Your Life As A Divine Dance – Ann And The Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine your life as a Divine dance of synchronistic events that seem to fall magically in place. Imagine that you live in a flow of grace and guidance that allows you to enjoy the journey of life even as you create more. Imagine enjoying seeming “coincidences” that surprise and delight you at every turn.

This type of life is not only possible but will, by the very nature of the universe and its design, come about as you learn to listen to your hearts and embrace the love and joy you can find in any given moment. These synchronicities are a sign that you are living in the flow of grace, in a high vibrational reality of love, where all beings are guided in harmony and love.

You will have a thought and later that day see something that validates your inspiration. You will feel like being in a certain place at a certain time, only to discover you meet someone with answers or some sort of blessing for you. You will have an urge to say something to someone, only to discover an answer or a connection.

The creator orchestrates this universe in a loving, inspiring, and harmonious way. When you trust your heart, the still small voice within, and your natural urges, you will find yourself tuning into this orchestration. When you fight against your natural urges you may miss your guidance and struggle trying to get life on track without the ease and grace that could naturally be yours.

There are two ways to live your life – the human way, and the heavenly way.The human way relies on you figuring out solutions to your own problems, making them happen, and hoping they work. The heavenly way relies on you aligning your energy with Love in any way you can, being clear in your intent, an acting only when joyfully guided. Both work. The first requires more work in your external world. The second requires more work between the ears!

Your synchronicities are a clear sign that you are creating the heavenly way.  Enjoy them. Delight in them. Ask the universe for more of them. They are clear and beautiful indicators that you are living your life the heavenly way!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Shifting Your Thoughts

“The way to shift your thought dimension is to first look at the dimension your thoughts reside in. There are many different dimensions and we are primarily aware of three: the first dimension is darkness and no light, the second introduces chaos and pure polarity, and the third dimension introduces the concept of unconditional love as a possibility or a potential, another choice which we can make. Once you know where you are, you can find a higher dimension to be in, because everything can be shifted to another dimensional aspect, and energy can go up or down.

When we shift our dimensional awareness beyond the third dimension we begin to see choices beyond fear, emotions, chaos, drama and it is easier to be aware of them as possibilities instead of absolutes. It takes awareness beyond 3D to heal karma, to know that there is a path for us that is beyond the destiny of our healing path and to give ourselves permission to do that. Forgiveness, the key to higher dimensions, is the bridge to higher dimensional thinking and being.

To use this in your life, take a thought you are having that you know is limiting your life in some way, causing you suffering or is bothering you. This could also be your thinking about a relationship, person, or life situation. From dimensions 1, 2 and 3, this can be really hard, frustrating, confusing and it’s hard to find a solution. Moving beyond 3D, start looking for the lesson, and see yourself letting go of this situation, moving out of the fear and into joy. The simple act of allowing joy in your life can create a profound shift in your thinking so that you allow a joyful, fulfilling solution or resolution to occur.
As you start to choose joy and unconditional love in every situation and that choice can be as simple as allowing those things to be present, you move the energy of your thinking from ‘what is happening to me’ and ‘how am I going to get through this’ to a more co-creative and powerful solution process, inviting the Universe to participate with you. You don’t have to do anything because higher dimensions are about being. Who or what are you being in each situation? Are you alone, afraid, angry, fearful, unsure and unworthy? Those are thoughts from the first three dimensions. Are you confident, positive, worthy, fearless, courageous and willing? Those are higher dimensional thoughts.

It doesn’t require a lot of ceremony or effort, it just requires that you become aware of your thoughts and make an intentional and conscious effort to be in a higher dimension. Without this intention, your thoughts automatically go to the dimension of your lowest energy and if that is fear, that is where they will be. They won’t change by themselves, but they will change if you set your intention for it.”

Enlightening Life Jennifer Hoffman

— with Seth Speaks, Tess Marfil and Synchronicities of The Universe.

