Suzanne Giesemann’s January 15, 2017 Channeling


January 15, 2017

Special Sessions with Sanaya

Unity Spiritual Center, Fruitland Park, FL –  Defining our soul- defining love – the world in pain – people who get in our face – the veil – meditation – purgatory or limbo – symbols for readings – lives as multiple tracks on a CD. CLICK HERE for the recording and transcript of the Special Session with Sanaya held at Unity Spiritual Center in Fruitland Park, FL on January 15.  You will find wisdom to deal with those who “get in your face”, learn more about your soul, and a new definition of love.  You will hear Sanaya’s answers to such questions as: “What is the veil?”  and “Is there a purgatory or limbo?”

Attendees: Good evening.
Sanaya:Yes, it is quite true that we have been preparing this one for quite a while to speak with you this evening, but it is a case of this one having to surrender the identification of the human side to join us at our level. You realize that when you connect with higher consciousness, you do not go anywhere. So many of you speak of your out-of-body experiences, and if you do not have the experience of leaving the body and looking down upon the body, you do not feel as if you have had a good enough experience.
We wish to tell you that there is nowhere to go, no geographical place to visit when you experience higher consciousness; that is what it is exactly: an experience, an expanded state. And yes, it does require releasing the program
ming, the programming of the human that says, “But what if? What if I do not return? What if I have an experience that frightens me?”
(There are) so many of your “what-ifs” and all of them born in fear. Well, if you can get past those “what-ifs,” push past gently, gently the fears, why, then,
you would come to that place, that state of awareness that you need not fear anything at all. It is not a place but a state of joy, of peace, of strength, of courage, all of those essential qualities of which we speak whenever we gather, those essential qualities of the soul.
You are always a soul. You are souls here and now wearing this physical costume, and it is that very costume which gets in the way of your awareness of who you are. You are a beautiful light, and it is the fears that dim that light. So with intention and knowing, set in your mind the awareness that the only
thing you need fear is fear itself, and therefore, since it is you creating those fears, you can put them aside.
You put them aside. You state affirmatively, “I am always safe and protected, for I am the Light.” And in saying this, you raise your vibration and ascend to the higher realms in awareness. If you like to visualize a ghost-like figure rising above the body and this works to take you to that expanded state, by all means do so, but you are traveling no farther than you travel in your dreams at night.
You are playing at night. Your soul is creating just as it will do when you get to that state you call “Heaven”–not a place but a state of awareness. It is here now. This is why we say “Heaven is where you are,” but many of you would look about you, would examine your human stories, and would say this is far from Heaven, there is too much suffering going on here, this cannot possibly be heaven. And yet, with the simplest of shifts of awareness, you would feel it as Heaven, for now it is far easier for you to make that shift–in the silence, in the state, a meditative state when you push aside the costume, the fears, and enter into communion with your own higher self.
It is always there. It is you. And it is directly connected to All That Is, for Light is Light is Light, and the soul is a soul is a soul. Whether or not it is in a physical body, whether or not the body has returned to dust, the soul exists. The soul is, and it is energy, it is consciousness, it is the energy of love.
And yes, of course we are going to speak of love this evening. We would like to give you a new definition of love, and it is divine love of which we speak of course, that unconditional love which all seek, all seek, not realizing it is already there. It is already you. You cannot be separated from it for love is the energy of which you are made.
Therefore, we wish you to picture this evening, and henceforth, love as the connective tissue which binds you all, and therefore, love is when you make a connection with another soul, with another creature, with yourself.

That connection is an awareness that there is no separation. When you come into this awareness of that connection, through that connection, what is it that you experience? It is love. This may seem quite obvious to many of you. “Why are they speaking of this this evening? I know what love is, and I know love when I feel it.” But we wish you to know that it is that connection, yes, but you feel love for you are awakening and remembering that there is no separation, that love is your very essence, that love is the Light, that love is God, Spirit, All that Is.

 That is why beauty brings about in you an opening of the heart. Seeing a beautiful setting, the sunset, the sunrise, you call to another to share a beautiful sight. You pull out your telephones now to take photos of sights so that you can remember. Why is this important to you? For these sights open the heart,
sparking a remembrance within of what love is.
You look upon a beautiful mountain, and you say “Beautiful mountain,” whereas within you the soul is saying “There is love.” The connection is made through the memories, through the consciousness. It is the consciousness itself which is love. All beauty stirs it within you to say to you “And I AM That.”  You are here in human form to remember that: “I am love embodied.”

And now that we have given you the synonyms for love, you know that you are Spirit embodied, Light embodied. The Christ Light shines within you. The meaning of this you realize: “I AM the Light.”  The more you remember it and the more you state to yourself “I am the Light, I am Love,” why then the light turns up and radiates outward. But it is not seen as light by others. Perhaps some of you this evening are seeing the light, but it is Love.

