10 Ways to Accomplish Your Soul’s Purpose – Mike Dooley and Tracy Farquhar

1. Listen to Your Intuition, or Inner Voice.
This voice is the direct line of communication to your higher self, or your soul self, which holds the knowledge about who you really are and why you are here… Your intuition will be the voice of your inner passions, desires, and gifts… Learning to pay attention to this inner voice is one of the best ways to discern your purpose, allow yourself to be guided by your inner longings, and give yourself permission to feel whatever it is that you need to feel.

2. Embrace and Honor Your Talents and Gifts.
If you don’t believe you have any, go back to your childhood. What did you love to do? What absorbed your attention and kept you occupied for hours on end?… Do you feel the need to fit the cultural conditioning that states that only those talents and gifts that can earn money or land you long-term employment are worthy of expression?

3. Find the Lessons and Gifts in All Experiences.
In order to truly embrace the path that you have chosen for this incarnation, it is important that you understand that each and every day offers gifts of learning, growth, and evolution… If you are, at any time, feeling an urge to make a change or find a higher path, listen to the urge and investigate the implications of it. Often the universe will create a sense of disquietude or dissatisfaction in your present position so that you are motivated to continue forward.

4. Write and/or Journal.
Expressing your innermost feelings, thoughts, and desires in a diary or journal is an excellent way to get better in touch with your true authentic self and to understand where some of these seemingly unusual urges are originating… We suggest that you write down your dreams, hopes, and desires, along with your greatest attributes, skills, and talents. See if you can read your entries back in a sort of detached way… What type of self-expression would be best for this person?

5. Be Gentle with Yourself.
See mistakes and so-called wrong turns simply as ways to address what brought you to that place… This is the journey you envisioned at the time you decided to map out your present incarnation; the desire for things to be easy and to avoid missteps comes from misplaced expectations about what your life is meant to be. Allow yourself to fall, but be vigilant in seeing the value in what you deem to be failure, as this is where you will truly grow and ascend, should you allow it.

6. Avoid Comparison.
As you navigate the constantly changing tides of your journey, it will often appear to you that others have it easier, or that they are better at steering their ships. Understand that this is often a fallacy… Your influence on others is not limited to those times of great success; in fact, it is in those times of rising above what you deem as failure that you most inspire those around you. Setting standards or expectations based on what you think others are doing is greatly limiting your own experience, and only believing what you see is limiting the depth of your vision.

7. Have Fun.
While there is a serious nature to the work of being an incarnated being in the physical world, we would like to challenge the notion that those activities that are purely playful or simply for the pure pleasure of the individual are trivial, unimportant, or unnecessary… These experiences are not only gifts to you, they are designed to create a collective consciousness of gratitude and value to this incarnate experience that is so much greater than any of the challenges also inherent in it…

8. Do Not Follow the Beaten Path.
Even if your life’s trajectory takes you on a somewhat traditional path of education and career, find ways to be an innovator, to stretch boundaries, and challenge well-worn systems… push past the fear of judgment, as this is where the true innovators, inventors, radical thinkers, and spiritual leaders have been leading the way to an advancement of culture, science, and social systems…

9. Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for Help.
While it is true that your life’s journey is an individual one, the idea of a collective consciousness dictates the need for cooperative acts of creation… Find those with whom you most resonate energetically, and you will find the power of that collective force to be one that can create without limitations.

10. Ensure That Love Is Part of All You Do.
Every act that has the energy of love brought into it is strengthened, enhanced, and made divine in all its aspects… There is no limit to the ways that this love can be expressed in your world; experiment with new ways to expand and deliver this love in all reaches of your energy’s scope, as this is what is at the core of your being and the heart of your existence in all its forms.

This article is an excerpt from the new channeled book by Mike Dooley and Tracy Farquhar, From Deep Space with Love – See more at: http://www.tut.com/article/details/465-10-ways-to-accomplish-your-souls-purpose/?articleId=465#sthash.7yhrdCNd.dpuf






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