Your Creative Vision Of Your Future

“Having a vision of what the higher outcome looks and feels like is essential to our path of spiritual growth. When we want to create new patterns, we can create an inner image of what our ideal life is like when we are free of the limiting patterns and beliefs of the ego and subconscious patterns.”  Michael James Garber

Try This “Guidance From The Angels”

” ‘You have been working hard towards releasing all that which no longer serves you and you have been doing the necessary inner work that needed to be done so as to remove blockages in order to move forward in life.’

– We have the Queen of Angels ‘Mother Mary’ delivering this message for us – to surrender all our worries to her.

As a mother she knows our heart, she knows what humanity is going through, what each one of us is going through.
She urges us to let go and to stay focused in the moment. The present moment is everything and is THE ONLY way to disconnect us from the past.

‘No matter where you may be in life right now, no matter what you are going through, God loves you, and cares, even though at times when life throws some curve balls your way, you wonder and question his Divine unconditional love and power.’

This card validates that Heaven is completely on your side and things are going to look up for you

Success is a journey, not a destination so continue to stay focused on your targeted intention.

Prioritize, Stay positive and EXPECT A MIRACLE !

You are worthy and deserving and your prayers have been heard and answered.
You needn’t beg or petition for help because in truth, your situation is already healed.

So expect the best and stay in alignment with your source.

Wishing everyone a miraculous day !
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Love, Light and Angel Blessings ,
Inakshi Singh”