Never Alone

“You never act alone.  When you set your mind to something that will serve the greater good, when that is your intent, you are given helpers at the higher levels.  They will accompany you as you set about your task.  You may not see or hear or feel them, but can you trust that they are there?

You have guides for different tasks throughout your life.  What is the most pressing task at hand for you in this moment?  Here.  You are given help.  Take it willingly and with trust see how this awareness changes things for you.  You are so very loved.

Step forward now, knowing you do not do so alone.”

The post Never Alone appeared first on Suzanne Giesemann.

Rise Above The Negative

“Rise Above The Negative Into The Light Of Truth

Be ever aware of the vitality of your thoughts, keep them ever pure, loving, constructive, positive. Raise them out of the mire of materialism, of self-concern, of self-justification into the realms of the Spirit, and keep your mind stayed on Me. Look for the very best in every situation.

Never for one second dwell on the negative.

When I say rise above the negative into the Light of truth, do so with My help. I never ask you to do the impossible. I AM with you always, your ever ready help when you call upon Me.”

Guidance received by Eileen Caddy,

The Behavior Of Others

“A belief that the behavior of others must be controlled—so that your observation of that good behavior will make you feel good—leaves you feeling vulnerable to their behavior.

We would like to help you to understand that neither the good feeling you find when you observe wanted behavior, nor the bad feeling you find when you observe unwanted behavior, is actually the reason that you feel good or bad. The way you feel is only ever about your alignment, or misalignment, with the Source within you. It is only your relationship with the Source within you (with your own Inner Being) that is the reason for the emotions that you feel.

While it is nice to find things in your physical environment that enhance your good-feeling alignment with your Inner Being, your understanding of why you feel good will make it possible for you to feel good regardless of the behavior of others.

Understanding that the way you feel is really about your Vibrational relationship with your Inner Beingwith the Source within you, with the expanded version of you who resides inside your Vortex—gives you complete empowerment and absolute freedom.”

Abraham-Hicks, 11/1/10


You Are More Powerful ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been more and more encouraged with every passing day that we witness on your Earth, as we see how many individuals are letting go of dogmatic teachings of having their own experience of reality. It is true that there are some universal truths, and it is also true that many individuals, groups, and texts have made an attempt take all of those universal truths and fit them into a series of dogmatic teachings that the followers of those teachings then have to scramble to try to live up to.

This is not really what you are there to do. You are there to have a personal experience and to grow from it, and for so many of you, a big part of your personal experience has been to adhere to dogmatic teaching so that you could later on recognize that the truth you were clinging to was not the be all and end all of existence. It was, perhaps, one person’s experience that then became distorted over time, corrupted perhaps, intentionally or unintentionally, but most of humanity has clung at one time or another to something that existed outside of themselves.

And now, in this time of great awakening, you are meant to look within for the truth of the moment that you are experiencing. And that truth may be different from what someone else is experiencing in the same moment. And that, believe it or not, is okay. If Source only wanted one perspective on reality, then there would only be one being in the universe. Instead, there are so many beings having so many different types of experiences and making so many different conclusions about reality based on those experiences.

And we want to tell you that even those personal conclusions can be swept away once they are no longer serving you. You are not there to adhere to your own set of dogmatic beliefs and truths either. A lot of it just takes you out of the moment, or makes you trust a prior experience over what is right in front of you, and that wasn’t Source’s intention for creating all of this either. You’re all meant to have your own personal experiences and to create a better version of reality based on those experiences.

Once you truly accept yourself as a creator being, it becomes so much easier to live on your world and to make sense of all of it. So we say to all of you that if you don’t like something about reality, use it. Use that information to create something new, rather than trying to create a new religion to keep that thing from ever happening. You are much more powerful than any of these rules and any of these texts, and you certainly more powerful than any belief, whether it’s held by you or someone else.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Your Sophisticated Physical Body

“Your sophisticated physical body exists because of the intelligence of your cells. And the intelligence of your cells exists because of their Connection to Source Energy.

