From Testimony Of Light – Message Of Life After Death

“Since I left the earth life, I have been taught by a Teacher with whom I am in contact, mentally and spiritually.  He Himself is a part of the Group Soul in the Group toward which I am progressing and of which, although I was not entirely aware, I have been a member for many ages.

(One group is within another, within the next and the next into the highest Beam of Light which is Divine Life itself — or God. All is progress.)

This Teacher is a higher Disciple, a wise and advanced soul, and is able to impart knowledge and wisdom to souls in the Group. Here, progress, when made, is always rewarded with a service.

In other words, as one advances to greater Light, so one is allowed to teach and guide others of the Group on a lesser path.  The Group itself is made up of souls at all levels of consciousness, from the highest to the mediocre, but the Spirit of the Groups only advances Itself as the younger and less knowledgeable members make progress It is a unified advance.  No member of the Group can pass beyond the call and communication of other members.  When the Group itself advances into the Divine Company, then there will be no ‘stragglers.’ But, as I am instructed, such an experience is far beyond the Group consciousness at this stage.”

Testimony Of Light, Helen Greaves, p. 126-127. (Frances Banks, formerly a Catholic Nun, died and began channeling to her friend Helen Greaves. See photo.)

What You Can Learn From A Spiritual Medium – Theresa Caputo

“As a medium, I have the ability to communicate and deliver healing messages from the other side, which give us the courage to embrace life with happiness and joy. Through my work, I’ve learned so much from spirits, but no matter how our loved ones pass away, we are left with questions, burdens, guilt and shoulda-coulda-wouldas—all negative emotions that keep us from keep us from healing.

Often people ask me, “Did we make all the right decisions? Did they suffer? What was it like when they died? What did they feel? Were they afraid? Did they know I was there? Did they hear me? Do they know how much I miss and love them?”

These are good questions. But the most common and helpful thing that people want to ask is this: Is his or her soul at peace?

This is a positive, beautiful question.

And almost always, the answer is, yes, the person is at peace.

When someone comes for a reading with me, spirits talk about the good times. Too often, the people they loved are too busy beating themselves up and forget about the happiness they all shared. Spirits will also talk about things that have happened in their loved ones’ lives since they died. This is comforting because then we know that, with every breath that we take and every milestone that we achieve, they are with us.

Occasionally, spirits will even talk about their loved ones’ personal thoughts and prayers—things that they haven’t shared with anyone—which validates that they heard us say goodbye, and continue to hear us.”

Article from

Theresa Caputo,, “I’m the Long Island Medium (maybe you’ve heard of my reality show?), a New York Times best-selling author, and an incredibly busy mom, wife, and all-around family gal. I was born and raised on Long Island in Hicksville, NY and have been married to my husband Larry for 28 years.”




Bentinho Massaro – A Spiritual Teacher for the Next Generation – Video

“Bentinho Massaro grew up in Holland with a profound enlightenment experience at age 14. Since then, Bentinho has been riding the waves of an intensely awakened life. He started teaching at age 18 and today, at 28, he is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher and empowerment speaker who holds frequent retreats in major US and European cities.

Even as a child, he had a sense of the unlimited possibilities within human consciousness. As a teenager, frustrated with the ‘unconscious’ behavior of society, he made a commitment to search for the ‘ultimate answer’ and to discover the actual workings of life that would liberate humanity from conflict and suffering.  He began a relentless quest, exploring all kinds of teachers, philosophies, and methods, including studies in India.  He realized that all the spiritual ‘authorities’ were no more enlightened than himself and made a radical decision: to seek only within his own being, following his own resonance and trusting his intuition without hesitation. There he discovered that the ‘ultimate answer’ was to be found in the presence of Existence itself—in all its infinite potential.”

The Eternal Moment of NOW!

By Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

I first became aware of how critically important it is to be fully present in the moment when I began to remember my purpose and reason for being on Earth. There was a moment in time when I knew through every fiber of my Being, that I AM a Child of God. In that same instant of Enlightenment, I  also knew that was the Truth for every other Human Being. With that realization came the Inner Knowing that as a Child of God, there is a reason for my existence in this physical plane of Earth. As I focused on that Truth I asked my Father-Mother God for guidance, and the answer became abundantly  clear.

As Children of God we have all been gifted with the creative faculties of thought and feeling. We have also been given the gift of Free Will. The original Divine Intent of those gifts, as well as our presence in the time and space constraints of a physical reality, is for us to learn how to use our Free Will and our creative faculties of thought and feeling to co-create with our Father-Mother God. The purpose and reason for our being is for us to learn to explore all of the patterns of perfection in the all encompassing Causal Body of God. Then we are to use our Free Will to experiment with various aspects and combinations of those perfection patterns and create new, previously unknown, expressions of Divinity. That knowledge and skill of co-creation will allow us to expand the Body of God and the borders of Divinity for all Eternity.

