“Repeat these affirmations daily, like a mantra to imprint these empowering words in your subconscious mind and change your reality.

Trusting yourself more unravels your Soul plan and allows your Higher-Self to express itself through and within this 3D time space reality, allowing you to become self-realized and live a life aligned with your inner calling, your purpose.”

With love,

Ness Di


Where You Stand Is Holy Ground

“Be ever aware of Me, ever aware of My divine presence. Know that I AM within you, that I AM ever with you, that where you are I AM, that where you stand is holy ground, that all I have is yours and you are Mine.

We are One, One, One; nothing can separate us. Keep on meditating on the wonder and glory of this. Banish all old thoughts and conceptions of being miserable sinners.

See yourselves as My Sons and Daughters filled with Light, Love and Wisdom and radiating forth My divine gifts.

All I have is yours; never forget this tremendous statement.”

Eileen Caddy, Findhorn Foundation,