Abraham-Hicks “Processing Your Childhood Trauma”

“When some topics come up, you feel dissatisfied.  Acknowledge them and change the subject.  You can’t change the problem experiences into satisfactory ones.  You have choice in the moment.  If you have no choice, then rest and meditate.  Remembering the bad will not make those situations better.”

Reprogramming Your Mind – Jenn Kali

Yesterday’s “How To Change Your Vibration, Health And More” is possible through clearing your negative programs and “Reprogramming Your Mind.”  Perhaps try the video-led session by Jenn Kali below…

Jenn Kali, Reprogramming Your Mind

Here’s what Jenn Kali wrote on Facebook!

“Lately I have been guided to remove so many personal and collective programs from my reality. I have been REALLY viewing everything as just energy more and more, and recognizing how malleable it really is. If we are able to remove all these personal and collective programs that we have running, we can change our reality to assign things the value we want.

Who says lettuce has to be healthy and cheesecake is unhealthy and fattening? That’s just a collective program that once you step out of it, it can be changed. I have been pushed to play around with this a lot lately, and it has been working really well. The challenge is to be able to remove the old programs, thoughts, and beliefs. Until you can do that, you won’t be able to install new programming. You have to completely remove all remnants of the old before you can install the new.

I am going to continue experimenting with this because I strongly feel that we should be able to live life as we choose and do the things that we want without worrying about negative side affects. They say sun gazing is bad but it actually helped my vision. They said I had a gluten intolerance but I have been able to rid myself of that. I have been able to change the vibration of foods so that I can eat them without being affected and no longer having a swollen, distended belly when I eat them. I have been able to eat unhealthy foods that I love without gaining weight when they used to affect me before.

I keep seeing that we can do anything we want with the power of our mind. I was first shown this a couple years ago, and I didn’t really believe it would be true, or at least not for a VERY long time and well into our 5d experience. However, it is actually happening now, and the more I experiment with it and see it work, the more it happens, and the more I realize what’s actually possible.

Every time I have been able to fully remove a program, I have then been able to change it to whatever I want. It’s hard to change your beliefs, especially when you have held them for so long. You have to convince yourself to believe the complete opposite at times, which really is challenging. But what I have found is that if you do it slowly, one step at a time, by decreasing your belief bit by bit, you can slowly begin to change the curve of your belief and bend it in a whole new direction.

I really do see that we have the power to program our reality to be whatever we want, just as if we were in a video game or simulated reality, which is how I really do see our reality being. A highly sophisticated kind of simulated reality where we have the ability to make our reality whatever we desire. Have any of you been playing around with this? I’d love for you to share your stories.

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How I Gradually Shifted My Reality

🌬 I started with meditation and began to manifest changes within my body. Then when that worked really well, I took it one step further with releasing programs and installing new ones. Here’s what worked for me:


(I did this daily for 3 months before beginning to remove programs.)”

Jenn Kali, Blue Diamond Healing

Talk and Meditation – David And Elizabeth Wilcock

Join David and Elizabeth Wilcock LIVE as we discuss the tragedies now visible in the world, mourn the loss of George Floyd and help to change the outcome with a global peace meditation. We will answer a variety of outstanding questions and reassure you that the positive changes we see in the future are very much still on track. George’s tragic loss will not be in vain. We are working towards a planet where each person is safe to live his or her life in peace, harmony and happiness.

The powerful meditation for peace is at 2 hours into the talk.