Flow Happens From Now To Now

“Be grateful for what you have in this moment.  You do not know what the next moment will bring.

Life is about change.  Most likely, you do not want to hear this, putting the hands over the ears and proclaiming, ‘I want things to stay like this forever.’

This moment is exactly what you need.  What does it have to teach you?  In an instant, it is gone, and here is another now and now and now.

With gratitude for what life presents you now, flow happens from now to now.  Change is acknowledged and accepted, and with this, suffering is gone.

You are so very loved.”

Suzanne Giesemann, suzannegiesemann.com

Chasing Enlightenment

“Do you know, dear ones, the greatest thing that occurs with people who are chasing enlightenment?  They know that judgment is a no-no, judgement is ‘wrong’ and so they are in judgment of the judgment. ‘You cannot judge, judgment is wrong , that is not enlightenment.’  Is it not silly?

To make judgment wrong, beloved, is to get straight back on the old track again.  So it is not to be silly about it.  Judgment is valid, because it exists.  Judgment is a divine aspect of who you are and the only way that you create the change is by embracement – by acknowledgement and the acceptance that who you are is judgmental.

As you desire the change and as you embrace that part of you that is judgmental, so will you create the change, but what you invalidate, you will empower.  And truly it is to remember what you invalidate, indeed, you empower, and that is exactly what you will draw to you, if you invalidate it.

You see, it is all a great paradox, a dichotomy.

Well, there is no point in being too serious, because, dear ones, I will tell you this: The greatest aligner of all is laughter, when you are truly laughing from the belly. Indeed I would say that there are many things in this life and certainly in all of this very serious business that is very funny.  And as you laugh and find joy in it, even in the paradoxes, so will you be living in the moment, without past and without future and create joy in this fashion.”

An Act Of Faith – Ptaah, channeled by Jani King, p.50.

Tune Into A High Vibration

You are energetic beings. You are learning to tune your tuners to vibrations that feel good, by choosing thoughts that stimulate good feelings.

In the future you will understand that your technology is a mirror of your own very being. If you tune a radio to a station it picks up and broadcasts that station. If you tune into a feeling, you pick up and broadcast that feeling.

If the vibration is positive, you pick up the supporting vibrations of the universe, as well as any positive vibrations from humanity.

If the vibration is “negative” you might block the positive, supporting vibrations around you and tune into the negative vibrations in humanity.

There is only a broadcast of love and the highest vibrations from the heavens. To the degree that you choose thoughts that feel good, you tune into this broadcast! To the degree that you allow thoughts that feel bad, you create static on the line and don’t as easily hear the broadcasts from higher realms.

Play with this often. When faced with a feeling you do not like, ask yourself, “What thought can I think that feels better?” Do you have a bill you don’t know how to pay? Look out the window. Breathe. Appreciate the beauty of the mountains in the distance, or the song of a bird in a tree. Focus on that feeling. Keep raising your vibe. Imagine you are dialing a dial and tuning into higher and happier feelings. Now think of that bill. It is still there. Is there anything you can do right at this moment? Are you getting guided now? If so, act joyously. If not go about your business, keep your vibe high, and enjoy your day while waiting for inspired guidance and action. It really can be that simple. One thought at a time… here, and now.

Your power dear ones, comes from the vibration you tune into right here, right now. What you tune into now will determine what you experience later. Keep the tuner as high and happy as you possibly can… one better thought at a time in the present moment.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels”


What Is Oneness?

“It is not so much that we are to return to God but rather that we are to express the fullness of the nature of God in our present lives.  The Edgar Cayce readings express the same insight in these terms:

“Hence as man applies himself, he becomes conscious of that union of infinite force with the finite force.” (262-52)

Jesus was accused of blasphemy for saying, ‘I and my Father are one,’ but then He replied by quoting Psalm 82:6, ‘Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?’

He made it clear that He was not making special claims about Himself but rather was quoting from a highly revered Old Testament source, reminding us of our own divinity.  The passage says, ‘Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the Most High.’

This principle, that we are gods, is one of the most important ways of stating the gospel, and it is good news indeed.  Yet it is not simply news for the intellect– it is for the heart as well.

