This Path Of Evolution

“Part of the friction you feel with others is that you are on this path of evolution and bursting forth. Others don’t like this because they are not coded at this time to respond the way you are.

Some people are not coded at all for this. Some knew the plan of change and came here at this time to be observers. Some timid beings came here knowing that if they had the courage to step onto this planet- while realizing what the blueprint of the planet was – that somehow this

would be an accreditation of their own conscious journey and would catapult them into higher  consciousness even if their only participation in the transition was simply to be here.

Just to be in the vicinity of this kind of activity is empowering. So give due credit to all who are on the planet at this time who have decided to be participants in this great frequency change. All of these participants are necessary, because the more frequencies that are on the planet, the more energy that can build to alter the old frequency. Those who have opened themselves to light are literally having their bodies rearranged.

Sometimes you may wake up at night and literally feel the rearrangement. This rearrangement of the body is the restructuring of the DNA.  Your DNA is a filament; a scientist would describe it as a connective filament. Scientists, doing the best they can up to this point, have found certain codings within certain portions of the DNA. They have also found superfluous portions of the DNA.

In other words, there are portions that they cannot translate or figure out, so they think these portions of the DNA are just there for the ride, and they call

them ‘junk DNA.’ They are off track.

We have talked about how all of you were built by the creator gods. You were built like houses that were going to be expanded or added on to in the future. You are now at that juncture when those who designed you are adding on to who you are. What the scientists call ‘junk DNA’ has been dormant in your body for a long time, and it is now becoming activated.

In our teachings, we always emphasize the importance of oxygenation, because oxygen feeds the coding and awakens the junk DNA in your body (which certainly isn’t junk at all).

What scientists are calling ‘junk’ houses the perceptions deep inside of your body that will allow you to become an entire perceiver, a fourth-dimensional being. This awakening DNA will allow you to change your eyesight, change your hearing, increase your life span, and so on. This dormant part of the DNA that has baffled the scientists is now coming to life.

You are mutating so quickly now that certain scientists call the process a disease. Some are very concerned about it. They have persuaded the government to invest billions of dollars to research DNA.

What is occurring in your body is certainly not a disease: you are being naturally mutated and rearranged. This mutation occurs most often while you are sleeping, so you may be waking up in the mornings noticing that something feels a little different in your body. You can expect that the changes will begin to show themselves and that you will develop new abilities. You will automatically know many things.”
. . .
The Pleiadians through the beautiful Barbara Marciniak

Promoting Your Well Being

“Most people have a hard time delegating, or even wanting to delegate, because you have been justifying your existence through your hard work, and you equate success with struggle; you equate results with struggle. And so, you sort of wear your struggle like a badge of honor. And all of that is opposite of allowing the Well-being.

The only thing that ever matters in success or achievement is your achieving the things that you want to achieve.

So if you are setting standards and you’re feeling uncomfortable about the standards that you’ve set, tweak the standards back a little bit. Ratchet it back a notch.

Give yourself a break. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Lighten up. Be easier. Go slower. Take it easy. Have more fun. Love yourself more. Laugh more. Appreciate more.

All is well. You can’t get it wrong. You never get it done.”

Abraham-Hicks, 4/20/02

From SoulMate To TwinFlame – Learn The Difference

“Secondary soulmates come into our lives for short periods of time to teach us lessons and then leave.

They might stay in our lives as short as for an hour, a month, or even a few years but they leave once their teaching was delivered regardless of whether the lessons were yet learned or not.

Their soul contract with ours ends here. If you can’t get a secondary soulmate out of your heart and/or mind, be it in love or in hate, it means that you have yet to recognize the lesson they had come to teach.

A primary soulmate is someone who stays with you long periods of time or even a lifetime. They come to accompany, support, and guide us through our sacred journey through life.

Primary soulmates can be very close friends, relatives, children, parents, or spouses to whom we have special and deep connections.

Karmic relationships are the hardest to discern. These are the ones who touch us the deepest. Usually, these have a romantic nature and happen between lovers who meet life after lifetime to solve karma they once, in another lifetime, created together.

Because sexual bonding happened within several lifetimes the connection feels very deep and profound as recognition is established on a soul level. Sexual bonding is a spiritual bonding that lasts forever, throughout the circle of incarnation. The sexual intercourse intertwines the energies of both partners and they might take on each other’s traits and characteristics to a certain extent.

