One’s Own Inner Truth

“You are never alone in this struggle called life. There is a choice.
Souls have chosen prior to and within their current lives who to turn to, where to put their attention, what and who to listen to, what to do with their energy and where to spread and share their energy, and indeed, where to leave it.
It always comes down to choice and discernment in line with one’s own inner truth.
All the struggle that is occurring is pushing people to find the wisdom held within them. Everyone has everything they need within.
Sometimes they need support to access their inner wisdom. There is the opportunity to access inner wisdom by finding those people to whom you resonate with who will support and assist you.
Learn how to go within and listen to that inner voice. It is the voice inside that is kind, compassionate, supportive and loving.
Many have forgotten that they have free will and that life is not about doing what they are told by an external force.
There is much help out there in connecting to one’s inner wisdom. You just have to recognize and know you are worthy of it.
It is okay to ask for help and step beyond being a victim of your life. Only you have the capacity to change yourself.
Many have chosen struggle for soul growth and have found
inner powers that they never realized were possible.
Be open to new opportunities and experiences outside of your comfort zone. Free yourself of the restrictions and security you have placed upon yourself for so long.
See what it is that triggers the unpleasant emotions to come up and begin to look into why that is.
Observe your worry, detach from it so that you can observe it. Try to identify where it comes from and what it is trying to show you,
It is then you can begin to cultivate gratitude, release, love and find a more open mindset.
It can be tough to step from struggle to joy, but there are many steps in between that can help you to grow.
You will find that you can maintain an inner, sacred space of peace and harmony … no matter what is occurring around you.
Ask yourself what is the first step you can take towards gratitude and those higher vibrational emotions… and choose to step forward in that direction.”
Suzana Simencic


“Without mindfulness, we live like the dead.  Mindfulness is the practice that consists in bringing the body and the mind back to the present moment, and every time we practice that, we come to life again.

In practicing walking meditation, each step brings us back to the present moment.  When we walk without mindfulness, we sacrifice the present moment to some destination somewhere — we are not alive. Life is here, in each step. For this reason, we must walk in such a way that life arises out of each step.

If we take a look around us, we see people who are living like dead people. Albert Camus (French Nobel Prize winner) says that there are thousands of people moving about around us carrying their own corpses.  Thanks to the practice of mindfulness, we come to life again immediately.  Being alive is being in the present moment, in the here and now, and that is possible through mindful breathing.

This is the very practice of living in the present moment, this day.  We must not lose ourselves either in the past or in the future; and the only moment in which we can touch life is the present moment.”

True Love – A Practice for Awakening the Heart, Thich Nhat Hanh, p. 81-83.

Eckhard Tolle – The Fear Of Physical Illness

“Understandably, millions of people on the planet today are experiencing fear and uncertainty around physical health—their own and that of friends and loved ones. It is an unprecedented time, and it is extremely important to remain as conscious as possible.

The ego—on both the individual and the collective level—loves ‘the drama’ that times like this can create. Our challenge is to remain alert and present so that we don’t fall into egoic reactivity, adding to the suffering so many are already facing.

As we all know, nobody is totally immune from physical illness, and an illness can have many different causes. It is easy to fall into the error of misinterpreting the arising of illness as some kind of malfunction in your body, or as something that you have done or failed to do. In New Age parlance, people sometime ask themselves, ‘Why did I manifest this illness?’ You then compound the situation by adding a narrative that may have nothing to do with the reality of the present moment. That can become very problematic.

The physical body is always susceptible to all kinds of influences. If something goes wrong with the body, then it becomes doubly important not to judge yourself or to say that you created it. If you are ill, whatever illness it may be, the most effective thing you can do is to surrender to what is, which does not mean surrender to what you call the illness.

Surrender means acceptance. Acceptance initiates healing. The foundation for healing is to accept this moment as it is. In this moment, the so-called illness may manifest either as pain, discomfort, or some kind of disability. This is what you surrender to.

You never surrender to the idea of illness. You don’t say, ‘I must surrender to the fact that I have COVID-19,’ or, even worse, ‘I must surrender to the fact that

I have this incurable condition.’ All you surrender to is the present moment, whatever the body manifests in the present moment. That is what is; that is what you accept. With that kind of surrender, a doorway opens into the transcendent dimension, and that’s where the power of manifestation really comes through.

So, if you are diagnosed with an illness, you don’t deny the illness, but you also don’t dwell on the concept of illness and build an identity around it. The ego will use anything for an enhanced sense of identity, and it will happily (or unhappily) use the idea of illness.

It can then become incorporated into your sense of self, especially if it is a prolonged illness.

The body is as it is right now. That’s fine. The physical body is not who you are. Your true essence is timeless and without form.”

Eckhart Tolle,


Tune Into A High Vibration

You are energetic beings. You are learning to tune your tuners to vibrations that feel good, by choosing thoughts that stimulate good feelings.

In the future you will understand that your technology is a mirror of your own very being. If you tune a radio to a station it picks up and broadcasts that station. If you tune into a feeling, you pick up and broadcast that feeling.

If the vibration is positive, you pick up the supporting vibrations of the universe, as well as any positive vibrations from humanity.

If the vibration is “negative” you might block the positive, supporting vibrations around you and tune into the negative vibrations in humanity.

There is only a broadcast of love and the highest vibrations from the heavens. To the degree that you choose thoughts that feel good, you tune into this broadcast! To the degree that you allow thoughts that feel bad, you create static on the line and don’t as easily hear the broadcasts from higher realms.

Play with this often. When faced with a feeling you do not like, ask yourself, “What thought can I think that feels better?” Do you have a bill you don’t know how to pay? Look out the window. Breathe. Appreciate the beauty of the mountains in the distance, or the song of a bird in a tree. Focus on that feeling. Keep raising your vibe. Imagine you are dialing a dial and tuning into higher and happier feelings. Now think of that bill. It is still there. Is there anything you can do right at this moment? Are you getting guided now? If so, act joyously. If not go about your business, keep your vibe high, and enjoy your day while waiting for inspired guidance and action. It really can be that simple. One thought at a time… here, and now.

Your power dear ones, comes from the vibration you tune into right here, right now. What you tune into now will determine what you experience later. Keep the tuner as high and happy as you possibly can… one better thought at a time in the present moment.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels”