Wordless – Suzanne Giesemann

“Think vibrations.  Think waves.  You do not need words to communicate.

All of nature, all animals can and do communicate wordlessly, humans included.  Release your dependence on the spoken word, the written word, the conceptual word, and aim to know what is being communicated.

Pay more attention to feeling and knowing.  You can communicate quite well with those who do not speak your own language, for in fact you are all radiating the same basic language:  light.

In the beginning was the Word, but in what language was it spoken?  Light.  Vibration.  And what is the highest vibration?  Love.  The more you turn up the love light within yourself, the more you will simply know.”

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You Are Never Alone

“We assure each that we walk with you on this journey and that no entity walks alone, for each has those friends, teachers and guides that walk with you as do those brothers and sisters within your own illusion walk with each in spirit.

Sorrow is essential to this experience that you call third-density life.  But your attitude towards this sorrowing, grieving and changing process can create for you a peace that surpasses all understanding.  We encourage each of you to see that heaven, even if it is from afar, to know that the angels and ministers that have always loved you, love you now and are here to help you.

Though unseen, they hover… waiting for ways to confirm any glimmer of hope within.  You are never alone in this process.  This is a guarded and protected process and the heaven does abide.  May each of you help each other to find your way home.”

“A Wanderer’s Handbook,” Carla Lisbeth Rueckert, p. 37.

The Vibrations Around You ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are doing the best that you can under the circumstances that you were born into in this lifetime. Recognize that you are affected by the vibrations that are around you. And so, the next time that you decide that you are going to be critical of yourself, remember that you have been influenced by your environment. And also, recognize that the Earth experience has been a very harsh environment, for not only this lifetime, but for almost every other one leading up to it.

You have had times in your history where things have been easier on you as a collective, and then you have had times like these. And so, you can go easy on yourself when you acknowledge how challenging the lower frequency energies have been and how much they have influenced you into certain states of being. And also realize that a lot of the emotions you feel are coming up because of past life experiences that were traumatic to you and for you.

Therefore, we are inviting you to let yourself off the hook here. Now, we are often telling you about the higher frequency energies that are coming in, and we want you to pay more attention to them so that you benefit more from what you are receiving from the higher realms. Those high frequency energies also have an effect on you that is positive, but they also stir up that which is of a lower frequency and still needs to be purged.

So you haven’t chosen an easy path for yourselves, but you did choose a very rewarding one. You did choose a path where all of this purging will lead you to feeling shiny and new. The biggest part of your journey here is the emotional one. When you move from feeling despair to embracing your power, that is a very big move, and there are lots of steps along the way that you have to go through. Now, you may have been taught by other spiritual teachers that you can jump from one state of being right to another, and that certainly is the fifth dimensional way.

It is what you are moving towards as you ascend, but as of now, you are still moving through these emotional journeys step by step. And these journeys can seem like they take an eternity to complete. But you will complete them in this lifetime. They will be a part of your ascension journey as well, and as we said, the higher frequency energies keep coming. And you make yourselves more available to them every time you do some of that purging of the lower frequency energies that you have picked up in this lifetime and brought with you from other lifetimes.

Those of you who are awake and receiving this transmission are not waiting for someone or something to come and save you from all of this. We can see and feel that you are up to the challenge, and that is why we are speaking directly to you in this way. We know that you can handle it, and we know that you have already seen the benefits of taking these emotional journeys, and we are very proud of all of you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.” danielscranton.com

The Power Is Within You

“You are killing more of each other every day over your quarrels over religion than all other things put together, because you cannot even come to an agreement about what you think God says, or wants for you. 

On one side of the world God wants something different than the other. On one side of the room, in one side of your mind, God wants something different than on the other.

The power is within you. You are extensions of this powerful Source Energy. You are literally God expressing in this physical body.

And so, as you are standing in a thought, or in a word, or in an action that feels good to you as you are standing there—then you are fully open and allowing all of that Divine Energy to flow through you. And in that moment you are all that you said you would be when you decided to come forth into this body. You are the extension of pure positive energy. You are in your full creative power. You are thriving. You are clear-minded. You are joyful. You are filled with love. You are who you are—you are allowing that which you really are.”

Abraham-Hicks, 9/30/00


“You want to know when something will happen, when something will end or when another thing will begin.  Why this desire to know the future?  You want to be able to plan.  You are not satisfied now.

‘Hurry up!  Let’s get to the future instead of being present.’  This is the human way.  The way of the soul is to be here now and flow.  You can plan for the future by feathering your nest now, but you cannot control what happens down the line.

