Kryon Explains Your Purpose As A Lightworker

What type of Lightworker are you?  #1, #2, #3, #4, or #5?

Sorry, this video is not authorized for posting on a Website.  However, it was great!  Below, I summed up what Kryon was explaining in the video.

Some of the types outlined were the active persons who help others through their service work, those who meditate daily, healers, persons who speak and write about higher values, and more passive but supportive participants in Lightworker activities.  Kryon says that all types of Lightworkers have important roles in raising the awareness of God’s purposes on Earth.

Meditation – Present Moment Mindfulness

Deepen into Presence in everyday life by creating space and stillness to quiet your mind with meditation and music, and discover:

  • Feel the joyous simplicity of present-moment mindfulness
  • Experience the infinite space hidden between your thoughts
  • Honor life by saying yes to what is