Our Stories Of Struggle

“Our stories are not meant for everyone. Hearing them is a privilege, and we should always ask ourselves this before we share: ‘Who has earned the right to hear my story?’

If we have one or two people in our lives who can sit with us and hold space for our shame stories, and love us for our strengths and struggles, we are incredibly lucky. If we have a friend, or small group of friends, or family who embraces our imperfections, vulnerabilities, and power, and fills us with a sense of belonging, we are incredibly lucky.”
Brené Brown

Awareness Behind The Voice

“When each thought absorbs your attention completely, it means you identify with the voice in your head. Thought then becomes invested with a sense of self. This is the ego, a mind made “me.” That mentally constructed self feels incomplete and precarious. That’s why fearing and wanting are its predominant emotions and motivating forces.

When you recognize that there is a voice in your head that pretends to be you and never stops speaking, you are awakening out of unconscious identification with the stream of thinking. When you notice that voice, you realize that who you are is not the voice- the thinker- but the one who is aware of it.

Knowing yourself as the awareness behind the voice is freedom.”
~Eckhart Tollè~


Happiness is a state of being and one in which you determine the level. With this thought, we would encourage you to frequently remember that you are more than you think you are. We would also like to remind you that your substance is Light and can be seen as a sort of frequency in other realms.

With this in mind, understand for sure that you can bring more Light into yourself simply by imagining that it is shining from above you. Go ahead, replenish the Light within you right this moment as you imagine that it pours into the top of your head and rushes to Light up all parts of your being. Imagine that your cells are activating with new life. You are filling up, as if you are a special container made especially to hold the Light.

Absorb that which you perceive to be good, knowing that you are indeed a receptacle for Light. As you bring more and more of this goodness into yourself, you will begin to glow with brilliant radiance. You will become more attuned to joy and to more of what you are meant to be. Make a conscious effort, as much as you can, to develop the habit of imagining that Universal Light streams down on you, and through you continuously.

All you have to do is open up every cell and pore in your body to receive it. Allow it to flow freely and abundantly throughout your bodily systems. Not only will this visualization benefit you physically, but you will also find that you will wake up in a better way to your inner realms.

As you wake up and become more attuned, you will discover that you are learning how to rid yourself of unnecessary fears. You will begin to understand how to repel negativity simply by feeling your own power and getting in touch with it. As a direct result, you will start to notice that you no longer attract as many harmful forces to yourself.

Source – Unknown