Put The Wheels In Motion

“You cannot expect everything to fall into your lap without lifting a finger. You each have your part to play. Only by playing it to the fullest can you expect wonders to come about.

Put the wheels in motion, do your part and then you can leave the rest to Me, but I must have your full cooperation. I need hands and feet to work in and through. Sometimes you are inclined to forget this.

You are my channels and My channels are all vitally important. When I prompt a soul to do something and action is immediately taken, tremendous things can spring forth from that action because one thing leads to another. That is why I need you all alert and listening, ready to obey My slightest whisper, so these wonders which are waiting to be brought about are brought about and at great speed, and nothing is held up.

“Do your best and let God do the rest!  Colossians 3:23-24.

Eileen Caddy, Findhorn Foundation, findhorn.org

You Are Protected


The protective power of God is always mine to call upon. If I begin to feel off balance or unsafe, I pause to move into a time of sacred prayer. I breathe deeply, place my hand on my heart, and quietly affirm: My divinely inspired wisdom and compassionate love guide me and others at all times. I am safe.

Whether tending to tasks, working at my job, or traveling on vacation, I may move through a range of emotions as I encounter situations that challenge me. No matter what is happening around me, I can respond from a peaceful place within me and remain anchored in spiritual principle.

I am free from fear because I trust the presence of God within. In God, there is nothing to fear. In God, there is only love.

Protect me, O God, for in you I take refuge.—Psalm 16:1


Choose Courage Over Fear

“Courage will kill you as much as fear, but fear will simply kill you without giving you a new life. Courage will give you a new life.
Choose courage –  always choose courage.”
                                                                                                           Osho, Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind, Talk #4

The Church Is Within Yourself

Think on This …

“. . . the church is within yourself and not in any pope nor preacher, nor in any building but in self! For thy body is indeed the temple of the living God, and the Christ becomes a personal companion in mind and in body; dependent upon the personality and individuality of the entity as it makes practical application of the tenets and truths that are expressed.”

Edgar Cayce Reading 5125-1, The Association of Research and Enlightenment