Even though we lost our way for a while and fell into the abyss of separation and ignorance, our purpose and reason for being remains the same. Practically and tangibly in our everyday lives we are creating our own realities with every single thought, word, action or feeling we express. Being in the Eternal Moment of NOW, means that we perpetually monitor what we are energizing with the power of our attention. There is an expression that states, “The price for freedom is Eternal Vigilance.”

Daily and hourly, moment by moment, we must ask ourselves “What am I empowering with my thoughts, words, actions and feelings now? …and how about now?…and how about now?”

If what we are putting our power and attention into is not what we want to be creating in our lives, we need to ask ourselves, “What do I want instead?” Then, we need to put our attention on the vision of what we want, instead of what we do not want.

Everything is energy, vibration and consciousness. Whatever we put our attention on and whatever it is that we focus our thoughts, words, actions and feelings on, we bring into form. With this knowledge it is obvious that in order for us to change the things we do not like about our lives, we must change the way we are thinking, speaking, feeling and acting about those very things. In order to do that, we must be present in the moment.

At any given moment our lives are reflecting the sum total of every experience we have ever had since we were first breathed forth from the Heart of our Father-Mother God. For a particular situation to exist in our lives, such as poverty, disease, dysfunctional relationships or an unfulfilling job, it simply means that the Critical Mass (51% or more) of our energy, vibration and consciousness is sustaining that particular distorted pattern. In order to change the situation, we have to change the Critical Mass from poverty to abundance, from disease to vibrant health, from dysfunctional to loving relationships, and from unfulfilling to creatively rewarding jobs.

The first step to shift the Critical Mass is that we must create the vision of what we want in the way of abundance, health, love and fulfillment. Then we must energize that vision daily and hourly with our thoughts, words, actions and feelings.

Next we must Invoke the Divine Law of God’s Forgiveness and Transmutation, the Violet Transmuting Flame. As that Sacred Fire flows through the Divinity in our Hearts we must project It into every thought, word, action or feeling we have ever expressed in any timeframe or dimension that conflicts with our vision. This process dissipates the distorted patterns and reduces the percentage of negativity as it increases the percentage of the positive energy patterns in our vision. The instant the vision is being empowered with the Critical Mass (51% or more) of our energy, vibration and consciousness,  it will become a physical, tangible reality.

For all we know, that could take place with our very next breath!

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles is president of the non-profit, educational organization, New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, Inc. Through this vehicle Patricia travels throughout the World and shares information that is pouring forth from the Realms of Illumined Truth and the Divine Mind of God as a  beacon of Hope for ALL Humanity. NASHP also sponsors the annual World Congress On Illumination. Patricia offers FREE Seminars throughout the United States and publishes the monthly newsletter Take Charge Of Your Life. She has also written seven books with corresponding tapes.
Patricia may be reached through her Website:, by Fax: 520-749-6643, Phone: 520-885-7909, Email: or Snail Mail: PO Box 41883, Tucson, AZ 85717, USA.

A Special Excerpt from Dr. Walter Busby’s book, THE JOURNEY OF A MYSTIC CHILD

                                              CHAPTER 1

      My Spiritual Awakening

                       A Walk in the Garden of Eden

    Everything is alive—rocks, trees, water, flowers everything!                  

I left my house to take a walk on a beautiful spring morning. I had barely got to my mailbox when I was suddenly conscious of another dimension of reality. Although words will never adequately describe this new dimension, I knew with a certainty and clarity that I had never experienced before that everything in our universe was connected and part of the same living energy. Th is experience, which had a surreal quality of timelessness, could have only lasted a few moments since when my normal awareness returned I was still standing in the same spot near the mailbox. I thought, That was fascinating! Since I could not place the experience in my reality, I put it out of my mind and continued my walk. In the days that followed, however, I thought about the experience more and more frequently. A few weeks later, I awoke one morning and knew that something magical had happened. I felt the presence of a divine and heavenly mood………This divine presence was continuous with me for the duration of this magical experience, which lasted almost three months. The following describes the changes in my awareness:

·        A feeling of oneness and love with everyone I met; I could sense his or her inner self and real motives and needs, especially the need for love.

·        A sense that everything is composed of energy and that even inanimate object had consciousness.

·        Awareness there was no random events; that every event and interaction was part of a grand Divine plan.

·        My senses—smell, touch, taste, and sight—were intensified.