When people who have a karmic relationship with each other meet they recognize themselves in each other and experience a sense of coming home to someone who seems to be “like them” and who therefore understands them.

These relationships are the most dramatic and painful if neither of both is conscious and spiritually evolved enough to acknowledge the karmic connection. Healing and clearing of this karmic debt must occur through conscious recognition of one’s own errors. Whether they stay together or separate the pain will last till the mirror is recognized and the lesson is learned.

Often, this type of karmic relationship is misunderstood as a twin flame or at least a soulmate dynamic. It feels deep and profound and unfortunately, most people or teachers give away the false teaching that the twin flame love is difficult or painful and that one leaves the other to learn some lessons and then might come back.

True love is never difficult or painful. It is exactly the opposite. When two people are meant for each other which twin flames or primary souls mates are, it will be easy, smooth, harmonious, peaceful, and happy.

Twin flames are the rarest and the deepest of all soul connections. These are those chosen few ancient souls who come from the highest angelic realms and incarnate on earth as beings who can vibrate at the highest vibratory level within a human body.

144,000 is the number of angels allowed by the divine to come to earth as humans to assist humanity during global ascension without interfering with the free will of humanity. The challenge is to awaken and remember this life’s purpose and then be in service to humanity by raising the collective conscious awareness through doing the divine work they have come to earth to do.

Sacred sexuality performed by twin flames emits powerful rays of light that are necessary for the awakening of human consciousness, as well as the twins themselves. It is called lovemaking because love must be made.  Love is the highest of all frequencies. The only real love is unconditional love.  Anything else is a fear-based illusion based on co-dependency.

The meeting of twin flames literally ignites their flame and there won’t be any separation between them. Their connection within this lifetime is the divine plan. They come together for a higher purpose.

Twin flames are one ancient soul that was originally distinguished male or female carrying both polarities (the male flame and the female flame). They split and incarnated in two bodies of one male and one female human upon their incarnation on planet Earth.  Earth is the planet of duality (younger souls are androgynous and they don’t have twin flames).

Unlike general belief, twin flames do not share the same characteristics or many similarities. They each are one part of one soul. Like two different sides of the same coin, they are complete opposites to each other but perfectly complementing one another.

One partner will hold the knowledge the other seeks.

The twin flame can be found near or in 5D. At least one of the two will have to have accomplished the inner work, their healing and ascension to be able to establish a meeting in the physical realm.

The spiritually more awakened partner plays the role of the guide for the other. This is usually the female who is more adapted to the frequency of the goddess energy which is the resonance of New Earth.”

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Your Individual Power

“We want to help you regain clarity about your individual power. Everyone has it. No one can ever take it away from you. No one can ever do anything ‘bad’ to you. No one can assert into your experience. Everything, without exception, comes only by your individual invitation to it.

Do you understand the process of asking? When you give something your attention and it becomes your dominant vibration relative to the subject—that is your asking.  So, deliberate creating is not so much about looking out into the world and saying, ‘Oh, there are things that are good that I want to create or attract into my experience, and there are things that are bad that I don’t want to create or attract into my experience.’

Deliberate creating is more about deliberate allowing. Deliberate allowing is more like deliberate vibration.

What you do is minuscule in comparison with what you choose to think, because your vibration is so much more powerful and so much more important.”

Abraham-Hicks, 10/20/96 and 3/8/03



Your Growth & Evolution ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have a certain perspective on the way in which you are all evolving that we would like to share with you. We notice that you tend to make the most progress, in terms of the evolution of your consciousness, when you are faced with adversity or tragedy. We notice that you are more likely to let go and surrender to this very natural process of evolution when things do not go according to plan. When you suffer the loss of a loved one, you are more likely to take an interest in the non-physical. When you have nothing left to lose, you are more likely to go within and find your strength and your power.

The way that you have been taught to live in this world is more about building up walls of protection around yourselves, having financial security, having a support system, rather than being told how powerful and strong you are when you let go of your attachments to the external reality and you look within for what is infinite and eternal. What is infinite and eternal is your true essence. Your soul, the truth of who you are as beings of unconditional love, that is where you want to put your attention. That is where you want to put all of your stock. That is what you want to invest in, and that is the path to true growth and evolution.

