos was a temporary phase between one natural state of harmony and its transformation into a higher form.

“It is much the same with the transformation of humanity through The Shift. The frequency associated with the Old Reality has already been increased. The old pattern has been disturbed and is beginning to go away. In its place is a choppy pattern which is searching for its new form. Discords abound at a personal and social level as old wounds arise seeking attention and resolution. As the frequency rises even more, the chaotic outbreaks upon the surface of life will settle into a new pattern, one which is even more complex and beautiful.”