When doctors and scientists try to find cures for diseases without taking into consideration the Vibrational relationship between the physical Being and Source Energy, they are looking for cures in all the wrong places. If the resistance that disallowed the Well-Being to begin with is not released, it will show up in the form of another and another disease.

Your cells, because of their connection to the intelligence of Source Energy, know exactly what to do in order to become the incredible variety of functioning cells in your magnificent physical body. And in the absence of the hindrance that is caused by your resistant negative thought, that communication stays open to clear, up-to-the-moment interaction, keeping your physical body at peak and perfect performance.

In the absence of negative emotion—and therefore the allowance of complete alignment and communication with Source Energy—your physical body can reclaim its balance and recover from any imbalance. And once balance has resumed, it is easy to maintain with consistently good-feeling thoughts.”

Abraham-Hicks, Excerpted from Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide on 11/1/10

So Much Love Now

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take heart! Don’t fear. Love is as contagious as your worst virus. Love spreads like wildfire if offered freely. Love lights up the hearts and minds of souls to the point where they simply don’t have the right chemistry to let the viruses of biology and mind possess them!

Love, dear ones, is the ultimate cure, the ultimate healer, the ultimate immunity. For as you rest in love you rest in the arms of God. As you abide in love, you abide in truth, well being, and an energy of peace that is beyond the comprehension.

Be a carrier of God’s great love!  Share love anywhere and everywhere you can. Make it your mission. Be kind when others are hurried. Be peaceful while others are in fear.  Show compassion and courtesy to your fellow human beings. Prayer for those in sickness of fear.  Pray for those who don’t know any better than to be angry and unkind.  As you allow this light to flow through you, it cleanses you, uplifts you, and brings you into a higher vibration where you can truly be in the world but not of it.
Right now there is a huge vibration of fear upon your planet earth that is “going viral.” Still, there are just as many souls seeking to spread love! While there is indeed a a parasitic vibration that stirs up and feeds off your fears, it has no comparison with the strength and power of the love it forgot within its own spirit!  Love wins, dear ones, always and forever. Darkness is illusion, mighty though it may seem.

We see so much love now emerging upon your earth! There are scientists working around the clock with great passion to find a cure. There are social and health care workers fearlessly tending to those in need. There are government workers selflessly assisting the people whom they serve. There are teachers working to implement protocols so their students can continue to learn.  There are sanitation workers and factory workers doing jobs that previously faded into the background of human life but have now come to the forefront and are of utmost importance.

We see so many of you working to be that light in this darkness, to stand in faith, and to take care of your families with prudence, not with fear.

Dear ones, love exists everywhere you look!  Seek it. See it. Be it!  For it is with your hearts, your kindness, your prayers, and your light that you become the solution and the cure to all ills. It is in this vibration of Love that you are immune to the darkness for you have merged with the Light.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Well-Being Is Always Restored

“Sometimes someone will be sick, and a daughter or someone who loves a sick person will say, ‘Abraham, I’m wanting to help this person.’ And we say, just hold the image of them in a place of utter

Well-being, and trust that through the path of least resistance, either they will recover and Well-being will be restored here, or they will withdraw and Well-being will be restored there.

But in either case, whether they stay or whether they have what you call death experience, the Well-being is always restored. Whether it is someone who has just been bopping along in physical experience who has been meditating, who knows the sweetness of Connection on a day-to-day basis, who says, ‘Ah, this life experience has been so wonderful and I think I will now turn my attention to another aspect of my life experience,’ closes their eyes as they put themselves in the bed, make the transition, and they are discovered as having made their transition in the night.

Or whether they have some violent experience, where at the gun of an enemy, or the gun of someone violent, or a car crash they make their transition. As they make their transition, ultimately it is still the same experience.

You cannot get sick enough to help sick people get better. You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive. It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone.

If you’re wanting to be of an advantage to others, be as tapped in, turned in, turned on as you can possibly be.”

Abraham-Hicks, 3/9/02, 2/15/03