The Beatitudes, A Commentary by Lama Sing & Al Miner

Editor’s Note:  Here is a favorite quote from this beloved reading …

It is very important that each entity in the Earth plane considers themselves in the nature that the Master has, that they look to themselves as already perfect, and consider life a means by which they can express this perfection and nothing more. It is a glorious honor, a blessing, a privilege, to be in the Earth; and it is a wondrous opportunity to become aware of what you already are.

The Beatitudes A Commentary by Lama Sing TM & Al Miner
Jesus and the Bible Series
Given January 15, 1980

CONDUCTOR: This is a request for a topical research reading on The Beatitudes.

LAMA SING: As we commence in this work, let us first, dear friends, gather together across your land and offer this prayer unto the Father:
Eternal Father, guide us now in this day, in this time, in this consciousness, that we shall ever feel and live this lifetime in accord with the teachings the Master, The Christ, has given to us for eternity. And as, Eternal Father-Mother-God, we commence in this discussion and as we move just a whit closer to the Master, let us ever remember and hold the love and the warmth of His presence in the forefront of our consciousness. For this blessed opportunity and for these joys, Father, we are filled to exception with joy. Amen.

CONDUCTOR: Amen. We will be discussing at this time, Lama Sing, St. Matthew, Chapter 5, and the Beatitudes as written there. Would you like to describe at this time what is about you before I read?

LAMA SING: Very well. It is a warm, pleasant surrounding. There are hills, even mountains, about, and the peoples are moving from all directions and gathering. Here there is a gentle valley which slopes slightly upwards to a mount. There is the ever-changing hue of the green and slightly bluish tint to the grasses dotted with wild flowers. And behind, as we turn, we can see the sea as it stretches out to touch and to hold the horizon. The sounds, the odors, of the water carry upon a gentle, perfumed breeze. Each individual flower seems to radiate its colors and burst them forth in a symphony of radiant, loving color. There are entities before us of every age, every manner, and from many different lands.

There are among this multitude hundreds whom this day have received blessings from the Master, The Christ. There is an air of joyous expectation. And as we turn our gaze to the summit, the mount, a beautiful blue sky comes into our focus, quite abundantly filled with immense, billowing white clouds, and through the clouds, patches of blue can be perceived. And a cloud begins to enlighten with golds, yellows, reds, and it parts as though a bursting beam of light from the sun or from the heavens has struggled to reach forth and touch the Master upon the mount.

There we can see, as well, that He has chosen a spot to rest wherein a shepherd has a small flock, and several of the lambs of the flock have come to rest at His feet. And there the dove, which ever seems to follow the Master, seems to appear in the beam of sunlight and float downwards to rest upon His shoulder. And those whom follow with the Master are gathered near at hand. They are among the grouping, and those whom the Master has sent forth to many lands are, as well, gathered here now.

The Master has a wish to leave His virtue with each of thee. He has the love and the desire to give to thee that knowledge which thou might carry throughout eternity. And as the Father touches and unites with the Master, the Master begins to speak. And all whom are guided across the entire valley and upwards to the slopes of the gentle inclines, resting among the flowers and grasses, warm in the radiance which now seems to fill the entire area. Each one can see the Master clearly as though He were at hand’s breadth from them and can hear as He speaks as though they were at His side. There is a calm, a stillness. Yet there is a fragrance and, seemingly, the sound of life coming from every living thing which is present. The sound unites to become at one with the Master’s words as He speaks.

CONDUCTOR: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

LAMA SING: What manner of meaning is in these words that the Master has given? For surely it is not that He would ask thee that thou would be in want in any sense. Nor would He, by His nature, expect thee to decline the joys of the Father and the abundance of life in the Earth or any realm.

If thou art in spirit poor, there is the opening for an in-filling of His presence. If there is an intensity of self, if there is that which is called ego, then some might, through the eyes of Earth, see this as wealth or riches. So as, then, that their spirit is filled with illusion, that their desires, their goals, bind them to that which is temporal and of that illusion. Let yourselves (as do we, then) be open in spirit. Let there not be the presence of any abundance which is false. Let there be an ear to hear spiritually that which is eternally present.

Now dear friends, as we find it given, here is the Master’s message to you, “Brethren, claim for thyself the light within. Cast off that which would cloud this light. Cleanse, remove, purify; and let this, the vastness of thy presence within, receive the abundance which is eternal.” Spirit is that force which is eternal. Heaven is the description given for that which is achievement and oneness with God. If there be not a vessel, there can be no retention of the spirit. See?

CONDUCTOR: Lama Sing, please give me an example of being poor in spirit.

LAMA SING: A man might come to thee and make claims against thee, and these claims may be false. But if you recognize that the entity is struggling within himself, if you recognize that the entity has some image of himself which he must protect and which he must honor above all, then thee can accept his comments without affirming them, for thy spirit is pure, and the image within needs no illusion. It needs no nourishment from Earth, for it is pure from God. So it is that if your spirit is poor, it is also receptive. If your spirit is rich in those terms, it can be filled with the illusion of self, as the individual and as the temporal. See?

CONDUCTOR: The Beatitudes, Lama Sing, are very difficult for me to understand in many, many respects. and I feel they are for many. When it is stated again, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven,” it sounds as if when our spirits are poor, then we will inherit the kingdom of heaven.

LAMA SING: We understand. The word “poor” is extracted from the Greek, which was the translation. It does not mean impoverished. It does not mean destitute. It means, rather, open, receptive. The literal was, “Blessed are thou whom art receptive in spirit, for theirs is surely the kingdom of God; and therein shall the blessings of the eternal Spirit of the Father be found in abundance for all who might behold them.” That is the literal. See?

So it is the translation to the word “poor” which causes the difficulty. It should have been and was, “Blessed art those whom are receptive in spirit, that are open, that are receiving.” See?

CONDUCTOR: Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.

LAMA SING: If thou art capable of understanding light and darkness, if thou have experienced joy and sorrow, if there is the awareness within your consciousness of such things, then there can be the bringing forth of that presence through The Christ which lifts and provides strength.

