6 Meditation Tips

“Man on Earth has lost the awareness that is rightfully his. All that is necessary, my friends, is that he individually avail himself to this appreciation of reality through the process of meditation.  For this process stills his active conscious mind which is continually seeking stimulus within the illusion developed over so many centuries of time upon planet Earth.  Very rapidly, then, he can return to an appreciation of the reality in the functioning of the real creation.  This is a way of gaining progress spiritually.  This was done by the teacher whom you know as Jesus.”  The Law Of One, pages 24-25.

Your Immune System

“Cancer cells are cells that have lost their souls.  They don’t know who they are.”  #1 New York Times bestselling Author, Christiane Northrup, M.D.

“Expectation indicates the juncture between where you are and where you want to be. Where you want to be is your desire, and where you are is your Set-point or habit of thought.

And, somewhere in there, is what we would call expectation.

Expectation, whether it is wanted or unwanted, is a powerful point of attraction. Your expectation is always what you believe.

But the word expectation does imply more what you are wanting than what you are not wanting. It is a more positive word than it is a negative word.

But of course, you could expect negatively—and whatever you expect, you will get!”    Abraham-Hicks, 12/20/03