Lack of control makes some nervous.  As you remain present, you are more aware of the guidance and insights that are always here. As you come to know that at a deeper level all is well, perhaps you can relax in that feathered bed and practice letting go of fear.

You are so very loved.”


The Purpose Of Fear

“Fear is the killer. We remind you that your power ends where your fear begins. If you fear something, it is as if you put a sign up over your head and say, ‘Welcome. I am waiting for you.’

The purpose of fear is to save your life, to catapult you into the now in order to take action. Often it serves to direct you away from that which is dangerous and toward the very essence of your vital being.

However, when you hold onto fear as a lifestyle, and when you broadcast fear of life, you shut down your body and kill your vital life force. This creates stress, ill health, and aging.

Your thoughts create your reality. Part of the initiation of consciousness is to move through toxicity, and your physical body needs to go through more preparation and purification of what would be called intent and courage.

When you dwell in fear, you dispel all. You dispel your own power. So, in order to meet something that is very unfamiliar to your logical mind, you must maintain clarity of intent and a tremendous sense of courage, safety, and nonchalance.

Everything that keeps you from achieving something is simply an idea.

People say, ‘Why do bad, negative, lower vibrational plans have to be in motion?’ Because people wait for them. People don’t sit around waiting for something exciting and good to happen to them. They sit around rocking in their chairs, smoking cigarettes, wondering when a car is going to come through the living room. Why? Because they watch television. Your main imprinting comes through this mind-control machine, which imprints you basically with fear. Chronic fear is going to be the killer. It will draw to you those things that you dread and that you are certain are going to happen to you. Of all the possibilities in the world, why do you choose what you do?

We know why you are here on Earth and that you were not sent here to flounder alone. The forces that work with you have a capacity to influence and affect your reality that is beyond your comprehension, even though you are not aware of the existence of these forces.

Make a commitment to have your heart open, and see that it stays open and that you use the heart energy of the Mother Goddess and Father God.  Open your heart to have God’s Faith energy move through you.”

The Pleiadians , Channeled by Barbara Marciniak


Your Vibrational Vortex Of Creation

“I Can Always Enter My Vibrational Vortex of Creation…

The key to getting inside your Vibrational Vortex of Creation; of experiencing the absolute absence of resistance; of achieving complete alignment with all that you have become and all that you desire, and of bringing to your physical experience everything that you desire — is being in the state of appreciation —

and there is no more important object of attention to which you must flow your appreciation than that of self.

There is nothing for you to go back and live over, or fix, or feel regret about now. Every part of your life has unfolded just right. And so —now — knowing all that you know from where you now stand, now what do you want?

The answers are now coming forth to you. Go forth in joy, and get on with it.

The Universe is abundant with everything that you want. It’s not testing you. It’s benevolently providing for you. But you are the orchestrater. You are the definer, and you do it through your joyous anticipation. If there is an emotion that you are wanting to foster, that would serve you very, very well, it is positive expectation. It is excited anticipation.

The Universe knows all things and is responding to the vibration that you are sending. When you are sending your vibration on purpose, you are orchestrating what the Universe is aligning for you.  That All-That-Is-ness that is responding to your vibration is that which you call God.