To mourn is not to weep or lament because of a loss for self. But it is to reconsider and evaluate in comparison to thine own ideal and purposes in life and to weigh these and to review those things which have been perpetuated or done which are not in accord with your own wishes. Then by the action of mourning there is the release of guilt.

If you can forgive yourself, then you can recognize God’s presence. If you cannot examine yourself clearly and openly, then there is the tendency to hold self or bind self into the individual sense, and this tends to close or cloud and makes for a lack of ease. But if you can, with joy, release those emotions, those doubts, and those judgments from within self, then the Spirit of God therein will enter. See?

CONDUCTOR: Is there anything more, Lama Sing, that we should know about that Beatitude that I am overlooking at this time, perhaps?

LAMA SING: One who mourns is not one whom (by your literal translation) may necessarily be doing something good or bad; they are simply in mourning. Their reasons or causes for mourning might well be extremely varied. As an example, one whom knows that in past one of their brethren called out to them for assistance and, for reasons which were important to them at that time, denied this assistance to the entity, may have grievous cause to mourn. But would they mourn for the entity whom was in need, or would they be saddened in mourning because they had missed an opportunity to serve in the name of The Christ?

You see, it is not so that an entity should weep and thrash about but that the attitude within self should be one which has relegated opportunity, challenge, service, into its proper position within the consciousness. This is, as well, to eliminate frustration, to eliminate anger, to make self, as the newly furrowed field, receptive to those seeds. But if there is the retention of guilt, remorse, or hostility, then nothing can enter in. There cannot be that which is sown.
In your present Earth plane, to mourn is to ask, is to release what you call limitation. To mourn is to shed self of that which is false, to recognize that all of your experiences, be they good or bad by your judgment, are intended for growth. And then if they must, let your attitude of mourning be a joyful mourning, that thee should truly claim your right to be at one with God. See?

CONDUCTOR: Lama Sing, you stated in the example that perhaps someone would ask us for help, and at that particular time, or such, that we did not give that. And I believe also that this gives me a better understanding of what you’ve been trying to explain to me so many times, that we should wait for them to ask for that help and not volunteer because we feel they need help and thus interfere with their karmic, or, rather, their opportunity-for-growth pattern. Would you clarify that for me, please?

LAMA SING: This relates to the first Beatitude, as well, for if you are cleansed of spirit, if you are receptive of spirit, then you have an openness and you can hear. You can ask for the opportunity, and as an entity is observed in want, you can mourn for them. You can beseech the Father to send thee. You can plead lovingly and understandingly for Him to use thee as His vehicle of blessing. Then surely the Comforter shall be with thee and shall, through thee, do those works of His name.

It is well that one understands that life in the Earth plane is for the growth of each soul. There must be the asking before one gives. But as thou art asked, then give what thou have, be it a prayer, a loving grasp or embrace, or a service to their need. But do so only if it is in accord with thy spirit which is receptive. See?

CONDUCTOR: When they write, “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted,” Lama Sing, how does this comfort come? Is this a sense of peace and tranquility that one has in his life?

LAMA SING: Yes, and moreover, it is understanding. For as thee are in a state of review of self and as there are found those aspects of self which fall short of your goal, your objective, or that of your ideal, then thee must not hold these against self. And at that point (as you are in this state of review) the Spirit of God brings understanding. It is the Spirit of God which is the Comforter. See?

CONDUCTOR: Very well. Unless you have anything further, Lama Sing, we will continue.

LAMA SING: Proceed.

CONDUCTOR: Very well.  Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.

LAMA SING: If thee go forward in your life experience commanding this and that, and if thee make demands upon others and self, there is built a wall of great thickness and depth. This wall, then, contains a great strength of purpose and goal. It is not to say that this is either bad or good. It is to state that this is intense. So intense can this as a purpose or goal in life become that one’s vision spiritually and physically becomes obscured or narrowed.

One can tread upon the flowers in the field, in the meadow, or one can pause and touch them and admire them. Both entities will travel to a distant objective. One would be enriched by the experience, the other moves only with a haste born by desire of Earthly accomplishment.

‘Meekness’. This is a translated term which can be defined in many ways. The Earth is the symbol of achievement, the opportunity, the promise, and the goal. Those whom allow their spirit to be at rest, to be meek before the presence of God, to be in askance of His work, then so shall He give to these entities all His joyous works and the domain of the sphere of Earth in which to do them. It is as He promises, that the Earth is thine for His Children. But those whom seek with such a strength of illusion so as to cloud this gentleness, this compassion, and this receptivity will know not, then, to be present, for their goals and desires obscure that of the reality of God’s kingdom. See?

CONDUCTOR: It is very difficult to understand, Lama Sing, why these were written such as they were and hard to understand. I’ve gone over them many, many times and perhaps at the time I just wasn’t ready to understand. I don’t know.

LAMA SING: To understand that they are written as, perhaps, the greatest guidances that remain in your Earth plane in written form. The Beatitudes exist. The Master’s discussion from the mount are living thoughts, examples with which to guide each of you unto the kingdom of God. They are written at several levels: the outer which applies to the physical or material and gives comfort to those whom know only this level of consciousness; and to the inner wherein that of the adept (those of the students whom are receptive and searching for their eternal nature) might find through translation and meditation a clear and concise direction with which to flow in their life.

Had they been in different terms, they would have, perhaps, been abolished from the writing by the tribunal. As they presently exist, they have meaning for those whom seek meaning, and they have descriptive guidance for those whom see only this. This does not mean that there is only one way to interpret these words or these thoughts as they live in spiritual form, for there is an interpretation for each entity whom perceives them.

A child has a delightful enthusiasm, interest, and receptivity because they are meek. They are meek because they have no conscious life experience with which to block or cloud truth and reality when they see it. They have not builded a wall of self-image about self which must be maintained. They are in closer contact or oneness with their spirit, and thus they are meek. You see?

CONDUCTOR: Very well.  Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.

LAMA SING: This is, perhaps, one of the clearest guidances given by the Master. For righteousness is by the comparison of your own ideal. That if you strive, if your very life is to be in hungered or in thirst for the completion of those goals established within your own spirit, then His promise is that ye shall be fulfilled. If thee will seek, thee shall find. If you ask, it shall be given unto thee. This all relates, one and the same, to this statement.

