Abraham On Sex

“The hypocrisy around the subject of sexuality is huge. Early on, there were others who were a lot more interested in you satisfying what made them feel good than in satisfying what made you feel good.

There is sex inside the vortex and there is sex outside the vortex.  A lot of sex is needy.  A lot of sex is controlling.  A lot of sex is demanded.  A lot of sex is perfunctory.  A lot of sex is habitual.  It’s teenage sex you want!  It’s in the vortex.  You aren’t held in that deprivation experience any more. The freer absence of thought comes as non-resistance. When two people are simply focused on the same intention at the same time, they don’t clutter up sex. Great sex comes with the alignment and inclination that comes from expecting non-resistant, positive experiences!

When you feel negative emotion, it always means that the way you are approaching a subject is very different from the way the Source within you feels about it.  And when you feel wonderful, it means that the way you are thinking about a subject is in alignment with what Source feels about it.

But when you look at all the rules and punishments and taboos and regulations and biases and criticism that follows the subject of sexuality, it is very rare to find a healthy minded person that’s thinking about sexuality.  Look at Napolean Hill’s book called, “Think and Grow Rich,” and read the chapter on “Sexual Transmutation” for good help with this.  As you rendezvous with someone new, you are fresher in your appreciation of them.  Rather than focus on bills and distractions, instead focus on the singular idea of “pleasure for me and pleasure for you.”

Abraham-Hicks, 2/21/04

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After thirty years of teaching Inner City, Special Education students and forty-five years of metaphysical studies, I have decided to share my life's philosophical understandings on this wonderful website. For me, everything in my life has been a spiritual experience from being raised in an alcoholic household, to marriage and teaching, and finally caring for an Alzheimer parent. I have sought at least fifteen, personal psychic readings to try and assist me as a wife, teacher and caretaker. I want to share the wisdom that I have gained from following the valuable spiritual guidance from my inner knowing and from heeding the advise of channeled answers from trusted psychics. At almost 70 years old, I am writing, traveling and enjoying retirement in Florida.

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