Abraham Hicks on 10/15/96, 4/12/97, 9/13/98, 8/31/09

2020 – From Ann Albers and The Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,
As you approach the end of a year unlike any other, ask yourself, “What do I want to take with me as I move forward into a new year?” As challenging as this year has been, the gifts have been many.
If you focus on what you are vehemently glad to be leaving behind, you will energetically take it with you. If instead you focus with appreciation upon what you have learned, how you have grown, and all the gifts of grace that have emerged from the seeming chaos, then you take those gifts with you. You can pick up the gifts of 2020 and bring them into 2021, or you can carry the baggage and bring that forward.
For all its challenges, this year has changed humanity’s future for the better in ways you cannot yet see or imagine. At the beginning of this year, you lived upon a planet where many people were becoming increasingly disconnected, texting more than talking, rushing instead of taking time to relax, be, contemplate, and create from the inside out.
You lived on a planet where Mother Nature was taken for granted by a large portion of the population, as were many of life’s simple pleasures. You lived on a planet where a large number of people who support your society remained the quiet and unsung heroes while those who amassed wealth and celebrity were celebrated. You lived on a planet that had become apathetic about racial injustice, and where many remained unaware of the preciousness of their own neighbors.
And then along came covid – a thought-form introduced by a group of scientific beings from another dimension, in the hopes they could stir up enough energy to maintain themselves. Long ago they lost their experience of love and connection with the Source. Nothing, of course, can be disconnected from the Source, but when an individual, or a race of beings, ceases to feel emotion and ceases to love, the connection to source cannot be felt. They became parasitic, able to live only upon the energy of others – a virus so to speak. And thus covid-the-thoughtform was introduced into certain minds upon your planet who were seeking to understand such things, and who had no idea what they were playing with.
As the virus of fear was propagated, the thoughtform became a thing, and infested both minds and bodies. Your planet became obsessed with death, but in reaction, a light began to shine brightly within you as you also became obsessed with coming to life. In your separation you craved connection. You no longer took relationships, toilet paper, groceries, delivery people, clerks, or even your own breath for granted.
You sent out signals unto the heavens that your hearts truly wanted to be #inittogether. And then, all that separates you began to surface, for when you send a cry for light it cannot help but shine upon the darkness. Your racial divisions became too obvious to be swept under the rug, and millions more sent out a cry for an appreciation of diversity – a cry that has been heard and responded to, and has initiated movements in human hearts that will create change for decades to come. Most of you will live to see a world where differences are celebrated.
You will see a world in decades to come that harnesses the forces of nature to create clean energy, has cleaned up the former messes created, and has come together to value the planet upon which you live. You will see cities with far more greenery in, and between buildings. You will see people coming together to create more old-fashioned communities, parks, gardens, and neighbors assisting neighbors. The world will become your neighborhood.
Your world is changing for the better, even though you can only see the seeds of change. Believe in these seeds dear ones. Believe they will grow. Believe in the better world to come. We see it in your future.
So as you move into 2021, know that the seeds are still germinating beneath the soil in the cells and souls upon your planet. The tilling of the soil is still in progress; the birthing of your world, still in stages of contractions. There will be great and sometimes vehement disagreements about what constitutes freedom. There will be clashes between people who believe their solution to the world’s problems is better than others. Through all of this, dear ones, you will start to realize as a human race that each one of you has an inner compass that guides you like the Christmas Star to the Christ within.
There is no one right solution to any problem. There is only one right for you.
So as you move forward into the New Year, take the time to review 2020 and all the ways in which you’ve grown, changed, learned, and felt your ever beating hearts. No parasitic energy will ever claim dominance over the human race, because parasites need lower vibrations to live and thrive, and with your ever beating hearts you are still strongly and dearly connected to the Source of all love, all creation, and all that is good and growing in grace.
Happy New Year dear friends. We are holding the vision with you for your unimaginable and amazing future.
God bless you. We love you so very much.
— The Angels, www.visionsofheaven.com

Dark Aspects Of Yourself

Becoming aware of the dark aspects of yourself is essential to your growth.

We have played major roles of all kinds on Earth, including those roles of darkness. Shedding light upon these aspects of yourself brings you to the deep understanding that everything comes from the Prime Creator … including what we know as ‘the negative.’  Did those souls, spirits, and aspects of yourself agree to play the dark roles in our lives just to help us grow by being a catalyst?

Coming into the awareness and understanding of those dark roles that you have played in people lives and the roles they have played in yours, more completely connects you to yourself and understanding your life.  Reflect on how those were growth experiences. What negativity you see in others is a mirror reflecting what is within yourself and your fuller consciousness.   Light is easy to love… the question, is can you love your darkness equally?   

Facing, understanding, integrating and loving the darkness you may have had within brings a pure, infinite love vibration for yourself now.  Recognizing how a past negative action only made a bad situation worse brings us great personal inner growth.  How else are we to fully learn?  Realize that the darkness and all that have attacked you have been a programming set in place to help you develop spiritually and grow.  All darkness is not demonic.  The dark moments that you have experienced may also point to a past life resolving of karma.  

Begin to understand that all of the negative aspects or parts that you don’t like about yourself are the very ones that gave you strength.  They taught you about the duality of light and dark, about your emotional reactions and how to navigate them.  These aspects of yourself are the ones that have stood by you in your darkest moments, helping you grow.

Learn to love and forgive yourself.  All is well.

“When you allow a full alignment with the Source within you, unpleasant things that may be happening around you will not matter. Instead of being influenced by the unwanted things that are happening, you will be influenced by your alignment with Source and with Well-being.”

Abraham-Hicks, 2/1/14