It also means: Be thee not idle in your works. Languor not in an attitude of inactivity, for if there be that which could be called sinful, it would, among all gathered here, be concurred that this might, indeed, be the action of inactivity. If there is opportunity, grasp it. As in the Earth plane at present, there is a desire for growth. Each of you seeks now by listening to these words to find some meaning, something with which you might relate within. You are hungered, you are thirsting for what we call righteousness.

What does this word “righteousness” mean? Does it mean that in a dispute you are correct and the others are in error? Does it mean that you are upon a proper pathway, as opposed to those which are erroneous? Does it mean that you live in an attitude which is perfect, as opposed to that which violates the law of the land? Perhaps in some ways these statements are true. But the righteousness of spirit is, humbly, of that which the Master speaks—that thy spirit would be set aright, that your mind and your spirit would live in harmony in service to God.
These are joyful teachings, dear friends, and perhaps our comments are a bit heavy and weighted. The delight of a small child is to know what task lies before them and to seek out with exuberance the completion of it to the satisfaction of those whom dominate their life, be this parent, teacher, counselor, guide. Thou art children, and if you know that which is expected of thee, you can achieve it. So blessed are those whom desire with their very existence to know their purpose, their goal, to know the way. You see?

CONDUCTOR: I believe, Lama Sing, there are many who “hunger and thirst after righteousness.” The thing that is so hard to decide is: What is righteousness? What is correct? What is not correct? Many times we are led on many paths that we think are correct, that are righteous at the time, and perhaps find out later that they are not. How does one decide?

LAMA SING: By striving, by hungering for righteousness within. Do not base your sense of accomplishment or righteousness upon that which is without, for this is the result, but rather from within, for here is the cause, the force, which is perfect. You cannot be responsible for the result, but you have the opportunity to commence at least with a good intent. So strive for your proper intent, your proper purpose. If your wish is righteous, then thee shall be rewarded; for that which you have done, the attitude and emotion with which you have done this work, this is what is returned to thee. See?

CONDUCTOR: In other words, if we feel good about it in our heart and we approach it with good feelings and attitudes and emotions, we feel that what we are doing is correct, then there is no ill effect?

LAMA SING: There can never be an ill effect if you truly believe in what you are doing, if your action is based upon humbleness, if it is from pure intent in your spirit. If you are meek or receptive in your way, then what you do is always good. Do not judge the result. Evaluate the effort and intent. See?

CONDUCTOR: And then they say, they state, “for they shall be filled”. How is one filled? By emotionally, inwardly again, knowing, feeling content, feeling pleased with self? Feeling God is within?

LAMA SING: This and much more. For as you accomplish these various states of spirit, states of mind, states of existence, then you will find that all things will come unto thee as a bearer of His light. If you are right in your thinking, if you do not have desires which are stronger than your spiritual purpose, if you do not envy or hold hatred or remorse against self, then you shall be fulfilled. How? In every manner that your heart desires. See?

CONDUCTOR: Lama Sing, again, if I hunger and thirst after righteousness, show me a pathway to righteousness. What should I hunger and thirst after?

LAMA SING: Where are you at present? Do you know this? Do you know your present state of mind, your present spiritual intent? Have you in this your present Earth day some work which you are about in the Father’s name? We shall answer for you: Yes, you do. You are doing this work at this moment, with the prayerful hope in your spirit that the words which are placed upon this recording device will go forth into the lands of your world and will bear some fruit, some blessing, for those whom perceive them. Isn’t that so?


LAMA SING: Then you are pursuing a path of righteousness. You are, at this moment, deeply hungered spiritually. Your heart thirsts for the accomplishment of this work. Your desire is pure. Your intent is in harmony with the Spirit of the Father, and that is what this means. You will ever, in this lifetime, carry the blessing. You will be ever fulfilled by the accomplishment of this work. For each entity whom comes in contact now with that thought which you hold at this moment shall, by their thankfulness, build a thought, an image, which is returned to you without your conscious knowledge. See?

So it is by your work, by your struggle, in effect, to be fulfilled, to satiate your hunger, your thirst, it is by that effort that you are filled. For it is, again, the intent. It is the desire of spiritual service to God that, in and of itself, is the asking. And He has promised He will give to those whom ask. See?

CONDUCTOR: Very well. We thank thee.  Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.

LAMA SING: This, perhaps, the easiest of all to comprehend. For if thee can show mercy, then it is thine. It need not be given to thee. What He is telling thee is that those whom use this mechanism of love must first possess it in order to give it. No entity is nourished from an empty cup, only one which is filled with the blessed wine of life. Only these can give.

Where would one commence, then, with showing mercy? Self. Have thee, dear friend, been merciful this day to self? Hast thou chastised self without good cause or reason? Have you burdened your mind, your spirit, with some attitude, with some punishment, with some perceived flaw or fault? Have you, by comparative judgment of self to others or to mass thought or habit, made for yourself an attitude which is less than joyful for this day?

Blessed are the merciful. Be merciful. Be understanding, compassionate with self, that by so doing you can give this to others, that you can teach by your manner, by your very presence, that others shall welcome the opportunity for understanding which comes about through experience.

If you lack mercy, you also lack joy. For only in compassionate understanding and by forgiveness can one make room for joy. This, among all the rest, must be remembered. Blessed, indeed, are those whom show mercy to themselves and thusly to others, for they shall, indeed, be eternally graced with His mercy, as well. See?

CONDUCTOR: Lama Sing, there are yet things in my life that I do not feel that I am merciful about, things that I do not understand, comprehend, or accept and cannot feel a compassionate forgiveness but, rather, a frustration, a bit of anger. How does one overcome things in order to be, then, completely merciful toward all attitudes? Perhaps if this was attained, I would no longer need to be on the Earth plane but had completed all. Is that correct?

LAMA SING: If you could truly be merciful, would you not have to first have become loving? Would you not have to be humble? Would you not have to be, in effect, poor or receptive in spirit? Would you not have to be forgiving? Would you not have to be humble? You would have some degree and generally a large amount of same of each of these and more.

