Quieting Your Mind

“With an understanding of the Laws of the Universe and some willingness to deliberately choose thoughts, you can, in time, replace all hindering beliefs with life-giving beliefs; but there is a process that can give you the immediate benefit of changing your beliefs, in a much shorter time—we call this the Process of Meditation.

The Process of Meditation is not one where you work on your desires, but, instead, this is one of quieting your mind.  As you do so, and resistance will subside; and your state of vibration will rise to its natural, pure state.”



“What does it mean to surrender?  To know that you cannot control a situation and to allow yourself to be guided.

There is surrender to an enemy in a battle, and this carries a negative connotation.  And then there is surrender to a higher power, and this carries a level of trust that the ego balks at.

Why?  Because ego knows that once you do this, he is done.

Have you had enough suffering?  Do not surrender to other egos.  That would be folly.

You know what to do.  Go within or raise your eyes skyward.  Go beyond the folly of egos and give your permission to be guided.  Ask for it with all your heart, and then you can relax.  You have just won the battle after all.”

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Allow Your Own Well-being

“The person that needs to do something is not that person. The person that needs to do something is you!

Some of those people in your life do not deserve your good thoughts. In other words, “They are bad. They are evil. They are wrong! They are inappropriate. They do not deserve your good thoughts,” and you stubbornly are not going to give them any. They may not deserve your good thoughts. But you do.

You deserve your good thoughts about them. This is what the Art of Allowing is. It’s allowing my own Well-being.”

Abraham-Hicks, 3/9/01

Be Happy

“I’m going to be happy. I’m going to skip. I’m going to be glad. I’m going to smile a lot. I’m going to be easy. I’m going to count my blessings.

I’m going to look for reasons to feel good. I’m going to dig up positive things from the past. I’m going to look for positive things where I stand. I’m going to look for positive things in the future.

It is my natural state to be a happy person. It’s natural for me to love and to laugh. This is what is most natural for me. I am a happy person!”

Abraham-Hicks, 3/15/03

The Story You Tell

“Each and every component that makes up your life experience is drawn to you by the powerful Law of Attraction’s response to the thoughts you think and the story you tell about your life.

Your money and financial assets; your body’s state of wellness, clarity, flexibility, size, and shape; your work environment, how you are treated, work satisfaction, and rewards—indeed, the very happiness of your life experience in general—is all happening because of the story that you tell.”

Abraham-Hicks, Excerpted from Money and the Law of Attraction on 8/31/08

“There isn’t anything that I cannot be or do or have, and I have a huge Nonphysical staff that’s ready to assist me, and I’m ready.”

Abraham-Hicks, Excerpted from Boca Raton, FL on 1/12/97

Your Inner Being Is Always Guiding You

“There are no choices that are really a detour that will take you far from where you’re wanting to be — because your Inner Being is always guiding you to the next, and the next, and the next.

So don’t be concerned that you may make a fatal choice, because there aren’t any of those.

You are always finding your balance. It’s a never ending process.”              Abraham-Hicks, 5/22/99

Our higher selves have the blueprint for our highest state of being. It is beyond all the programs and logical mind thinking and completely heart-based and surrendered to the now moment with full trust and allowance beyond the thinking mind. Once we surrender to each now moment, the heart and mind merge and the pathway begins to unfold through synchronicities. I am not just talking about number synchronicities, that is just the beginning of awareness.

Your entire life becomes a path of synchronicity after synchronicity that opens up your infinite creative potential and true inner freedom codes. Your entire reality becomes a magic carpet Ride with infinite potential!
It is our birthright… if we can let go of our need to be structured and reassured by routine.
NO THING outside of oneself will create the heaven on Earth state of being.
It is all you. Tune into you!


A Vision

 “A Vision Is Like An Indelible Print Upon Your Inner Consciousness

When I give you a vision or you dream, it is like an indelible print upon your inner consciousness, which nothing and no one can take away. As you hold it there it grows from a tiny seed into a mighty tree and becomes Reality.

So take time to be still, to go deep within, to see the absolute perfection of all that is taking place. Allow the picture of its growth and expansion to develop in your consciousness. See it grow in all directions.

Always see perfection in all that is taking place and never be satisfied until you do.”
Channeled by Eileen Caddy, One of the co-founders of the Findhorn Community, Eileen Caddy, received guidance from the ‘still, small voice within’ and shared it with the community for more than 40 years until she passed away in 2006. We continue this tradition as her guidance is as relevant today as it was when she received it.”  findhorn.org

This Path Of Evolution

“Part of the friction you feel with others is that you are on this path of evolution and bursting forth. Others don’t like this because they are not coded at this time to respond the way you are.

Some people are not coded at all for this. Some knew the plan of change and came here at this time to be observers. Some timid beings came here knowing that if they had the courage to step onto this planet- while realizing what the blueprint of the planet was – that somehow this

would be an accreditation of their own conscious journey and would catapult them into higher  consciousness even if their only participation in the transition was simply to be here.

Just to be in the vicinity of this kind of activity is empowering. So give due credit to all who are on the planet at this time who have decided to be participants in this great frequency change. All of these participants are necessary, because the more frequencies that are on the planet, the more energy that can build to alter the old frequency. Those who have opened themselves to light are literally having their bodies rearranged.

Sometimes you may wake up at night and literally feel the rearrangement. This rearrangement of the body is the restructuring of the DNA.  Your DNA is a filament; a scientist would describe it as a connective filament. Scientists, doing the best they can up to this point, have found certain codings within certain portions of the DNA. They have also found superfluous portions of the DNA.

In other words, there are portions that they cannot translate or figure out, so they think these portions of the DNA are just there for the ride, and they call

them ‘junk DNA.’ They are off track.

We have talked about how all of you were built by the creator gods. You were built like houses that were going to be expanded or added on to in the future. You are now at that juncture when those who designed you are adding on to who you are. What the scientists call ‘junk DNA’ has been dormant in your body for a long time, and it is now becoming activated.

In our teachings, we always emphasize the importance of oxygenation, because oxygen feeds the coding and awakens the junk DNA in your body (which certainly isn’t junk at all).

What scientists are calling ‘junk’ houses the perceptions deep inside of your body that will allow you to become an entire perceiver, a fourth-dimensional being. This awakening DNA will allow you to change your eyesight, change your hearing, increase your life span, and so on. This dormant part of the DNA that has baffled the scientists is now coming to life.

You are mutating so quickly now that certain scientists call the process a disease. Some are very concerned about it. They have persuaded the government to invest billions of dollars to research DNA.

What is occurring in your body is certainly not a disease: you are being naturally mutated and rearranged. This mutation occurs most often while you are sleeping, so you may be waking up in the mornings noticing that something feels a little different in your body. You can expect that the changes will begin to show themselves and that you will develop new abilities. You will automatically know many things.”
. . .
The Pleiadians through the beautiful Barbara Marciniak