2009 Lama Sing Personal Reading Excerpts

After having followed Lama Sing’s wisdom for years and having gotten a personal reading in 2008, I decided to follow up that reading with more questions.

Lama Sing began with this prayer, “In the embrace of light, Father, do we feel You.  In the embrace of darkness do we feel You.  In all things, Father, do we find that You are here and Your spirit calling to us to seek out, to know, and to ever be joyful in the journey.  So is it, then, our prayer herein that this may be indeed, a joyful journey for that one who is seeking.  We give thanks unto these, our Channel and his mate, for their continued dedication and service in our good Father’s name.  And so now we come to join the Master as He offers a prayer for all those who have lost their way and those who know not to ask.”

Lama Sing begins with this advise without my asking …   “As one journeys through the experience called life upon Earth, there are ever those opportunities and turnabouts wherein one can peer this way and that and look to the right and left.  And as one might do such an action, the evaluation of one’s journey to that point and the (quote), “options to be considered thereafter,” (end quote) are often  those which require some reference point from the spirit within.  And in order to so do, to quiet self and to bring about that oneness with God where from the sense of certainty, the sense of inspiration can be that which provides the final bit of assurance that the decision, as you know it, is the best of all.  This is not true just in the large and eventful decisions as are known in the Earth, but oft times in day-to-day living.  It is very good to look about and see that here, to the right and left, there are those forces which seek to perpetuate themselves, and not to the nature of your well-being one whit.”

“And therefore, there is that to be considered:  Whenever there is this or that which calls to thee, be certain you first check that place within self where you know the greatest wisdom can be found — and that is the spirit of God within you.”

I asked, “Please tell me an example of the actual words that Jesus spoke to me to help me spiritually in that lifetime (as an abandoned child who was brought to live with the Essenes.)”

“Of these there were a number, some not directly to self but to self and others. But we understand your question.  A moment, please.”

Come forth, sweet child, out of the darkness and into the light of the true life.  We shall call you Delia, and thereof you shall be blessed to have many friends and a great family.  Ever seek from these as you would seek from within self and return this several fold over each time you are given a gift, to the best of your ability.

“In those words, ‘Be thou of good truth, sweet child, and come, walk with I and the others, and we shall show you the Pathway to our Father.’

What were some experiences or lessons that I enjoyed or learned while interacting with the Master?

“There was the teaching of the Law of Right Thinking and the right action, which is as can be ascertained the mainstay of that Law, which is of the One.  And here there was the guidance to know the methods of following the Law when in distant lands.  How to discern these and how to find one’s way in the midst of that which calls to the right and left.”

“There were also given to many others who were as such blessed to be gathered by the peoples and in the presence of the Master and many other great teachers, including the languages and some of the arts of perception and of, as could be called potents and such as this… the medicines.  See?”

What were the major reasons for my being born on August 7, 1946, rather than other dates that year?  What traits were given to me by having that birth date?

“These are not chosen by the casting of lots, see (humor intended) but rather, though great care and consideration and by the discussion as it were… not so much in word, but be the interaction of the souls involved to determine: when is a possible and is this opportunity the best, and such as this.  It is not always chosen in the specific sense as one would chose a pathway, but rather, that which feels in harmony with the intents and purposes of your spirit’s choices and intentions.  This was chosen in order to bring you into the Earth at a time when your spirit could align with the energies that were beginning to awaken, and those that would become familiar again as those preparing to open the Consciousness and to begin the process of preparing the Way.”

“Many others entered in and about these approximate times and these souls are known to you, and some of them you have already gained knowledge of.  It is to provide the breath and depth of energies and experiences in terms of the astrological that can provide a background and corner stone for the strength and needs, and also the delicacy as was indicated just above by your companion (a spirit guide that Lama Sing mentioned earlier).”

“In other words, that you could be a part of the work that is awakening and that your entry point provides a reference to complete the mosaic of energies that are a part of opening the Way.”

My golden retriever, Sundance, was recently euthanized.  Please tell me about his soul.  What happened to him after his soul passed from his body?  What is he doing now?  Is he aware of our time together, my love, and my now difficulty with missing his companionship?  Had Sundance and I known each other before?  Will we ever meet again in the afterlife?

“In the passing of this beautiful creature from the expression in physical body, there was the movement into the embrace of the light and warmth of the group consciousness from which he came or group soul, such as is the place of (as you would call it) the eternal consciousness.”

“Just so then is he freed from that which is of any limitation, not like that which is of the children of God.  These are the blessings of God, and such have no need for time to balance (movement to the Hospital Realm or any such as this) but rather, move into the light and warmth and embrace of that such as his mother and the original assembly or litter (we believe you call this) and such as this, to be embraced and to be held in the warmth and the joy and bounding experiences of oneness.”

“Thereafter, his energy, his expression follows you.  It has followed you in the past and has been with you on several occasions, not always in the canine form but several times as such, for that is seen as your favorite.  See?”

Will we meet again in the afterlife?

“Yes.  We are told yes.  And yes, you will recognize him.  He will take that form so that you do.”

Will I be able to sell my house and find a new home in Gainesville, Florida that is best suited for me within this 2009 year?

“The probability does not appear, as you would call it, of a high percentile.  However, it is well to ever recall that the power within your being is the power of the spirit of God.  As you build that thought form and see yourself in a different locale and see another coming to find your abode, and do so with peace and joy and abundance and build this, say for the cycle of he moon, a 28-day period, and do it with some deliberateness but not ceremoniously, and hold the thought repeatedly here and there (not too often, four or five times a day, if possible, but at least twice, see, beginning and conclusion of the day).”

“And once you have reached the 28th day, express your gratitude to the universe, your gratitude to the one who will seek your abode and so on and so forth.  And then release it with joy unto God and those who are in service to He.  Only periodically, include in your prayers perhaps once daily a blessing for those or that one who will acquire your home that they will find it to be of good stead and joyful for them.”

“This is a part of the expression of the Law of Just Intent, and the Law of Righteousness.  It is good to remember the Course, see. (Lama Sing’s “Course in Oneness”)  Express gratitude.  Remember seeing.  Remember your faith.  (All are chapters in the Course.)  It is not so much so that you create anything beyond that which is your unique spirit.  It is rather that you claim the full potential of same in so doing.  See?”

“As you do this, look to the land and to your abode and see it with love and compassion and see the beauty.  And hold this, and bring to the place and sense of joy and gladness.  Remember the hope you had for it.  Build that hope and surround it with your love and the beauty that is truly here.  It is merely that you have made a turn, one of those plateaus we spoke of.  But here there must be the bringing forth of your own recognition of its beauty.   And bring to it a gift here and there, whether it be a little what not to brighten it or a flower or plant, something, see, to show it that you have love for it, and that you intend to bring to it one who will equally love it.”

“We would do this first and then we would allow the completion of this earth year to assess it.  You could, of course, take journeys there.  But to invest, in a sense of duality, may be indeed putting some burden on yourself.  And the question then will be how can you impart the energy to your current abode that will be sampled, will be felt, by one who comes to view it?  Do you see?  You want them to feel the love, to feel the sweetness, and to know that joy here is offered to them.  Do not act too quickly.  See?”

I did all of those suggestions given by Lama Sing and my house sold in 2009.  I rented a year in Gainesville, while looking for my next house.  I happily bought my current Gainesville home in 2011.


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