      The most significant change was living in the here and now. I was only vaguely aware of the future or of time passing. I recall an experience watching a spider spinning a web in my backyard. I felt oneness with my brother, the spider, as I sensed all life was precious and sacred. Hey, I know you are thinking this sounds like an acid trip. I can assure you, except for a one-time experiment with mushrooms many years into the future, I have never taken LSD or any other psychedelic drug.


“I started this autobiography over ten years ago. While the basic premise has not changed, I have expanded my knowledge of the soul’s journey, thanks to the work of Michael Newton. In his book, “The Journey of Souls,” he describes in detail how we co-create our lives with help from our guides. He acquired this knowledge by conducting over seven thousand hypnotic regressions of his clients’ between-lives experiences. I believe the consistency of his clients’ experiences and the rigor of his methods will convince any open-minded person of the validity of his work. He meticulously recorded these sessions and by careful analysis found the organization and structure of the between-life experience. I believe his excellent research has no parallel in answering the questions of what happens when we die as well as the issues of reincarnation, karma, spiritual guides, channeling, and so on.”  

Dr. Walter Busby’s “The Journey of a Mystic Child” is available from Amazon Books

David Wilcock speaks on “The Law of One” and Ascension

David Wilcock, on Gaia TV via the internet, tells about how the “Law of One” works and also some aspects of dimensions/densities, ETs, negative and positive paths and Ascension.  He explains how the negative path of separation in these difficult times teaches us to see the opposite, positive path as more appealing.  Turning to the higher ways of behaving in becoming more loving, accepting, harmonious and less judgmental brings us less strife.  We stop creating new karma to overcome.  We choose, instead, to spread the love and harmony seen in many religious and spiritual beliefs to our fellow humans, friends and family.

David Wilcock talks about “the Law of One – RA material” channeled by Carla Rueckert from 1981-1984.  Don Elkins, a pilot and physics and engineering professor interested in UFO research, was the questioner for the channeling sessions.

This video is an excerpt of an interview with Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot.

Dr. Wayne Dyer on “The Shift”

           Move from ambition to meaning. Such a shift eliminates our feelings of separateness, illuminates our spiritual connectedness, and involves moving from the ego-directed morning into the afternoon of life where everything is primarily influenced by purpose.
It’s almost a universal law that we’ll experience a fall of some kind. Yet these low points provide the energy we need to move away from ego and into a life of meaning and purpose.

The Shift doesn’t mean that we lose our drive and ambition; it signifies that we become ambitious about something new. We make a commitment to living a life based on experiencing meaning and feeling purposeful, rather than never-ending demands and false promises that are the trademark of the ego’s agenda.

The first shift that we all make takes us from non-being to being; from Spirit to form; from the invisible to our corporeal world of things. The next shift is the phase I call Ambition where we take on an ego self that is the opposite of the place of Spirit from which we came. Ego in this context is our false self. These first two shifts are mandatory in the human journey. Unfortunately, for many people, Ambition is often the end of their life story, but there are two more shifts open to us!

We can all choose to make the leap past the second shift of ego–driven ambition. We arrive at the third shift when we realize that we have an option to make a U–turn away from the false self. We can do an about–face and head back to the place of Spirit in a third shift.

And then, in the fourth shift, we achieve a life of Meaning and purpose by rededicating our Ambition to the fulfillment of our authentic self. We discover that the laws of the material world do not necessarily apply in the presence of the Meaning that is encouraged by our shift to Source.

Meaning is now what defines all the moments of our existence. We can fulfill our greatest calling when we consciously undertake the journey from Ambition to Meaning. We can transform our individual lives and influence the destiny of our sacred planet as well.”   Hay House – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Amma, the Hugging Saint is Coming to Atlanta, Georgia!

Amma, the Hugging Saint, will be in Atlanta, Georgia on June 24-25, 2017!  Here is her schedule!

Schedule of Programs

  • Morning Programs
    Sat-Sun Jun 24-25
  • Evening Programs
    Sat Jun 24
  • Devi Bhava
    Sun Jun 25

Free Morning Program  10am

8:00am: The token line opens. To ensure everyone has an equal chance of getting an early token, please refrain from forming a line until then.
8:30am: Tokens are handed out and guests are escorted to seats.
10:00am: Amma enters the hall and conducts a short meditation.
10:30am: Amma begins to embrace those who have come.
12:30pm: Lunch is served until thirty minutes after Amma leaves the hall.

About morning programs ›

Everyone is welcome

Please plan to arrive at least 90 minutes before the program to receive a free token if you would like to have Amma’s embrace. Tokens may be limited by time constraints.

Atlanta Marriott Marquis
265 Peachtree Center Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30303

United States

Hotel: 404.521.0000
Discount Code: Amma or MA Center
Program Info: 770.609.4860