For mercy requires justification. Your mind functions quite a bit (lovingly, as we see it) in this manner: “Well, I have performed this action; and thus now, as I compare this action to what I now know, I believe that was in error. I committed this act, and now I am not pleased with it.” Isn’t that what you are saying?
Can you go back to that action and change it? It would be very difficult in the literal sense of the Earth plane for you to so do, but you spiritually can go back to that action, review it, and understand it. Understand what emotion, what desires, were involved, and you can, as though you are viewing someone else, express understanding and forgiveness.

If you would look at the past as though you are looking at many different lifetimes, these lifetimes are completed. They have given you an opportunity to grow by understanding the effect and influences of those experiences. You are no longer that entity, for you have slept and you have awakened. You have been reborn, and this day, as you measure it, is a new lifetime, a new opportunity.
Through mercy, through the understanding that there is compassion within you, you can release this. It is important for you to do this. It is important for you to forgive these aspects in yourself, for only through this, then, can you truly forgive others. See?

CONDUCTOR: Mm-hm. I will have to go over that, Lama Sing, very, very carefully to obtain a better understanding of what you’re saying to me.

LAMA SING: Let us place these words, then, before thee, for this is among the most important of all. Any action which you perform, do you comprehend that God understands and still loves thee?


LAMA SING: Do you truly believe that He loves thee no matter what you do?


LAMA SING: How could He do this? For God is all-knowing and all-wise. He knows thee as you were, as you are, and He knows what you shall become. If He yet loves thee, then must He not know that ultimately you will become perfect?


LAMA SING: Can you not, as well, accept that you shall become this perfect being that He sees you as? Then you must know that each experience is a step-stone to the next and the next, and you will repeat those needed as often as you wish.
Time is the illusion of measurement linearly in the Earth plane. Its purpose is for order in your consciousness. Beyond that, time is multi-dimensional and exists in all directions simultaneously. What this means is that you are, at this moment, perfect. You need only to travel your chosen pathway to enable yourself to recognize this perfection. That is what life is generally composed of. See?

CONDUCTOR: Then if I become more merciful and more forgiving towards self, then I can then also apply this towards others and other situations that I do not feel that I am merciful in?

LAMA SING: Yes, of course, easily so. For what you are saying is, “Well, if they can do this or that, then I can, as well, do similarly” and that is an error. They may do as they wish. “They” being anyone in your life. Let them as they will. But for thee, follow that which is the guidance within and you shall always be aright.
So if you are merciful to yourself, you have the capacity, then, for mercy to others. You tend to equate in a sense of balance. You weigh this side, then that. If the side which is self is always filled, then your tendency is to attempt to fill the other, the outer, as well. See?

CONDUCTOR: I believe that I have an understanding of that now, Lama Sing, and I feel truthfully within myself that I feel mercy toward others in different situations. It is, then, when I feel that they should have an understanding of what is correct or incorrect and do not change it, the frustration that I feel with them is their not changing it. And then I have the lack of mercy because I feel that they should know better.

LAMA SING: You are upon a pathway which winds about a mountain. It is a very narrow pathway, and it requires that only one or several entities can walk up the pathway abreast.

And as you, climbing the mountain, turn about and see the others stretched below thee, winding to and fro all the way back down along the mountain and down into a valley. If that valley be, indeed, the valley of darkness and if you are climbing towards God upon a mountain of experience, looking down at the others whom are below thee, you can indeed state to them, “Oh, thee, below, why did thee not start thy journey earlier, that you might be here with me at this moment?” To which their response would be meaningless, because you cannot comprehend from their level because you have gone beyond it. You do not see the clouds that surround them that they must move slowly to find the pathway carefully and not fall from it, for you are moving more so into the light.

But now you turn again and cast your gaze to the pathway, and someone from far above you speaks down forcefully, “Oh, thee, entity beneath me, why hast thou not commenced thy effort sooner, that thou might now be here with me at this level from whence I can see much better than thee and where it is warmer and more beautiful?” How, then, shall thee answer? See?

CONDUCTOR: I believe I now have an understanding of that, Lama Sing, and I thank those for having understanding and mercy for me.

LAMA SING: And that is the meaning of this teaching. Being merciful is having the ability to envision yourself at lesser levels upon the mountain of experience and by having compassion for those whom are struggling as have thee. And by expressing this mercy, this compassion, those above will reach their hands down to thee and help thee, for thee are growing and moving faster than you can physically climb. Thus they will assist. Your gift that you give determines the gift that you receive. See?

CONDUCTOR: Is there anything more, Lama Sing, that we should know about that particular Beatitude?

LAMA SING: We believe that to be sufficient for the present.

CONDUCTOR: Very well.  Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

LAMA SING: The heart is the center of one’s desire and consciousness. If within your desire, there is purity—purity defined as the understanding of your ideal and the willingness to pursue it—if your heart is pure, this means that you are in askance of His blessings and His work.

It is as one in a marketplace whom attempts to find a value for his goods. Before he opens his booth, he walks to and fro in the marketplace, and he examines similar goods from other merchants. One merchant asks what you determine to be a very excessive amount for his goods. You ask him straight away, “Oh, kind sir, I admire thy goods; but for what reason are they so dear in price?”

The merchant responds humbly, “See, dear friend, I am withered in this, my left arm, and as I labor in the weaving of this garment, I require three days time to complete one garment. Am I not then to be paid for my effort, or is it that I shall be paid for the result? The goodness of this cloth, the fabric, all of these things speak for my tradesmanship.”

Satisfied with this comment, you travel further, and you come to another booth. And here yet another merchant with similar goods asks a completely different price, far less than the other. You speak to him, “Kind sir, for what reason does thou ask this lowly price for your goods? As I examine them, they appear to be of goodness, of moderate texture.”

He responds, “Kind sir, God has blessed me with abundance. I have many children, a very kind and supportive mate. It is not my hands alone that labor to produce these goods, but united, we, a family, produce them in great abundance. Many of these each day are completed by our joyous labors together. Would it not be well, then, that I should share and make these available to all whom have need of their warmth?”

Satisfied with this answer, you return to your own booth. As you select your garments from their container and place them for display, then, how shall thee determine what price you shall ask for yours?

Blessed, indeed, are the pure at heart. Ask, then, of each whom one wishes whatsoever they can give, for their need alone is sufficient for thy labor. Then thee shall see God. See?

CONDUCTOR: That was very, very beautiful, Lama Sing, and I think gives us a very, very good understanding.

LAMA SING: Purity of heart is the desire to fulfill and bring joy to others. If your heart is open, loving, and serves where it is needed, gives to those whom are in wanting, and accepts from those whom desire to give, then you are just, you are humble, you are pure of heart, you are capable of mourning, you are indeed thirsting for righteousness. You see, each teaching builds upon itself and leads to the next and to the next. See?

CONDUCTOR: Since I am not in dressmaking or cloth-making of any kind, as of your example, Lama Sing, how can I be more pure at heart?

LAMA SING: The merchant that we described gave, offered to others that which he had. Ask yourself often, “What have I to give?” You have to give whatever another asks of thee. Give to them as you can, and ask of them in return only that which they can give. See?

If thee prepare a cake and you know of one whom has desire for same, then by the pureness of your heart give to them. If thee have tamed a bird of song and you know that there is one whom has a heart which is saddened, then give that song, a gift to them if they ask, and know that their heart shall ever be filled. But you know within yourselves, each of you, what you have to give, and you know very well those whom are in need. Give love, give compassion, give forgiveness, and more. See?

CONDUCTOR: There is something, Lama Sing, that I would like to have clarification of in this regard. Giving. At times I feel, or sometimes even see, that sometimes in giving it is sometimes more harmful to the individual than it is good. How does one decide this?

LAMA SING: By the spirit within. For God will guide thee to know when it is aright and when it is a perpetuation of error on the part of the receiver. For some will ask of thee again and again, without effort and without desire, only that they would perpetuate their lot with no desire for growth or for enrichment of experience. Then to these give in accordance with the knowledge within, for there shall not be the wasting of the pearls before swine. You must not judge self but, rather, ask of your own spirit. Then have the faith to claim that your spirit is true because you are at one with God. And as it is asked of spirit within thee to give, then thou must. See?

CONDUCTOR: How can one truly feel, Lama Sing, pure at heart, when it is many times these same people that need more help than the others? And yet you have to deny that giving because it is not helping? And yet they really need it.


LAMA SING: You must give the gift that is appropriate for the need. If the need appears, then answer it, but answer it with the greatest gift that thou possess. Give them opportunity or prayer or blessing, that they might find light and that they might find joy. But also be humble, be meek. Know that their lot is chosen by them. Remember, thou art upon a mountain of experience. Your position on the pathway is different than theirs.

If an entity far below asks thee, “Pass me a vine, a rope, that I might ascend directly without following this path turning to and fro so endlessly to reach thy present position,” shall thee pass the rope down to the entity?

CONDUCTOR: If they sincerely seek, yes, I would.

LAMA SING: Then if they reach your point, they will have missed the experiences that you have had, the experiences that have given thee the strength to continue on. They will be wearied. They will require rest. And you will leave them behind once again. As you must continue, only to turn about one moment and see them once again far below thee pleading to thee, “Throw me but a rope that I might ascend to thy present position and be with thee.” You see?

Cast them not a rope, but give them a strong light, that they might see in the darkness of their present level. Give them a light which illuminates their footsteps, that they can tread moreso and moreso swiftly. Give them a prayer within which creates a buoyancy which will lift them, oh so rapidly up that pathway. Give them a rope, yes, but let it be forged of the fibers of spirit.
So if an entity asks of thee, indeed do respond. Give them what you can, but give to them something of light, something of purpose, for them within. Prayer is the greatest blessing one entity can give to another, save for love itself. See?

CONDUCTOR: Very well. As stated, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” What does this mean, Lama Sing, we will see God? Visually? Or we will know Him? We will feel His presence within us? What?

LAMA SING: Yes. It means by your actions, by your works, by your intent, you shall reach a point of awareness wherein you realize what God is, wherein you begin to actually experience oneness with God. You see? It is not so much so that one would literally see an image fashioned in the manner of man and know that image to be God, for that has not the importance in this statement, but that you shall see the state of Godliness, that you shall perceive and be at one with the existence of God, that you shall command those forces which are in accord with God, that you might do all manner of work as the Master’s pure heart enables Him to do and as He still does. See?

CONDUCTOR: Very well, Lama Sing. Is there anything more that we should know about that, that perhaps I am overlooking at this time, for myself and everyone else?

LAMA SING: Blessed are the pure of heart, blessed is the work of the intent, for this shall accomplish the goal, the ideal. Blessed are the pure of heart, blessed are those whose inner being is a light to others. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God, for they shall see themselves. Blessed are those whom are willing to seek and to accept, for they shall know. All of these things apply. See?

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.

LAMA SING: In this, one might find an interpretation which tends to isolate or narrow the beautiful effect of this guidance from the Master. To be a peacemaker is also to be one whom has not that of the emotive self which reacts to stimuli or emotion in a manner which is as to protect self or to protect the image of self as it has been projected. Thus one can make peace or create an environ which is in harmony by avoiding reaction to stimuli which might under other circumstances promote disharmony, aggression, hostility, anger, even those actions of aggression or war between men and peoples.

To be called a Child of God is to be recognized for your receptiveness, your openness, to be recognized as in accord with the ideal or principles which that entity sees as Godly, and that the observer or that entity sees these in thee sufficient so as to call thee a Child of God. They are speaking to thee that you uphold in their mind their highest ideal. So combining this, then, which is actually two clear definitions. A peacemaker is one whom receives all experiences in life in an attitude of understanding, of harmony, and of joy. And by that action and attitude they invoke admiration and imitation on the part of others.

Blessed are the peacemakers. Blessed are those whom strive for harmony and love between others. Blessed are those whom hunger for peace within themselves, and thus strive to make this condition exist as a part of their life. Then that aspect of themselves which sees God from a unique individual perspective will be able to merge with the aspect of self which is the id or the ego or the identity as it is lived in daily activity.

So the inner meaning is clear. Striving for peace, harmony, in your own emotions, in your own activities, enables thee to claim your own inner heritage and recognize yourself as on a proper pathway and in accord with your highest ideal.

