2008 Lama Sing Personal Reading Excerpts

On April 13, 2008, Al Miner gave the Editor a channeled reading.  I had several readings from him in the 1970’s and found them to be very enlightening and helpful.  This reading was no exception.  Below are some excerpts that I feel apply to everyone.

Al Miner began his channeling work with this request of Spirit, “And so Father, I ask that you take me into your peace that I might be the highest and best channel I can for this work.  And I ask that of you in the name of our brother Jesus, remembering His Promise as I do.  We thank you Father for all those who are with us in those works.  And we especially than you brother Jesus for showing us the way.  Thank you Father.  Amen.  Thank you, too, Susan (his wife who was the reading conductor).”

I asked how to become more joyful…       “As you look at, as you did in past, the events and circumstances and certain disappointments in your life as you did, you limit yourself.  Rather, see these things of the past and others that might be forth coming as gifts to you, given with a note of loving humor.   A bit of tongue in cheek in that choice of words.  Opportunities the better… Look at these from the Spirit.  Look at these not from the temporal.  From that which is being used as the instrument for the discovery, for the awakening, for the contribution, for the service, as in past, referring to this life, this physical body and this journey.  But see these things from an attitude of lightness and joy knowing this is one step on the pathway and the journey that has been chosen as a service to and with those other children of God who are upon that same journey.”

“You have on several occasions been present when the Master was about those works as indicated.  In those times, even in the confrontation of what could be called non-accomplishment, failure.  There was not the disappointment but rather wonder and lightness at finding that this path did not function the way it was anticipated.  It was considered a discovery, an enlightenment, and something to build upon, not held personally or emotionally.  For so doing greatly limits self and prevents the expression of that joy which is the nature of your spirit, and of course, your soul.”

“Never judge self by the outcome in the Earth.  For the Earth is not always respectful of the spirit and love of those striving to serve.  The return of the love and joy of service comes from within self, from the wellspring within and from that Light that cometh to thee as you give these on the part of those whom are served and those you encounter.  Be cautious not to judge your own creations where this is in word, deed, or a literal creative work based upon the actions or reactions or the non-reactions of others and disappointments in the past.  What could be called betrayal is merely a discovery.  It is not intended to be a burden.  See?  Be lighthearted with self and the same with life.  See life as a wondrous opportunity for discovery.”

After years of being the sole caretaker of my father, I experienced knee swelling and pain.  Here is what Lama Sing said about this.  “In the sense of the overview of such an outcropping in the physical body or the condition called dis-ease or a lack of ease, it is often that the body has been harshly judged.  That is to imply ‘self’ as the body.  So the physical does tend to constrict often in those areas as of the knees, the hips, ankles and such as this.  It may seem curious but there is a connection between the mobility of self when self has judged strongly, harshly or there has been a disappointment with actions in the past.  See?  Look at this from that light and you will see that there is a sort of a subliminal desire to impede the mobility, the locomotive potential to avoid other potential similar experiences.  It may seem curious but if you give it thought, you can understand how the subconscious can associate those emotional energies to one’s movement, one’s action.  See?”

“We would certainly include in the body some of the licorice root tea, the camomile tea.  For this tends to stimulate some of the lactation that is needed in this body.  That isn’t necessarily appropriate for all bodies, but this body.  It would aide in some combustion of drosses, accumulations that can cause swelling and irritation here in the mobility of the joint itself, in the lactation of the lymphatic.  We might often consider soaking these with an herbal potent such as using the eucalyptus, Mentholatum,  and such as these.  You can make an herbal pack around the knee.  And always prepare this moderately not on the topical layer of the pack, but more so on the inner  second or third layer.  And then apply an outer, moist hot pack on that inner packing.  Leave in place 20 min. or so and then remove.  Particularly the first several times and perhaps remove this even after 10 min. or if there is too much reaction from the penetrating qualities of this.   Then, carefully wash this with a mild Castillo soap and then rinse finally with a neutralizing baking soda solution.  And carefully dry this.  Not to rub it too much.”

“The manipulation of the feet in the area in the juncture between the great toe and the second from it is helpful.  These areas here of the joints have a conjunctivity in the neurological system that largely transits the area in the legs that are reacting here. Not so much in the fluidic system but in the neurological that can cause constrictions to the musculature that in turn blocks the secretion somewhat more than desired here.  Lots of soaks, hydro-therapeutic soaks and such are very good for the body.  Massaging the entirety of the toes and feet would help the body overall.  This stimulates all of the lymphatic system and the glandular.  We might take some mullein type tea here and there, also, for it’s good for the neurological.”

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