Jesus’ claim to divinity, a block upon which we seem to enjoy stumbling, was in truth His claim for the divine origin and sonship of all people.  Jesus said, ‘If you have seen me you have seen the Father.’  He also said, ‘I am in the Father and the Father is in me and I am in you and you in me.’

That is … Oneness.”  

Venture Inward, Spring 2021, Herbert Puryear, PhD, edgarcayce.org.

In The Course In Miracles – “My mind is part of God’s. I am very holy.”  (ACIM, W-35)

How We Slow Down Getting What We Want

“When you talk about what you want and why you want it, there’s usually less resistance within you than

when you talk about what you want and how you’re going to get it.

When you pose questions you don’t have answers for, like how, where, when, who, it sets up a contradictory vibration that slows everything down.”

Abraham Hicks, 01/29/05

Trust The Plan Of The Universe

“Trust that everything is proceeding according to plan. Stand back and bear witness to reality in all circumstances by holding the truth of the One Power and knowing that this One Power is not and cannot be expressed as fear, anger, violence, suffering, war, etc., regardless of how terrifying or powerful it may be. may be appearances. Always remember that the One cannot fight itself.

That One Power is who and what you are, not in your human hood, but in reality, the true essence, the soul of you. It is the reason that spiritual masters over time have guided seekers to look within rather than keep looking for solutions outside of themselves on all levels.

All the answers lie within, not because there is some kind of magic book within, but because your unity with Source automatically constitutes your unity with all that Source is: harmony, wholeness, wholeness, intelligence, abundance, ad infinitum. The true essence of each person is, and always has been, self-sustaining and self-sustaining Divine Consciousness. However, most are not yet aware or even open to the idea of Oneness with God. Master Jesus was crucified for trying to give this same truth to the people of his time.
Once an individual has achieved consciousness of his oneness with Source, the inherited qualities of Divine Consciousness automatically begin to express themselves simply because consciousness is the substance of form.
A consciousness of oneness with Divine harmony allows harmony to be expressed in ways that are personal to each individual. Each person expresses his state of consciousness. Harmony can mean something completely different to one person than it does to another. Harmony for one can mean that family problems are resolved peacefully and effortlessly. For another, it may simply be that their daily work schedule is easily accommodated. Consciousness never stops expressing itself.
Trust that your Higher Self knows where you need to be, what you need, and how to get you there.”
We are the Arcturian Group, By Marilyn Raffaele

From Testimony Of Light – Message Of Life After Death

“Since I left the earth life, I have been taught by a Teacher with whom I am in contact, mentally and spiritually.  He Himself is a part of the Group Soul in the Group toward which I am progressing and of which, although I was not entirely aware, I have been a member for many ages.

(One group is within another, within the next and the next into the highest Beam of Light which is Divine Life itself — or God. All is progress.)

This Teacher is a higher Disciple, a wise and advanced soul, and is able to impart knowledge and wisdom to souls in the Group. Here, progress, when made, is always rewarded with a service.

In other words, as one advances to greater Light, so one is allowed to teach and guide others of the Group on a lesser path.  The Group itself is made up of souls at all levels of consciousness, from the highest to the mediocre, but the Spirit of the Groups only advances Itself as the younger and less knowledgeable members make progress It is a unified advance.  No member of the Group can pass beyond the call and communication of other members.  When the Group itself advances into the Divine Company, then there will be no ‘stragglers.’ But, as I am instructed, such an experience is far beyond the Group consciousness at this stage.”

Testimony Of Light, Helen Greaves, p. 126-127. (Frances Banks, formerly a Catholic Nun, died and began channeling to her friend Helen Greaves. See photo.)

Kindness Is Spirituality In Action

“Kindness is spirituality in action, and everything else is just what you believe to be true in the moment.

At times you will believe in certain behaviors, practices, and so on that you think will help you along on your spiritual path, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but recognize that you might abandon all of those things in favor of other things in six months to a year.

There is no need to cling to any practice or any belief, but the world does need more people being kind to one another.