You understand, of course, dear friends, what it means to be a child, and you know within yourselves that you are all Children of God. So what can this mean, to be recognized as a Child of God, to be titled as a Child of God? It is clearly that you, yourself, would claim your heritage. If you strive for peace within yourself, you enable the claiming of your own heritage. See?

CONDUCTOR: Lama Sing, how can we, as just ordinary individuals in everyday life, be peacemakers?

LAMA SING: A very good question, for it’s an important aspect of your present environ in the Earth plane. There are, of course, many experiences in the Earth which could promote for the condition you call anger. Often you are angered at another entity’s actions because they are not in conformance with what you consider to be, for example, good manners, good etiquette, good spiritual purpose or intent. They may, in their actions, violate some of the laws of your lands, or they may, indeed, violate the teachings of the Master and, as it is given, as the Word of God.

How, then, can one avoid reacting in a hostile, angry way? To be sure, we understand this can be difficult. But if you begin at this point (we believe, humbly), you will find it becomes easier and easier to be a peacemaker. There is an aspect within yourself that judges, evaluates, and then reacts on the basis of that judgment. We have stated to you, dear friends, many times in past, “Judge only by your own ideal, your own series of goals, your own purposes for life. Do not base your judgments upon the actions or the requirements of others, for each is uniquely beautiful and individual.”

Based upon that, then, you must understand that some entities act in accordance with their own frustration. They act in accordance with a lack of faith. They may react out of emotion or fear. But that is not the entity, that is, rather, the reaction to existing conditions.

If you see the entity as a total creation of God, you cannot avoid seeing also that entity’s potential. Now you can respond to an affronting situation in a manner which is calm, tranquil, and requires not the taking of positions or sides. This can be done by simply observing for a moment a period of silence, asking God to guide your words, your actions, and your deeds. Remembering the climb upon the mountain of experience and, from where that entity might be located, their view of life (which is the valley below you) is different. Thus they deal with life in a manner which they know, based upon their experiences and their attitudes at that point.

So then do not react from their level, as they have acted from a level of consciousness. React only from your own level of consciousness, not theirs. If they are harsh, show them what love is. If they are angry, show them what joy is. It cannot withstand your faith, your confidence in God. In short then, by avoiding reaction because you are calm, because you have claimed your heritage, then you eliminate the potential for a condition other than a joyous, peaceful one. This does not mean that you should avoid what we would call your position in life. You have the right of claiming your own pathway. You have no need to defend it, and you have no need to justify its existence. It is, because it is what you have chosen. See?

CONDUCTOR: Very well, Lama Sing. As it was stated, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the Children of God.” And as you have stated, we are all Children of God. Knowing this, then, it would not be important to be called a Child of God. It wouldn’t be any special acclamation or anything, because it is special already, because we already are. Would you help me with a better understanding of this?

LAMA SING: What you have stated is, of course, true. But you see, it is to the entity whom is observing important for them to recognize this quality in others, for it helps them to recognize its potential and its presence within themselves. And so that is important, that you are recognized in that sense by others, for that is showing them the light of His presence within thee.

Perhaps an appropriate example here might be what you call a feud. Two families, for some obscure infraction of one another’s rights, as they were believed, long in the past, have created an attitude of a feudal condition between the family groupings. Generation to generation continues to despise or hate or even resort to violence against the other family. The actual cause may be long lost in obscurity of the passage of your Earth time. Yet within them, there is an emotion which is directed towards the other grouping.

A peacemaker is one whom does not tolerate such a condition to exist within themselves. That two factions of self might be considered as two families feuding over some obscure event in the past. This might be called the factions of right and wrong. This might be the factions of self and those forces apart from self. This might simply be a desire within self which is unfulfilled. By allowing that both aspects within you can exist and have their rightful purpose, you take away the cause of the hostility of one to the other.

Now this has profound meaning in the outer, as well, for if a faction within self struggles against another faction, then in each experience that you encounter, you will tend to evaluate your choices from two different positions. It is important that you be unified within in order to perceive each opportunity from its total sense.

Many entities have a very disruptive life pattern because they are viewing each situation in such a manner. They are torn. They are listless. They are emotive. They are having difficulty justifying any decision that they make regarding an opportunity. To meet an opportunity with a joyous service or work is to be a Child of God. In order to accomplish this, you must make peace within yourself. Then you are a Child of God. See?

CONDUCTOR: Very well, Lama Sing. I now have an understanding of that. Is there anything more that you would like to state on how we could be more helpful to others and, in the end, more helpful to God in creating peace on the Earth plane in every respect?

LAMA SING: Understand that, in a manner of speaking, God does not essentially need your help. But He wants to give you His help. He has need of your request, He has need of your desire, because He wills that your consciousness is precious, inviolate. And so in answer to your question, try to hear the answer from that perspective. God desires to help you and has the need for you to ask, need in the sense of a loving patience, a loving desire, a loving joy, not in the sense of an emotive need based on the Earth plane’s understanding.

If you see an entity in anguish, frustration, be a peacemaker and show them the way. Ask God to guide, as they have asked of thee for assistance. If they have not asked thee, then be an example. Do not tell them “Do this or that” but show them by the example.

As might be stated, you have conflicts now in the Earth plane. These conflicts are because of different positions on the mountain, as we have described it. Each of you see your lives from a different position. But if you can reach beyond your position to understand one another, then you are making peace, first within self because thou art willing, then within others because you are doing. See?

CONDUCTOR: Lama Sing, does God have no needs of any kind? Is everything complete with and for Him, and He simply gives all He has for everyone else, for His Children? There is no way or no need of any help from any of us toward Him?

LAMA SING: We speak as the servants of God through the name of The Christ. We do not wish that there would be the thought that these words are God’s, but from the consciousness of God we perceive the answer humbly. God, indeed, has no needs in the sense of your perspective in the Earth plane. He has needs from the aspect that He wishes each of you to claim your heritage. He desires that each of you would recognize your own divine and infinite existence.

To say that He longs for this would be inappropriate, for there is no measure of time as we see it, and thus, one cannot equate a sense of longing as you would equate it by measure of time. See? But rather that He wishes at this moment that each of thee could know Him by way of knowing yourselves and knowing that He is present within you. You can help God by helping yourselves and others.

