“Repeat these affirmations daily, like a mantra to imprint these empowering words in your subconscious mind and change your reality.

Trusting yourself more unravels your Soul plan and allows your Higher-Self to express itself through and within this 3D time space reality, allowing you to become self-realized and live a life aligned with your inner calling, your purpose.”

With love,

Ness Di


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After thirty years of teaching Inner City, Special Education students and forty-five years of metaphysical studies, I have decided to share my life's philosophical understandings on this wonderful website. For me, everything in my life has been a spiritual experience from being raised in an alcoholic household, to marriage and teaching, and finally caring for an Alzheimer parent. I have sought at least fifteen, personal psychic readings to try and assist me as a wife, teacher and caretaker. I want to share the wisdom that I have gained from following the valuable spiritual guidance from my inner knowing and from heeding the advise of channeled answers from trusted psychics. At almost 70 years old, I am writing, traveling and enjoying retirement in Florida.

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