You Are All Beings of Love ∞The Creators

“When we tell you that you are a Being of Love, you may wish to consider the ramifications of that statement. When you just accept that it is true without integrating it in any way, it becomes like a bumper sticker or a refrigerator magnet that may sound nice and make others smile, but it will not have the impact on you until you fully believe and process that little piece of information. What does it mean to be a Being of Pure Love? What is that all about?

You have no real representation of this in your experience. You are usually experiencing a very conditional love, or no love whatsoever. When we say that you are Love, we mean that the material from which you are made is Love. There is no separation between you and the Love that is at your core. You are an extension of that Love, and you are making everything in your life out of that Prime Substance of all things and all beings.

That means that you can create something that doesn’t look anything at all like Love, and that does not feel anything like Love. Just as you have substances here on your planet that you can mold into other things, and when someone asks, ‘What is that made of?’ And you say, ‘Well I made that out of soda cans,’ then the person is astonished because what they are looking at does not in any way represent the image they have of a soda can. And so it is with Love.

So you can take Love and you can make it into something that it appears not to be, or you can take it and you can turn it into something that is wonderful and creative and inclusive of other beings. We want you to consider this to be an exercise for you. What is it that you can do with this substance called Love? What is it that you can feel? How many different experiences and ways of knowing Love are there? It is infinite. It is always expanding, and it is your True Self, your Absolute Being-ness. Your very Nature.”

The Moment You Choose

“The moment you choose, you create the next moments, for you create through whatever choices you make.

If you choose to see that you are victimized, you create more instances of victimization.

Victimization might look like abuse, not being loved for who you are, being taken advantage of…anything in which you perceive that someone or something has wronged you in some way.

You have an opportunity to let it go, unless you want to continue in a particular pattern. Realize that the person or situation you feel victimized by is actually an opportunity to forgive, let go and create something different.

Playing the victim is a fear-based decision that continues to separate. Realize that the person or situation actually mirrors an aspect of you that wants to transform. Instead of seeing the world as a terrible and hurtful place, ask instead what it is that is being mirrored to you.

When you take full Responsibility, you free yourself and the world to be more. When you let go of all fear-based choices and replace them with Love/Oneness choices, you not only transform the fear, but you add to the vibration of Love for yourself and the Earth.

Instead of ‘wishing’ things were different, do something about it other than complaining, fixing or saving. Change your vibration so that you uplift the consciousness of all.

You are constantly creating your life through your choices. When you resolve personal issues, you rise in vibration and consciousness and everything shifts to match your new vibration and consciousness. You not only heal the past and old perceptions by changing your vibration; you free others to do the same. When you can truly see that nothing is a negative experience, but an opportunity to shift higher, you free yourself and others.”

Divinely Guided

“ ‘You can’t tell me what to do!’  This is called ‘getting your back up,’ and you are likely well familiar with the phrase or at the very least the thought.  This is the human way, the ego’s way, and this can be the human’s downfall.  Why?

For the voice of God is ever doing its best to speak to you in myriad ways, yet you cannot hear It through the mind’s chatter, through ego’s defensiveness.  If ego will not listen to the voice of Reason, you are doomed to suffering.  Yes, that is a strong statement to make, but can you not feel the truth within it in your heart?  If you are once and for all willing to not only say, but surrender to ‘Thy will be done,’ you will find that the will of God for you and all beings is joy and peace and divine love.

That is why you are here – to be these attributes of God and to extend them to the world, but when the ego has built up a habit of extending, ‘Do not tell me what to do,’ you have come to an impasse.  Be silent.  Listen.  Observe.  What do you sense in the silence? For once, you do not sense ego trying to have its way.  That is an excellent place to start if you are willing to be divinely guided … to peace.”

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If You Sense & Perceive Setbacks

“If you sense & perceive setbacks along your path, take a moment and see how you created them through your thoughts. Adjust your sails if it is called for. Choose to move forward with positive thoughts and feelings.

When remembering someone in your past, do you focus on the negative situations or the positive ones? How you remember someone tells a lot about you. Negativity in your inner, more quiet, thoughts give birth to drama and chaos. Of course, if you enjoy drama and chaos, do nothing.

Choose how you want to be and feel. When you let go of old patterns and thoughts, you lighten up. Burdens are released and a shift has occurred. This is Freedom; it releases you from your self-imposed prison. All the energies present today help you with this; yet it’s entirely up to you as to what to shift or not shift.

To move forward, it is essential to shift the old ways and be fine with floating for a while, as the New is being created by your Positivity. Your next phase is on its way and will be whatever you hold in your Heart and mind. You truly are sovereign; nothing happens without you.”

We Ebb And Flow

“If you feel very aware one day and not so much the following day; this is perfect. We ebb and flow through life like an oceanic tide. Sometimes we’re energized; other times we’re exhausted.

Follow your own rhythm; your own energy. Don’t force anything. Rest, drink plenty of water, meditate and trust that all is in Divine Order.

We are no longer asleep. We dive deep into all thoughts and experiences and resurface with new understanding and awareness. When we discover a new truth, even a painful one, we release and transform it or integrate it. Accept and be fearless.

As we follow our Intuition, we are led. Be sure to release all old energies like shame, guilt, anger, etc; for these lower our vibration and it’s so important to keep our vibration high. This isn’t ignoring these old energies; it is loving them and then they transform. And sometimes it’s necessary to express them (never to another in rage or blame).

Trust. Trust that you are right where you belong. What are you learning? Remember what you focus on with body, mind and Heart grows and flows.”