Here is an example, perhaps, which will more clearly answer your question. If thee as a parent see one of your children in an experience in their life struggling desperately to meet that challenge and to accomplish it, you know that from your position of wisdom and experience and accomplishment in your own life that you could easily step in, intercede for your child, and accomplish the task they are trying to perform. Isn’t that so, often?


LAMA SING: And if you do that again and again and again, what will happen? They will not learn. They will not master their own abilities. Isn’t that so?


LAMA SING: And isn’t that even so when they are crying out in anguish or emotion when their heart has been broken at the loss of something which is loved? Or the failure to achieve something which is desired?

This and more could be given, but there is no need. It is then that God perceives thee both as His children and as His companions. And when you are willing to claim your heritage, you will be beyond children; you will be co-creators with God.

When you have accomplished this, then we shall all join together and create realms of infinite beauty, brilliance, and love. There shall be existence and joy such as your minds cannot conceive. Your very life shall be filled with music, with warmth, with radiance, with love.

You shall have about you whatever your heart conceives as beautiful. You shall communicate with all things and know them, and they shall know thee. There would be harmony between that which exists in your realm and all other realms. Those things which are hostile to thee in your present environ would be loving, kind. There would be compatibility among all things. There would be no sorrow, no weariness, no disease, nothing which would be less than perfect. God wants this for each of thee when thou art ready. See?

CONDUCTOR: Lama Sing, does God ever become discouraged with us? Like you were speaking that we are the parents of children and we can help them, and God is like our Father and we are His Children and He can help us. Does He ever become discouraged with us? Does, perhaps, He intercede with some of the things that are taking place on the Earth plane at this time so that we can learn and grow, such as Iran and such. Or are these created by our own hand? Do you understand what I am trying to say?

LAMA SING: We see your thoughts, yes. God knows all of these things, of course, and is, by His omnipotent presence, a part of all of these things, simply a use of energy to- wards your desires, your goals, and your mass thought. He has those whom have claimed their heritage, whom function in accord with His will. There are those at varying levels of acceptance whom are continuing to work and to raise their consciousness that they might be at one with God. Many of these gain in experience and consciousness by helping you in the Earth plane and others, and it is in these realms that the concern is often found.

God does intercede in accordance with His will, His plan. He takes action to create conditions which are best for all His Children. Just as you provide shelter, you provide food, clothing, and experience for your children, God provides thee, each of thee, these self- same things.

Does He weary of this? Never. We might state it is His desire, and thus it could be, in a manner of speaking, His longing that each of thee would claim your heritage now, that there would not be the need of further experience of such a nature as causes any sadness to any soul. But that growth would be by understanding and not by experience of sadness. See?

CONDUCTOR: Lama Sing, how can we people become peacemakers in places like, precisely at this time, Iran and Afghanistan? What can we do?

LAMA SING: If thee would gather twenty pure of heart and if these twenty would pray in the Master’s name with sincerity and in proper accord, this matter would dissolve. See?

Regarding the topic of making peace, it is first to understand what the nature of peace is in the minds, hearts, in the consciousness of others. Without the knowledge of what their concept of peace or happiness or tranquility is, one might have a very difficult time in so perpetuating this, even as an opportunity for them. So one must be knowledgeable of those whom they seek to serve. There must be an open receptiveness to their emotions, their thoughts, their attitudes, in order to function clearly in a manner which promotes their concept of peace.
The absence of hostility or aggression is not necessarily a state of peace. One can be completely devoid of fears of physical harm, physical aggression, emotional punishment, or any sort of aggression in any manner whatever, and still not be at peace within themselves. So helping another entity to gain a state of peace is helping them to gain grace, helping them to claim their rightful heritage as Children of God, growing, becoming at one with the Father.

And this is best done, as always, by perpetuating the living example of that which you know to be truth and that which you know to be a situation which promotes, creates peace. In such a manner, then, you would be recognized for your light and your wisdom, and it would be known that this would be coming forth from God. And there would be thanks unto God; and you yourselves would claim your rightful heritage as His Children, in addition to their recognition at various levels of this fact. See?

CONDUCTOR: Okay. Very well. Is there anything more on that Beatitude, Lama Sing, that we should be aware of, that I am perhaps overlooking?

LAMA SING: By perpetuating that state of peace first within yourselves and then, by the example, in others, you can eliminate those energies which are now at work in the Earth and which can have disruptive effect to the Earth itself, as well as to those environs and entities thereupon. See?

CONDUCTOR: Okay.  Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

LAMA SING: Approaching this statement by the Master from its reverse: “Heaven” is that state of being wherein all forces are in harmony. “Kingdom” is that which you as an individual have control over. Thus, combining this, it promotes for the state of control over your own domain, your own happiness, your own existence in harmony.

Now then, blessed are they that art persecuted. Entities will attempt to disrupt thee often from thy work, from thy ideal. To some extent this is an occurrence caused by forces which are in harmony with thee, in order to strengthen thee even more so to be in accord with that which you believe, that which is righteous. Other entities will persecute those whom cling to their own oneness with God, their righteousness, because they wish to test it. Because within themselves, they too desire to have such a faith, such a dedication; and often they feel, they believe, that by challenging this, they will prove it to be either real and factual or simply an illusion. Their inner desire is that they can prove it to be correct and that they, too, can become a part of its existence.

So you are actually, by being persecuted, doing one of the Father’s greater works. It gives one the example to place into reality all of the teachings which have been given above and all of those aspects of same which are known to thee from the other comments and guidances from the Master. So you are, indeed, blessed when you are persecuted for the light.

Righteousness is right thinking, a right path, a correct manner of harmony, a correct experience which is perpetuated by the influences and tendencies collectively assembled by all of your life experiences. So it is an opportunity to strengthen, and it is, indeed, a blessing for you. Blessed are they whom are persecuted. Blessed are they whom are challenged. Blessed are children of light when they are placed in those environs which afford them the opportunity to do their work. They then shall be co-creators with God.

This might be another manner of speaking those same thoughts. If an entity in the physical sense in Earth is persecuted of the physical body, their mind, their spirit, yet remain free. But if an entity is persecuted of the mind, their spirit even yet remains free. The spirit can only submit of its own accord.

