Edgar Cayce’s Channeling On The Divine Creator

“Know … that all stand as ONE with Him, who is the Creator and Maker of the heavens and the earth!

… and that all those things in nature, which are manifestations before the children of men, are ONE in their interpretations, in their understanding!

… and that Life itself is a manifestation of God from the minutest creation to man himself!

Yea, that the music, the song of the spheres are as One!

… and Life itself is the manifestation of that Spirit of Creative Forces that makes each entity, each soul a portion of the Whole yet WITH the ability — through the gift of the Father — to know itself to be itself, yet One with the Father.”

Venture Inward, Summer 2020, Edgar Cayce Reading # (1529-1)








Finding Peace

“’Isn’t that interesting!’

Have you said this lately in response to something that in the past would have upset you?

Well, then, you are finding peace.

Where did you find the peace?  In taking a neutral stance.  In not giving meaning to an experience.  In saying, ‘Isn’t that interesting,’ the event was neither good nor bad.  It simply happened, and now you can deal with it in a state of equanimity.

Without the swinging emotions, life is not boring.  There is more room for joy.  Try it, and we dare say you will find the peace has always been right here right now. And isn’t that interesting?

You are so very loved.”


Good-Feeling Experiences

“When you play the What-If? game, look for things that make you feel better.

There is never a situation in which there is not a way out—but, out of habit, most people continue to choose the ‘lack’ perspective until they eventually find themselves where it seems that there are no more choices.

But as you hold to your intention to look for evidence of Well-Being and thriving and success and happiness, you will tune yourself to the vibrations of those things—and so those kinds of good-feeling experiences will dominate your life.”

Abraham-Hicks, 8/31/08

Your Joy Factor

“Your joy factor will remain constant as you are continually refining your ideas of what you want, and that’s why it is so important for you to get everybody else out of the equation. They’ve got their own game going on; they don’t understand your game. Give them a break; stop asking them what they think.

Start paying attention to how you feel. Joy will be yours immediately, and everything else that you have ever thought would make you happy, will start flowing, seemingly effortlessly, into your experience.”

Abraham-Hicks, 10/25/03

Life Is Eternal – Two Channeled Points Of View

“Because we know that life is eternal, and we know that there is no ending to that which you are about, if one of you is killed in an earthquake or crashes your plane, or any number of other very creative ways you have found to make your exit into the Non-Physical, because we know the whole picture, we grieve not a moment for any of you.

But from your more shortsighted point of view in physical, a lot of you grieve tremendously.”

Abraham-Hicks, 2/17/01

“There is no death. It is the most basic and yet the most important of messages.  How your interactions with each other would change if all understood this … if all knew that there is a greater aspect of the self than the physical body that is eternal.

If you were to relate soul to soul instead of ego to ego, there would be no power struggles, no judgment, no cruelty. But you have these bodies for a reason: to temporarily mask the soul so that you learn and grow from your human interactions.

Will you be surprised when the truths of the spirit are revealed at the end of the chapter, or well satisfied at having known how it will end?

Death is merely the end of yet another volume in the ongoing–the eternal–Story of Life.  You are so very loved.”

The post The Story of Life appeared first on Suzanne Giesemann.

One Focus

“You are bombarded with information in every moment.  Where to place your focus?  Inward.

The Guidance within will direct your attention to what is needed.  This does not mean spending every waking moment in meditation with eyes closed.  It is more of a subtle checking-in to see what Guidance says.  Then this becomes the only focus you need concern yourself with, the only ‘thing’ to pay attention to amongst limitless options.

The outward focus can bring chaos.  The inward focus brings peace.  And the beautiful part is that you get to choose.  You are so very loved.”

The post One Focus appeared first on Suzanne Giesemann.

A Vibrational Consequence

“My dear friends, we love you so very much,

For every choice, the soul knows there is a vibrational consequence. For every action, there is a ripple of energy that travels throughout the universes. With every thought, a vibration is experienced throughout creation. There is nothing ever said, done, or thought without affecting the entire cosmos.

You are that important! Your thoughts, words, and deeds are important – each and every one of them.

