See Perfection And Create Perfection – Eileen Caddy

“Walk in the ways of the Spirit. Live by the ways of the Spirit. Rise above all that would hold you down. See Me in everything and everyone. Expand your consciousness. See perfection and create perfection. Never be satisfied with anything second best; realize that with Me all things are perfect.
I created all things perfect,
I AM Perfection.”

Within – Suzanne Giesemann

“If you keep your focus on the external world and pay no attention to your internal world, suffering will ensue.  It can be no other way, for in the physical world, what goes up also goes down.  And if things do not go down, then you cling to the ups and do everything you can to find more and more and more of the good feelings.

This is called addiction.  Beneath addiction lies an undercurrent of suffering.  If this sounds dismal, worry not.  There is an alternative that does not include ups and downs.

Can you imagine a steady state of contentment?  This is known as joy.  This is known as peace.  This is what ensues when you agree to take your focus off of the external world and seek within.

Within what?  Not the physical body.  Within Consciousness … Awareness.  It is even beyond the mind.  The mind is the activity of Consciousness, which is your true essence.  Awareness lies beyond and beneath all as one sea of infinite potential.  Go beneath the waves.  Dive in and find the stillness.

You will not cease breathing, for you are not the one doing the breathing.  Find the One who breathes you and the end of suffering will come into view.”

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Forged By Fire

“Forged by fire.  This is how you make the strongest of metal.  Does this mean you must suffer?  Only if you believe there is only one reality will you suffer.  You will have your trials and tribulations.  In a world of ups and downs, they are inevitable.

The viewpoint you choose is all-important.  Are you a victim?  Yes, at times you will be, but what if you can also at any time take the longer viewpoint, the higher stance of witness, observer, soul?

Practice flexibility of point of view and see how that changes things for you.  Pain goes hand in hand with pleasure in a world of duality.  Peace is ever-present in a multiverse where Pure Awareness rules.

You are so very loved.”

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It Does Not Affect You Unless…

“Because others cannot vibrate in your experience, they cannot affect the outcome of your experience.

They can hold their opinions, but unless their opinion affects your opinion, their opinion matters not at all.

A million people could be pushing against you and it would not negatively affect you unless you push back. That million people pushing against you are affecting their millions of vibrations. They are affecting what happens in their experience.

They are affecting their point of attraction, but it does not affect you unless you push against them.”

Abraham-Hicks, 2/21/98

Guidance received by Eileen Caddy – Findhorn Foundation

“Always remember there are many spokes to a wheel but all the spokes lead to the hub. There are many paths in the spiritual life but every path leads to the ultimate goal, to Me the Lord God, to humanity’s realization of their oneness in Me, that we are One and nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate us, that I AM in you and you are in Me.

Accept this truth and you behold the perfection of our union. Refuse to see anything less, raise your consciousness until you reach this level of understanding where all is one and there is no duality and know that I AM in all, around all, above all, beneath all, that I AM ALL in ALL. The more you dwell on this the more it becomes a part of you and you live and move and have your being in this truth.”

Message From Ann Albers & The Angels – Travel Plans For The Soul

“My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is purpose for everything in your world, everyone, and everything in your lives. There is value in the situations you consider good, and in the situations you consider bad. Love is attempting to surface in the kind people and in those who aren’t so kind. Everything and everyone you come across serves a purpose in your life. Every encounter offers you a chance to grow.

Before you were born, you came in with what we call “Travel Plans.” You had lessons you wanted to learn. You had contributions you wanted to make. Above all you wanted to reconnect with love, compassion, joy, and various qualities of the Divine. Some of you wanted to learn to embrace and share those qualities. Some of you wanted to learn to receive them. Some of you simply wanted to embrace love in any form.

Some of you planned your lives in great detail – who you would meet, how you would attempt to learn and grow where you would like to live, etc. Some of you came in with a rough idea of what you wanted to learn and you’re “winging it” while learning to live in trust and faith.

No matter what you planned, you have free will. You can choose to enjoy your life and look for the love, or you can choose to be victimized by it. However, when you know that everyone and everything is here to help you reconnect to love – either by inspiration or challenge – then even if you were technically a victim, it is hard to remain victimized for long.

You can, instead, ask yourself, “What can I learn from this? How can I grow? What do I need to do in this moment to treat myself with love and kindness? How can I also be honest with myself and kindly honest with all involved?”

Dear ones you came into this life eager for growth, eager for the relationships with other human beings that would catalyze your growth, eager for the situations that would help you embrace your inner light, your love, and your power to create. Sometimes these people and situations offer warm and fuzzy feelings, and joyful growth, and sometimes they do not. Nonetheless, in all cases, they are here to help you learn to love self, express self, and BE the deepest and truest you that you can be!

So, in any circumstance realize you are there to learn, to grow, to love self, to feel your connection with God. Then from that full cup you will spill over and love the light in all you encounter. As you embrace this more fully and consciously you can grow – even through the tough times – with greater ease, joy, grace, and of course, loving guidance.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels”

» Source » Channel: Ann Albers

Everything Exists For Joy

“Everything exists for joy. There is not one other reason for life than joy. We’ve got nothing to prove to anyone, because nobody other than All-That-Is is watching. In other words, we’re not trying to get brownie points from some other galaxy. We’re not trying to get someplace else; we’re not trying to get it done, because there is no ending—we cannot get it done. Everything exists for the purpose of joy in the moment.”

Abraham-Hicks, 5/11/02

Go Forth This Day – Eileen Caddy

“Go forth this day renewed, refreshed, reborn, with sheer joy in your hearts and the knowledge that I AM with you always and all is very, very well. In this state of consciousness nothing will be able to drag you down. You will be able to see the very best in everything that is happening, you will be able to rise to great heights where all is One and there is no disharmony and disunity, where All is perfect Light, all is limitless Love.

You will have a new and deeper understanding, a greater tolerance towards one another. All the old will be blotted out and the new will unfold in all its glory and perfection.”