Unite In The Things You Can Unite In

“Your work is to do the linking together. You must never be dogmatic but absolutely open and free, willing to listen to all glean the truth from each one.

Remember there are many spokes which lead to the hub and every spoke is necessary to make that wheel strong and well-balanced, so never try to take one away. Simply accept that each is necessary and do not interfere with it but incorporate it into the whole, realizing that at the hub there will be no separation what so ever.

So keep your eye on the hub and unite in the things you can unite in and ignore the things, which cause division.

Simply know that the time is near at hand when all those on their various spiritual paths will join together at the

Source and find absolute peace, unity and harmony, for All are One in My sight. All are part of My perfect whole.”

Guidance received by Eileen Caddy, findhorn.org

OSHO: Love Is Authentic Only When It Gives Freedom

“Love is true only when it does not interfere in the privacy of the other person. It respects your individuality,  privacy.  Existence is in constant change. Remember, anything real is always changing.

I want you to know, love came suddenly.  It was not because of any effort on your part.  It came as a gift of nature.  At that time, you should not have accepted it if you are worried about its one day going suddenly.  But there is no need to be worried. Because if one flower has faded other flowers will be coming.”