See Perfection And Create Perfection – Eileen Caddy

“Walk in the ways of the Spirit. Live by the ways of the Spirit. Rise above all that would hold you down. See Me in everything and everyone. Expand your consciousness. See perfection and create perfection. Never be satisfied with anything second best; realize that with Me all things are perfect.
I created all things perfect,
I AM Perfection.”

Within – Suzanne Giesemann

“If you keep your focus on the external world and pay no attention to your internal world, suffering will ensue.  It can be no other way, for in the physical world, what goes up also goes down.  And if things do not go down, then you cling to the ups and do everything you can to find more and more and more of the good feelings.

This is called addiction.  Beneath addiction lies an undercurrent of suffering.  If this sounds dismal, worry not.  There is an alternative that does not include ups and downs.

Can you imagine a steady state of contentment?  This is known as joy.  This is known as peace.  This is what ensues when you agree to take your focus off of the external world and seek within.

Within what?  Not the physical body.  Within Consciousness … Awareness.  It is even beyond the mind.  The mind is the activity of Consciousness, which is your true essence.  Awareness lies beyond and beneath all as one sea of infinite potential.  Go beneath the waves.  Dive in and find the stillness.

You will not cease breathing, for you are not the one doing the breathing.  Find the One who breathes you and the end of suffering will come into view.”

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“Until you become your own soulmate by loving yourself from the inside out, you are going to manifest more relationships that end in failure. If you question how to act in the absence of your soulmate, act as if they were right there beside you at all times. Love is the heart’s expression of your very truth revealed. Love radiates from the center of all beings.

Everyone is capable of having a soulmate and sharing a great love, but first you must learn to love yourself.”

Russell Clayton

We Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident: 6 Types Of Cosmic Connections Destined To Happen

Always keep in mind that everything that occurs in your life occurs for a specific reason, and you never meet someone with pure coincidence.

Everything you go through has some specific meaning so that it is going to take where you have to be. For those that are not familiar with synchronicities, they are ‘meaningful coincidences.’

In fact, they are the individuals that come to your life in order to show you a certain thing or have that things occur which started a chain reaction. They can come in various forms too.

Every person that comes in your life has a lesson to teach you. You learn from others, and others learn from you. There are people that come in your life in order to tear you apart, while others will be there to grow together with you.

Here are the six common types of people that you may come in contact with in life. All these are synchronicities connections:

1. People that come to remind you.

Those individuals are the ones that come in your life in order to remind you of something really important. In fact, they do that with evoking knowledge within you and helping you understand that knowledge. They are going to stay marked on the soul forever, regardless of being just a permanent part of life.

2. People that make you grow.

They are considered the teachers for your soul. So, they will come in your life in order to help you become a better person. They will also be there to help you when you need them, and with their help, you are going to understand who you are or who you are supposed to be, too. 

3. People that are here to stay.

They are the ones that will be that part of your life eternally. They will be your support, always being there when you will need them. With them, you will count a lot of experiences, and the connection between you two is going to be stronger than you imagined before.

4. People that come to awaken you constantly.

They come in your life in order to shake your reality. Usually, they are the ones you never wanted to meet, but you actually learned numerous things from them. Not every person you met is a positive one. Talking about your growth, negativity plays a fundamental role. This Universe actually knows a lot more about you than you definitely do. 

5. People that are holding space for you.

They are the ones that come in your life for a short moment. So, they will pass near you, still having the ability to provide you with the feeling that you are not alone in this world. Also, they will share several words with you, or simply a glance. They are going to make an effect right when you have the necessity of it.

6. People that are destined to leave

You have to be aware that they will not be in your life for a long time. The reason why they came in your life was to learn something from them, but remember that every experience with learning is not going to be positive, there will be negative too. They came in your life, you fell in love with them, and then they hurt you and broke your heart.