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“Sky Nelson-Isaacs is a theoretical physicist, musician and author. His latest book, Living in Flow, explores the topic of how the choices we make can affect our experience of this sense of synchronicity in our lives. He dives deep into the world of quantum mechanics but offers some practical and useful tools for learning how to invite more flow into our lives.

Nelson-Isaacs sees flow and synchronicity as “mutually dependent. In short, when we align with circumstance, circumstance aligns with us.” He describes a set of steps he calls the LORRAX process as a way to cultivate flow in our lives.

  • Listen. The way he describes listening is very similar to mindfulness, where we are present with and aware of what is happening in the moment.
  • Open. We are often presented with opportunities that don’t match our expectation. By remaining open to many possibilities, we allow for unexpected outcomes.
  • Reflect. We can look at a situation and how it could be a unique unfolding for us.
  • Release. We are often attached to what we want to happen. According to Nelson-Isaacs, it is important to release this and surrender to what is actually happening.

  • Act. When we act, we are asserting our will. When we act after completing the first four steps, we are taking conscious action.

Repeat. This step reminds us that the process is ongoing in our lives, and that sometimes it happens in small moments, and sometimes over a longer time frame. The more we practice the entire process, the more we are able to fine-tune it.

The choices we make in our lives are always leading us toward something. Nelson-Isaacs calls it building “symbolic momentum.” When we keep in mind the bigger picture of where we want to go, and make small choices based on the process described above, we enlist ‘providence,’ which can help us feel that we have the wind of the world helping to fill our sails.”

Kalia Kelmenson.

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