Abraham-Hicks On Meditation

“Meditation is the allowing state, and the receiving state is different than meditation. When you’re in the receiving state, you want an active mind, you want a mind that is able to translate.

Q: But not too active, right? Because that’s a little bit where I get confused also.

A: Here’s the thing – not so active that you are thinking so many thoughts that you’re blocking other thoughts. You see, when you’re really tuned into this, and the thoughts that you are thinking are in resonance with the thoughts that your Inner Being is thinking, now you have this comfortable dialogue, and that’s the very best. We don’t want you to feel like a puppet on a string, where your Inner Being is guiding you, even though it is always and only guiding you toward the things that you’ve asked for. There’s nothing outside of what you’re asking for that you’re being guided about – there is not something that we all want you to do that we’re going to make sure you do. It is not like that at all. We are only helping you to come into harmony with your own requests about things.

But it’s a really lovely thing when you are in that soft, gentle focus where you receive a thought, and then you’re able to offer your own thought around it. That’s just the best. It’s like a conversation like this, isn’t it?

Q: It just feels good.

A: Yeah. Enough?

Q: Yeah, thank you.

A: Really good.”

~Abraham speaking in Atlanta, GA on October 28, 2017