With every loving thought, word, or deed, you elevate the cosmos. With every self-punishing thought, word, or deed, you block the love of the Source and instead attract others who would willingly take out their pain on you as well.

Can you imagine a world in which there was no self-deprecation, no self-punishment, no self-criticism, but only self-love?

Can you imagine a world in which a mistake is not punished, by rather met with a simple explanation of the consequences and a loving guide to help you through navigate these consequences and learn from them?

Can you imagine a world in which criminals were not loathed but rather seen as needing compassion, education, and a loving system to remove them from harming others, and reform them?

Can you imagine a world in which you looked in the mirror each morning and said to yourself, ‘Good morning precious, beautiful, divine soul?  Whether you meet your goals today or not, you are trying. Whether you feel your best or not, you are no less Divine! I love you dear God within me! I love me, my human self. I will do my best today.’ Can you imagine?

Your world would return to being the school of love and diverse expression that it was originally meant to be.

We know that the world you live in is far from these realities. Nonetheless, all change begins with a soul willing to imagine first, and then do better.

What if, for example, when your children were acting out or misbehaving you were to avoid yelling, screaming, angry reactions and instead say calmly, ‘I love you, but we don’t behave that way. If you continue I will have to take you to your room for a timeout.’

What if, for example, instead of killing your war criminals, you required them to see the painful results of their actions in families, nations, and individuals so they could witness the suffering of humanity that they triggered, rather than simply returning hate for hate. Even the hardest hearts eventually melt when they witness enough suffering, and only then will the soul have incentive to emerge. If you go to any of your war memorials on this earth today, you will see visitors from ‘both sides’ on only one side – the side of love – with tears on their eyes, realizing that humanity must not repeat the atrocities of the past.

You can kill a soul. You cannot kill the spirit within it. You cannot kill an ideology. Until the spirit learns – truly learns – that hurting another hurts one’s self, there will be no true change. Enlighten your criminals dear ones. Show them that their pain has caused another’s. Let the common bond of your humanity unite you rather than allowing the darkness of hatred to divide you.

So, what does this mean for you, in your every day, personal life? 

Perhaps you don’t have children and you aren’t in the legal system? How do you promote a more loving world that teaches only choice and consequence rather than hatred and punishment?

As always you start with yourselves. You change the world vibrationally, by changing your own reactions and behaviors. You become less punishing, less critical, less hateful towards self and others. You look in the mirror and congratulate yourself for being on earth. When you make a mistake, you give yourself a hug (quite literally!) and tell your inner self, ‘It’s ok. Let us just do better next time. What can we learn here?’

When you see someone on the news who has committed heinous crimes against humanity, instead of saying, ‘How could you, you monster, you beast! You deserve to be punished! You deserve to be tortured! You deserve to die!’ … instead you say, ‘My God I am so sorry for the horrible pain inside of you that drives you to behave in such unthinkable ways.’

You pray for the elevation of their soul. You surround them with light. You imagine the light rising up within them.

You can easily become part of the solution instead of vibrationally solidifying the problem. Hate cannot cure hate. Un-evolved reactions cannot cure un-evolved behaviors. Only love, dear ones, Divine love – the kind that can bear witness silently to the invisible kernel of light within each soul – only this can cure the world’s darkness and pain. 

Hateful punishments fuel the fires of darkness. Lovingly dealt consequences, coupled with education, elevate the presence of light. 

As your dear Gandhi said, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ 

Treat yourself with loving kindness. Stop punishing yourselves and others with hatred and anger. Instead elevate yourselves and others by bearing witness to the invisible light within, by being compassionate even when realizing the consequences of un-evolved behaviors, and by praying and sending love to all hurting hearts.

In this fashion, dear ones, you WILL change the world, starting with yourselves first.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels”


Quieting Your Mind

“With an understanding of the Laws of the Universe and some willingness to deliberately choose thoughts, you can, in time, replace all hindering beliefs with life-giving beliefs; but there is a process that can give you the immediate benefit of changing your beliefs, in a much shorter time—we call this the Process of Meditation.

The Process of Meditation is not one where you work on your desires, but, instead, this is one of quieting your mind.  As you do so, and resistance will subside; and your state of vibration will rise to its natural, pure state.”