Lifeprint Review

“The Lifeprint is a soul’s file in the Akashic records.  It is the complete accounting of a soul’s lifetime thoughts, feelings, actions and their consequences.

After the soul has recovered stability from the th-35previous lifetime and is nourished spiritually and psychically, it is completely aware of its cumulative soul.  It is this cumulative soul, with its collective wisdom and knowledge and spiritual growth of all personage lifetimes, that reviews the lifeprint.  The reviewing process it felt exactly as those feelings were experienced by his every action.  So you can see that it is quite an experience!

The cumulative soul’s judgment of its previous lifetime is the ONLY judgment of it.  You have heard that only God is your judge and you also have heard that even God does not judge. Either way, this refers to the lifeprint review.  Because we all are fragments of God and therefore inextricably connected, it is accurate to say that only God, in each personage, judges.  And it is just as accurate to say that He doesn’t judge at all, because only the cumulative soul whose last personage lifetime is under review judges it.

In this intimate review, the soul evaluates how well it learned the lessons presented during the previous lifetime.  A lax assessment of which lessons were thoroughly learned and which were not may be addressed by the Council or other highly evolved beings whose recommendations are meant to assist that soul’s preparation for the next incarnation.  The lifeprint review also identifies lessons remaining, thus enabling the soul to choose those it wishes to experience in its next lifetime.  This entails examining karmic connections and selecting a family to be born into for the genetic and beginning environmental influences.”

“Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven,” p. 176-7, A Matthew Book with Suzanne Ward



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