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“Your automatic creative mechanism is teleological (having a purpose or directive principle).  That is, it operates in terms of goals and end results. Once you give it a definite goal to achieve you can depend upon its automatic guidance-system to take you to that goal much better than ‘you’ ever could by conscious thought.

‘You’ supply the goal by thinking in

terms of end results.  Your automatic mechanism then supplies ‘the means whereby.’

If your muscles need to perform some motion to bring about the end result, your automatic mechanism will guide them much more accurately and delicately than you could by ‘taking thought.’  If you need ideas, your automatic mechanism will supply them.

But to accomplish this– ‘You’ must supply the goal. And to supply a goal capable of activating your creative

mechanism, you must think

of the end result

in terms of a  present possibility. 

The possibility of the goal must be seen so clearly that it becomes ‘real’ to your brain and nervous system.

So real, in fact, that the same feelings are evoked as would be present if the goal were already achieved. “

PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS, Maxwell Maltz, M.D., p. 223

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After thirty years of teaching Inner City, Special Education students and forty-five years of metaphysical studies, I have decided to share my life's philosophical understandings on this wonderful website. For me, everything in my life has been a spiritual experience from being raised in an alcoholic household, to marriage and teaching, and finally caring for an Alzheimer parent. I have sought at least fifteen, personal psychic readings to try and assist me as a wife, teacher and caretaker. I want to share the wisdom that I have gained from following the valuable spiritual guidance from my inner knowing and from heeding the advise of channeled answers from trusted psychics. At almost 70 years old, I am writing, traveling and enjoying retirement in Florida.

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