 That is what you see in one who knows they are one with God. You see the light within them, but to you it speaks of love, and you are attracted to it for that connection is always there, and you feel it, and the spark ignites within your heart.
Again, these words are obvious, but we are trying to state them in a way that speaks to your heart. You can feel it there now, and you will know that our words carry the frequency of Divine Love. All words carry love, for love is all there is, but there are quite a few vibrations that are farther and farther and farther from the awareness of this.
This one was involved in a discussion recently about what an angry world you are living in now, and this was shown to this couple — the husband of this one
(Ty and Suzanne) — as they were riding their bicycles recently when a confrontation almost took place, but happily it did not, for higher vibration
prevailed, common sense prevailed. There was one of a lower spirit trying to incite an argument.
Do you know that when this happens, that other is not seeking an argument? This may seem contrary to you, but when someone is in your face, what they are most desperately seeking is love. But they are so far from realizing this that they do not know it, and their desperation comes out as anger.
If you could turn their words around, their expletive-deleted words, you would see within them a cry for help. But the humans do not feel this. And so it is wise to not respond by throwing oil on the fire, but, instead, if you cannot give love, then do what was done that day and say nothing.  When you have a chance to think about it for a while, it does do some good to send love to that one who smited you. It does make a difference. For that one who curses and shouts and i
s so angry is in far more pain than most realize.
Many in your world are in pain. Why is this? For their connection is not obvious to them. It is they who have walled off the heart. The connection cannot be severed here as well for love is all that is–we return to this theme–but those who have been hurt in the past, as a self-protective measure, cut off that
connection themselves; they bring the light in and wall it off and, in so doing, have then hurt themselves.
If you can see others who act out in this way, at least you have understanding. It does not mean that you tolerate infantile behavior – that is not necessary – but yes, understanding leads to compassion, and ultimately that is what will heal your world. Heal thyself first by recognizing any walls that you have
erected out of pain caused by others and knock them down. It is the connection you seek. That connection with others rekindles within you the light, and then you can find the love within you and begin there.
 It is beginning to sound like a lecture, and so we will move on to questions of any topic other than love if you wish, any metaphysical topic. How can we help you this evening? Is there a question?
Attendee: Sanaya, what exactly is the veil? Do we each have our own personal veil? Does it serve purposes other than just screening us from Spirit?
Sanaya: The veil is not a physical thing, Sir, but, again, an energetic blockage. What, again, is the veil was the question. What is the veil, do we each have one, the gentleman has asked. It is personal to each person. For this one, the channel, the veil is quite thin, for we do chatter in her ear at all times. And
through intention you can lessen the veil between yourself and your guides.
To those who carry around many wounds, the veil is that wall; do you understand? It is a perfect question that you have asked this evening.
And yet your planet has a veil around it put there deliberately so that you can experience this state of amnesia and enjoy your lessons in Earth school. But this veil is becoming thinner and thinner as humanity as a whole raises their consciousness. And we have spoken quite often in the past of the light
that all of you as a group put off and how each one of you makes a difference individually as you turn up your light, your love. As you do that, the entire planet glows brighter, and the veil is thinner.
We hope you have – we have answered your question. Is there another?
Attendee: Sanaya, recently a respected member of the metaphysical community said we should not meditate more than 15 minutes a day. What are your
thoughts on this?
Sanaya: You know our thoughts, our friend, that we do not adhere to the use of the word “should” – (Laughter) for shoulds are rules, and do you not have enough rules in your life? We always advise you to follow your heart, even in regards to our advice. If the advice to only meditate 15 minutes speaks to
you more than what we are about to say to you, then follow your heart.
You are each your own guru; you understand that. But there are no shoulds. Some of you can have no time in meditation and yet walk in nature, allowing the beauty around you to raise your consciousness and connect you with the
Love that you are. Is that not the point of meditation, to raise your awareness,
to thin the veil, to remember who you are?
The by-products of this practice, of course, are stress relief, greater peace, and greater awareness of who you are. So by all means, commence a practice, a spiritual practice of sitting in the silence, walking in nature, whatever you wish to call meditation. But time is a human construct. When you get into the flow of the meditative state, time ceases in any case, does it not? And can you imagine then, if you have set a timer for 15 minutes and you are communing with the highest possible consciousness, with God of your understanding, and your timer goes off …(Laughter) What a shame. And so, we ask you to try various methods. Try the timer, indeed, if you find that you fall asleep at 16 minutes every time that you sit. Do what works for you for each one is different, and (unintelligible).
Is there another question?

Attendee: Is there a purgatory or limbo?

