Advise for Insomnia

th-17“The greatest advantage of sleep is the softening of resistance.  Slumber stops thought.  You tune into your Source during sleep for replenishment.  Action equals resistance and keeps you from replenishment. Your natural guidance says to rest.  Lie in bed and feel happy and replenished. The body likes to sleep in small bits.   Follow your own instinctual rhythm.  Let your own connection and inspiration be what guides your sleep patterns.  If you can, don’t use sleep aides as it thwarts your ability to sleep naturally.  If you can’t sleep, then get up.  If you don’t, you will introduce resistance,” was Abraham’s September 13, 2016 advise.

Thoughts are Powerful!

th-13Abraham said, “When you have manifested, then more contrast comes.  When you experience contrast and you say, ‘I want to be there and not where I am,’ then you’re not ready.   Every negative emotion you feel is evidence of your free will.   If you feel negative, then you block what positive could have come if you had thought positively.”

“Everything comes by the power of your thought!  Instead, feel at ease.  Be in the receiving mode. You are always going to be more. Be satisfied in your, “What-Is- Ness.”  Be joyful in your now.   Engage in the energy that creates Worlds! You are always turning thoughts to things.”  September 9, 2016

Writing about Negatives

write-the-bad-things-that-are-done-to-you-in-sandOn the 2016 Mediterranean Cruise, a writer asked, “What if I am writing about negative things? Does that hurt my alignment?” Abraham said, “ If you are focused on negative emotions, your guidance has gone too far.  Have your awareness on negative things without losing your positive connection.  Write about the negative without joining them where they are.”

Allow Children Freedom

th-18“The children desire freedom! And every particle of their being from their Source says, ‘You are free. You are so free, that every thought you offer, the entire Universe jumps to respond to it.’ And so, to take that kind of knowledge and try to confine it in any way, defies the Laws of the Universe. You must allow your children to be free, because the entire Universe is set up to accommodate that. And anything you do to the contrary will only bring you regret. You cannot contain those that cannot be contained. It defies Law.”

—Abraham — Excerpted from: Atlanta, GA on September 19, 1999


Esther Hicks’ Meditation Tips


“Esther looks for and isolates a sound in the room which helps her to detach from the physical. Use a sound such as an air-conditioner. In Esther’s relaxed willingness, her Inner Being tunes her into alignment. Nothing can go wrong in meditation. There is no danger but you may feel uncomfortable. Being in a receptive and intuitive mode is best. The way to accomplish alignment is to lower your resistance and allow your natural alignment.   Your value is your alignment. You teach others through the clarity of your alignment. It is an example for others. Meditate for the joy of your own alignment.”   Abraham on the September 2016 Mediterranean Cruise

Osho Zen Tarot Cards

One of my most helpful and inspiring guidance has come from “The Osho Zen Tarot Cards” by the Osho International Foundation.  It is advertized as “The Transcendental Game of Zen.”  Its introductory page says, “During the course of thirty years of talks to disciples and friends, Osho would answer their questions or comment on the teachings of the world’s great sages and scriptures.”  These cards are based on Osho’s wise teachings.

osho-on-osho_i-am-not-seriousTraditionally, tarot cards are used as a method of answering questions about life. It is one way to satisfy a longing to know about one’s past and future. Osho Zen Tarot cards focus on gaining a clear and insightful understanding of your events through the ancient wisdom of Zen. The Zen philosophy says that what happens in the outer world is simply a reflection your own thoughts and feelings.  Asking for answers using these cards enables seekers to turn their attention from outside events to discover clarity of understanding from their innermost, heartfelt wishes.0312117337_b

These tarot cards suggest several sample spreads or layouts for learning answers to your deepest life questions.  Connect with Spirit, choose your card layout, shuffle the cards, think of your question and run your hand over the deck to choose the cards that you are guided to draw.  Doing this from time to time may give you surprisingly accurate results!

Until you decide to buy your own cards, go to the Osho site and use theirs for free.  There are 9 choices or spreads to chose from for answering your question.  Have fun!

Learning to Accept Contrast

th-13“You must accept contrast. Your expansion is because of this resistance to contrast. Remember, you made the decision to come into your body and you jumped into contrast and loved it. You may have cried as a baby but you told yourself, ‘I’m going to deliberately choose contrast for the leading edge expansion that it brings!’

Your Inner Being doesn’t join you in the trauma of contrast. Love and negative emotions can co-exist. Take contrast in smaller doses if you need to.”

Abraham on the September 13, 2016 Mediterranean Cruise

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