Welcome to Mystic Heart Song

In this time of spiritual transformation, Mystic Heart Song offers you mystic wisdom to open your spiritual heart’s Divine awakening.  All coming from the most enlightened souls on Earth and beyond… 

We are so happy that you found us!

You have not been placed on this Earth to exist by yourself without help or through random chance to struggle for answers. Your deepest answers and your innermost purposes for being on Earth are being revealed to you through following your heart’s insightful feelings.  Those precious feelings of yours, at their deepest level, lead you to accessing your Soul’s inner knowing of your personal truths and the many progressed ways to proceed positively in life.  This is how you access your uniquely personal, mystical and magical heart song!

Your Soul is a growing and vital part of the totality of our current Universe’s expansion!  At one time we all emerged from The One, All That Is, Source, or God to experiment with life on the lower cosmic planes, like Earth.  Your life’s purpose on Earth immediately became an adventure to experience all of the wonder, love, and beauty here as well as ponder the confusion, hurt, and distortion of truth which might come your way.  Why?  Well, your very strong Soul wanted this growth for you.

On a higher dimension, a more knowing and larger part of you still exists!  This fuller, wiser part of you is called your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self holds a powerful reservoir of inner guidance and spiritual knowing which can lead you wisely through your Earthly journey.  Your answers to life’s questions are ever within your grasp at the deepest level … but you must ask for this spiritual help!

Mystic Heart Song wants to encourage your own unique spiritual truths to unfold for you in gradual ways through offering daily inspiring messages, heart opening videos and spiritual writings. We are not a counseling center but instead offer you spiritual wisdom found beyond the intellect which may trigger your own inner knowing and new insights.  Allow what you read and hear on this site to stir and grow within you.  These Mystic Heart Song posts may help you to understand what you are going through on a deeper, mystical level that will further unify you with your Creator. Your heart may find a newly inspired song to sing!

Also remember that we are all in this together.                                Our love to you always, dear Seeker!


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