That’s the type of spirituality that attracts more people. People like it when you are kind to them, and perhaps your kindness will inspire them to be kind to others. And without ever having discussed what your spiritual beliefs are, you could be that first domino to create the effect that you want to create on every person whose life you touch. And that is more valuable than any book that you could write or any seminar that you could teach.

If you can move beyond all of that and see that you are all having a very similar experience there on Earth, you will get that inspiration more often to be kind to one another.”

The Arcturian Council, danielscranton.com

Keep Yourself In Balance

“Just do your best to keep yourself in balance. One of the first things that causes Energy misalignment, is asking or demanding too much of yourself in terms of time and effort.

In other words, you just cannot burn the candle at both ends, so that you are physically tired, and then expect yourself to have a cheerful attitude.

So, the rule of thumb has to be: ‘I’m going to be very, very, very happy, and then do everything I have time to do after that.’ ”

Abraham Hicks, 3/6/05

Loved Exactly as You Are – Ann Albers & The Angels

“My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Sleep is a glorious experience of dying unto the ‘self’ and expanding into your greater being. In your sleep your consciousness temporarily ceases to identify with the body and mind. You re-emerges into a greater awareness and understanding of yourself as a soul. You surrender to love.

This is why, when your mind is not in the way, deep healing can take place in your sleep. This is why you can go to bed with questions and wake up with answers. This is why your feel refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

This is also why, when you don’t sleep well, it is important to find a way to temporarily tun off the mind and just ‘be,’ for it is in your sleep or in your restful states, – when you are free of thoughts and concerns– that you return to your soul’s natural state of being. You become open to receiving love, flowing, trusting, relaxing and surrendering into the perfection of life.

Whenever you can turn your mind off, calm the thoughts, and simply surrender to love, you open to a miraculous flow that is an ever present, steady stream of energy from the Source – a love that is always trying to help and assist you.

Stop for a moment. Breathe into your heart. Say to yourselves, ‘I am loved exactly as I am.’ Allow the truth of this to flow into your body, mind heart, and soul. Stop putting conditions around why you should or should not be loved and open to a greater truth. You are loved.

Say to yourself, ‘I am open to receive the magnificent love of my Creator.’ Imagine opening your heart and feeling this love flooding into your awareness.

Now say to yourself, ‘The Divine loves me exactly as I am… Exactly as I am.’ Breathe that in, and allow it to permeate your being as if water is seeping into every corner, crack, and crevice of your soul, or light is filling every little area within your body. Repeat this several times while breathing into the heart and let it fill you. Willingly feel it. Embrace the truth of it.

Something deeper than your mind knows the truth of these words, for the Source that lives and breathes within you knows its own love. Open, open, open dear friends. Let the love that creates you fill you. Stop resisting love. Breathe. ‘The Divine loves me exactly as I am.’ Allow it in.

When you sleep you surrender to this love. When you find ways to shut off your mind, you surrender to this love. When you consciously and willingly surrender to this love, you become open to miraculous help, healing, and change even while wide awake. Try this exercise several times a day.

You want to surrender to love. You want to feel it coming to you. You want to feel the truth of the fact that you do not have to earn your Creator’s love. You do not have to be ‘worthy’ of your Creator’s love. You do not have to achieve anything, be anything, or do anything to receive the unconditional, ever flowing, never ending love from the Divine.

You, dear ones, and all of creation, are constantly able to receive this love. Only you can decide if you will open to it.

The flower does not have to earn or be worthy of the sun that constantly shines.

The ground does not have to earn or be worthy of the rain that will inevitably falls upon it.

The animals do not have to earn or be worthy of the sustenance that is freely offered.
The cells in your body do not have to earn or be worthy of the nourishment that is constantly provided to them.

You dear ones do not have to earn or be worthy of the love that flows unceasing to you.

Open. Breathe into your heart. Say to yourself, ‘The Divine loves me exactly as I am.’ Deeply allow these words to seep into you, fill you, soothe you, and ultimately remind you that you are and always will be beloved, cherished, and whole in the eyes of your creator.

In one moment of truly allowing this love in, your entire life can begin to change. Breath, dear ones. God loves you exactly as you are.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels,”