How To Raise Your Vibration

Here are a few more pointers how to stay higher vibe when the world seems so crazy:

1. Start your day in love

Before you go to bed, imagine a restful night and a morning where you feel refreshed and ready for the day. Just imagine what it would feel like to wake up happy and rested, or if you don’t sleep much, imagine what it would feel like to get up feeling rested anyway.

Then, the second you wake up, or get going, start to imagine light and love flowing through you outward to your day. Imagine the things you want to achieve flowing with grace. Imagine loving surprises. Imagine goodness flowing through you to your loved ones and the world. Appreciate your bed, your room, your breath, anything you can until you’re in a good mood. Then get going. Appreciate your shower, your soap, your shampoo, your breakfast. See if you can use the tools of focus, love, and appreciation to spin yourself into a higher, happier vibe.

2. When you hit a “pothole” get back out of it

We’re human. There are going to be things, people, and situations that can seem to topple us right out of a high, happy vibe. It happens all the time. I call these “emotional potholes!” One minute you’re on a high, happy road and the next you feel like you’ve fallen into an emotional abyss. It happens to everyone.

First off, don’t beat yourself up. Comfort yourself kindly. If you are grieving, cry. Allow yourself your feelings then as soon as you can start to talk to yourself like you’d talk to a child who was disturbed or sad. Hug yourself and say things that make you feel better. (literally! I wrap my arms around myself and sweet talk myself!) “It’s going to be OK. That person was mean but I love you. I know you’re scared, but we always get through things. God is with us.” etc.

Say kind, comforting things to yourself, and gradually work yourself into a better space. Don’t push, or pressure yourself any more than you’d push or pressure a sad, scared, or angry child. Soothe. Like that child, you will soon be feeling better and ready for thoughts that feel better too.

3. Flow the love!

If you’re really not in a good space, flow some love.  Pick something – anything at all – and talk to it, telling it how much you love it and why you love it! Just pretend. Flowing love is flowing God. You’ll feel better. Appreciate anything!

If you’d rather flow love as pure energy, imagine a stream of light flowing into the top of your head and spilling out from your heart in all directions. You can sit there and simply be this “fountain of love” on behalf of the world, or you can aim it at a person or situation. In any case, love coming to you and through you will enliven and uplift you.

Then, in a high vibe, think of what you want to see – in your life, in your world, and in your heart. Imagine it. Feel it. Relish it, and then anticipate it.

The world is quite crazy right now. The energies in the mass consciousness are seriously intense, anxious, and often uncomfortable. People are stirred up. But that is all external to us. In our internal world – the only place we have real control – we can be part of a high vibe tribe, that feels happy, healthy, and alive! We can be the change makers, by making change in the energetic world, where all external realities are birthed.

Peace, love, protection, and joy to you all.

I love you.
Ann Albers,



Negative Thinking

“In Shakespeare’s words, ‘There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’  What is more, suffering or negativity is often misperceived by the ego as pleasure because up to a point the ego strengthens itself through it.

For example, anger or resentment strengthen the ego enormously by increasing the sense of separateness, emphasizing the otherness of others and creating a seemingly unassailable fortresslike mental position of ‘rightness.’

If you were able to observe the physiological changes that take place inside your body when possessed by such negative states, how they adversely affect the functioning of the heart, the digestive and immune systems, and countless other bodily functions, it would become abundantly clear that such states are indeed pathological, are forms of suffering and not pleasure.”

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, Eckhart Tolle, p.110-111.