 Sanaya: If you believe it is so, you will create it. Many human beings have created this, but we wish to tell you that the true understanding of this that most humans have is not what you will encounter.
There are those souls who cross the veil upon the physical body
disintegrating—the transition you call death—yet they do not want to go to the light, and so, as you would understand it, they hang around a bit. Is this purgatory? It is by their own choice.  Understand us well in this. They may need merely look towards the light. They are already there. It is a shift in awareness. But none are held in a state due to a lack of belief in this or that. Trust us on that.
All are welcomed to the light, even those who have made grave mistakes. However, due to the life review and seeing the effects of one’s actions, there are varying levels of allowance of experiencing the light on the other side. So this would be your understanding of hell, but it is not a place, but a state of
awareness, a full awareness of the effects of one’s actions and a very strong desire to climb out of that state. But as for a state of limbo, only what you create in your mind. Is there another question?
(Pause, when no questions are asked)
The most important point for all of you–and we are reminding this one of the two sides of the coin–is that you are both human and spirit … both …not either/or, and so, which side you identify with in any moment determines your peace, your peace.
Are you out of sorts? Are you knocked off balance? Why, then, you are most likely identifying fully with your human story. To find peace you need merely make a shift in awareness; it is there already.Just as we were speaking of love, peace is one of your essential qualities.
We thank you for joining us this evening. We will give you a chance to ask yet another or two questions. We feel that there is one here afraid to raise the hand, afraid of what others would think, and what did we start this evening saying? Have no fear. We are here for you are very much loved. You are safe, and no one will think the less of you. So raise that hand.
(There was, in fact, a gentleman present with a list of questions written out. He had already asked one and was hesitant to ask more).
Attendee: Do all new mediums need to develop their own symbols, or would it be possible to have like a dictionary to make it easier for new mediums?
Sanaya: We would tell you that “need to” is in the dictionary directly opposite “should.” (Loud laughter)
There are no “need to’s,” no “shoulds.” The symbols,Sir, come quite naturally to any who connect with the other side, and they are unique to each individual. You all may find it quite interesting that spirits on the other side must work through the consciousness of the medium–and all of you are mediums when you communicate with your loved ones on the other side, merely one who can connect across the veil.
And so, imagine that you have a loved one who is trying to communicate with you through a medium and you have a private joke that involves–oh, we must give an example to this one, so we are showing her a beetle, a beetle–but if this one has never had an experience with that particular scarab, then we would have to show her a spider, and it would appear to her not as a beetle but a spider.
You must use the consciousness, the memories of the medium, and so it may do you no good to go through an actual dictionary of symbols when spirit is quite aware of the consciousness of the medium they are working through, and they will use symbols recognizable to that particular medium to get their point through to the loved one. Do you understand us, all of you, what we are saying?
Your consciousness, you would understand it as “you wear it on your sleeve,”
but we see it in your auric field: all of your memories, contained as vibration. We recognize each vibration.“  Ah, yes, (those in spirit would realize) there is vibration of a dog. This one had a Great Dane as a child”–we are using an
example; it is not quite true (that) this one had the Great Dane —“and so we will create that vibration to get this one to speak of dog and yet, because it is quite active in this auric field.”
If we in the spirit world wish to speak through another medium, we can see in
her field that she had quite a different dog, what you would understand as a Yorkshire Terrier, and so to get to generic term of dog, we would not show that one a Great Dane, we would choose a vibration that is quite obviously in her field, showing her a picture that she sees quite often to get to “dog,” and then from that point, the medium would take the basic image of “dog” and open it up to see more specifics.
So each one has their own so-called library of symbols which develops; the more one gives a reading, the more those in spirit can add to that so-called dictionary. And so, simply work with your guides, work with the spirit world, and each time you are shown a new symbol, you can say what this one says:
“That’s a good one. Give me that one again in the future.”
It is a cooperation with those on the other side. They do enjoy working with you. It is a two-way street.
Is there one more question?
Attendee: Is it possible to live a dual life in different dimensions and, if so, how does the soul split?
Sanaya: Ah, we return to this. Again and again we tell you that the soul is not all or nothing. The soul is amorphous spirit. The soul is love, part of the greater and greater and greater aspects of light. Can you divide up light? This is an
illusion. The soul recreates itself and is doing so now in multiple incarnations. We have told you in the past to picture your ongoing lives in multiple realities, multiple dimensions, multiple forms as tracks on a CD–not linear, but all at once. You have chosen track 3 for this life, an example; do you understand?
Attendee: Yes.
Sanaya: And so, all ongoing. But the human mind cannot grasp this, so pay attention to this life here.  Learn the lessons from it, and when you pass from this lifetime and join your greater soul, which is love, all will be clear, and you will understand why you puzzled so much.
Trust us: You are given what you are able to handle. There are those who have been shown what lies beyond the veil. The veil has parted so much that they have been labeled “insane.” Do you understand?
Attendee: Yes.
Sanaya: There are many who, in our word, who are not insane; they have just opened the doors of perception wider than most. This brain is a reducing valve for a reason, keeping you level-headed so that you can remain focused here; but through intention you can open those doors safely so that you can learn…so that you do not think you are losing your mind.
There is so much more that the human mind could not handle.  Be satisfied enough to simply learn to love each other. We bid you good night.






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