But most of you are not pointed in that direction from an early age, and so instead you have to work on building those walls of protection, building that nest egg of security, and finding the tribe to surround yourselves with so that you feel safe and secure. And then when you lose something that you’ve been leaning heavily on, you find that the strength, the power, the security, and the love were within you all along.

Now is the perfect time to start growing and evolving without the need to suffer a loss, because you know now how much benefit there is to you when you go within and discover just what a beautiful being of love and light you truly are. We have also noticed that more of you are doing this, and we are very happy with the results. We know that you are as well.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

“What Is My Life Purpose?” – Ann & The Angels

“My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many of you upon the earth wonder, “What is my life’s purpose?” You seek to find meaningful work or meaningful projects, hoping that once you “find your purpose” you will also feel significant in the greater scheme of life. You want to feel like you matter.

Dear ones, you matter right now, whether you are sitting in your house recovering from an injury and doing nothing at all, or whether you are out feeding or inspiring millions.  Each one of you plays a beautiful part in the tapestry of life. Each one of you is important. There is not a single one of you without purpose.

No matter what you do, what you build, or how many souls you care for, there is always and only one underlying purpose to life – to remember, to re-experience your connection with the eternal source of love in yourself and in all of creation, and to allow that love to have unique experiences through you as you use your free will to create.

We can sum it up very easily… see love, be love, allow love to flow through you into your creations and your life.

If you are laying on the couch recovering from an illness or injury watching endless hours of TV to pass the time, love yourself. Love your tenacity to keep going and healing. Love the fact that you are doing something that distracts you from pain because you care about your own comfort.  Pray for your healing. Pray for the healing of all others with this condition, or any condition for that matter.  Your love is your service. Your love is your truth.

If you are feeding or inspiring thousands, do so from a place of balance and love. Love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Know when to rest. Develop healthy boundaries and a healthy routine of self care so you can keep going strong. Put your heart, your family, and your personal priorities on an equal level with those you serve and then you will serve from a cup that “runneth over” rather than serving from a need to be needed.

Dear ones, it is your internal state that determines whether or not you fulfill the purpose of love here upon this earth. No matter what you are doing, you can see love, be love, and live in the flow of love.

It is easy to love in heaven. It is easy to feel your connection to the sun when it shines upon you. However, when that light is hidden by clouds or the gray shadows of winter, can you still find and feel a warmth within and share that with others?  This is your journey here upon the earth.

If you were to lift very tiny weights you would not become strong, but if you gradually increase the weights you lift, you would become mighty indeed! If you love when love is easy, that is beautiful, but if you really want to learn to love, then you incarnate on a planet where loving – self and others – is not always easy. You grow that “muscle” in small ways at first, choosing to care for yourself, to accept yourself, to be kind to yourself, and then you increase your “weights” by loving others – even those who are hard to love.

Love the light within them, dear ones. You do not have to even like the personality or the behavior. See and witness the light in others using your imagination – your inner eye. Imagine those souls who hurt and confuse you burning with a very great light emanating from their hearts. Imagine this light expanding with them, embracing them, dissolving the illusions of their pain and suffering until they too can feel the love that sources their very being.

You could bring the dead to life and the emotionally dead to love if you could do this strongly enough, from a place of knowing the light within yourself as well.

Dear ones you have purpose – now and always and forevermore. Even in your darkest moments, you deepest sadness, you most fiery angers, you are seeking to reconnect with love.

Realize this and suddenly the smallest act in your life becomes imbued with deep purpose. Wash your dishes with love.  Pack your lunch with love. Send an email with a blessing and wish of love for the receiver. Pay your bills and bless them and give thanks for the eternal flow that will provide the refill. The simplest, smallest act or thought achieved with love is greater than the mightiest contribution achieved without.

We see your purpose and your light at all times. Our service to you is to bear witness to the truth of your being so you too can step into that light, experience its bliss, and become the light, the way, the truth for those who are not yet there.

God Bless You! We love you so very much. — The Angels”

Ann Albers,

Guidance received by Eileen Caddy

“See Yourselves Advancing Upward All The Time

Do not let your footsteps falter when things seem to be difficult. Keep your eye fixed on the ultimate goal and lift up your heart in deep, deep love and gratitude for all that is happening to you. Realize that every weakness that is overcome gives you greater strength and enables you to take that next step in greater confidence and faith. See yourselves advancing upward all the time. Never allow even a glimmer of defeat into your thinking, simply claim that you CAN and you will.”