Thus, righteousness is so important. It is the infinite power. It is the very spirit of self. If you voluntarily give up your righteousness, then this can, indeed, change your entire physical, mental, and spiritual existence, where you have no longer a reference point. But if you claim your righteousness, if you claim your image, then no matter what encounter you shall have, this will always be your light, and then you command or you have the kingdom of heaven, which is the power. See?

CONDUCTOR: Very well, Lama Sing. How can we, again people on the Earth plane, do this in a better way? How can we hold to this? Can you give us some examples?

LAMA SING: Holding to this often requires the use methodically and continually of all of the guidances given above or previously. It is the accomplishment of one’s state of being. As you are in a state of existence which is to receive scorn or to be physically, mentally, emotionally suppressed by another entity or group, you can endure this if your spirit, your strength, is high.

If you are in accord with right thinking, if you are in harmony with the Master’s light, often others will persecute you because they have not been able to accept this way of living themselves. If you express love to them, if you express the ideal, the light, the completeness of what you believe, you shall, throughout eternity, bear the light of that work. One must often raise their perspective beyond the Earth plane in order to truly place this teaching into activity. See?

CONDUCTOR: Very well.  Blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake.

LAMA SING: When you have claimed the Master’s work as your own and when you ask to be sent, to be used in His work, you will meet with those forces which are, at the least, reluctant to change. And as you go forth doing His work in those realms wherein He has sent thee, know that no work is ever done without benefit to thee and to those whom you are serving.

Thus you are strengthened, and you grow. But you are blessed because you are affronting those forces which most resist His light and which need most and which cry out most desperately for guidance, for light. Thus your work and your service in His name is of the purest and brightest of all. And if they commit evil and if they cast untrue things at thee, know that you have met them at a level of their consciousness wherein they can be receptive, for surely they will ignore thee if thou art not approaching a sensitized level of their consciousness. Often one cries out with the greatest of all vigor when approached at a level of their most intense desire. See?

It is, perhaps, the culmination of the promises that are elucidated in the others. It is, without question, the Master’s own promise to you, that no matter where thou art, He is with thee. No matter what work you are about, His strength is thine if you will claim it. Never doubt that He has this love for thee and never feel that thou art alone.

When you attempt to apply all of those things which we have discussed above, you must ultimately meet within yourself a force which seeks to deny, disprove, discredit, and to disillusion your own consciousness. There will be factions within you that will argue, debate, and have very strong and very firm positions to present to your consciousness, which will attempt to dissuade you from righteousness and from following the workings of The Christ. These will be habit. These will be fear. These will be illusion and other aspects.

But if you continually, in your meditation and in your prayers, ask for strength, ask for light, light which is at one with God, that The Way is clear and that thou art strong, then even if these struggles take place, they are beautiful, and thee will be called by The Christ as His own. For if you can first wrestle with all of the aggressors within, then what work, ever, can any aggressive force without ever do upon thee?

If you can meet each challenge, if you can accept each opportunity presented by the forces within self, then you can meet any faction, any experience, in any realm. To be called by The Christ as His own, to be recognized, and for He to prepare a place for thee in the kingdom of God, this means that thou art recognized as having accepted your oneness with God, and karma becomes an experience of past nature to you. It no longer is a needed tool. You will possess, then, grace. You will be able to use grace to serve, even further, others and yourself. See?

CONDUCTOR: We thank you very, very much, Lama Sing, for giving us a better under- standing of the Beatitudes from your viewpoint. I find it very, very helpful to me, and I’m sure others will for themselves also. Is there anything more you would like to state in closing?

LAMA SING: We would ask each of thee, dear friends, to please accept this joyous meeting in this meadow before the Master, not only with the sounds of the words which are spoken through this Channel but also with your hearts open to receive the intent of our joyous works this day, in this meadow with the Master.

It is our eternal prayer that you shall find the joy and happiness of your complete being, that when you are met with challenge, when you must use the meekness of your heart, when your spirit must be as poor, when all of these statements as they are written in the Holy Book are reviewed, let them be spiritually felt within, that the spirit of the Word as given directly from the Master have its import to you. Do not dwell upon the verbiage, but claim the spirit, the intent, which lives on throughout eternity and requires no interpretation.

The Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount, so many of you were present. So many of you literally experienced what the Master taught. Remember that He is still teaching right at this moment, right where you are. Will you not pause in the meadow of life to hear His words of love?

We have been filled with honor and joy beyond our value to have been with thee once again, dear friends; and it is unto the Father and unto The Christ that we give joyous thanks that we might have been called upon to serve in this most humble manner. It is eternally our prayer that these words will live and grow as the flowers of field, as things of beauty and pleasure for you all. Thus we are prepared to come through here, if we are permitted.

CONDUCTOR: I would like to ask one more thing, Lama Sing. When we had asked you at one point for topics or lectures that you would like to speak on to present to the people, you had said that we should do the Beatitudes. Why did you want to do this in particular?

LAMA SING: It is very important that each entity in the Earth plane considers themselves in the nature or manner that the Master has, that they look to themselves as already perfect, and consider life a means by which they can express this perfection, and nothing more. It is not a punishment. It is not that you are guilty of some past sin, and it is not that you have been denied by The Christ as one of His own. It is a glorious honor, a blessing, a privilege, to be in the Earth; and it is a wondrous opportunity to become aware of what you already are.

The Earth plane is at a point of some significance in consciousness. Already there has been a very significant improvement by your method of evaluation (we use that term). So much more so in some realms, some locales, or areas of your Earth plane are the forces balanced, that we joyously believe that there will be a significant diminishment of those conflicts which might otherwise have pervaded those areas.

We pray that by some collective knowledge of the immense control that you have over your domain (humbly thought to have been helped by this discussion on the Master’s teachings from the mount) it was thusly our prayer and is our belief that this will, in some way, contribute to the furthering of understanding and the balancing of those energies of which we speak.

It is entirely possible that only a moderate effect to the western coastal area of North America might now be anticipated. It is possible that even this would occur with such less intensity, that an actual change in the geographic appearance may be either fore- stalled or eliminated completely.

But nonetheless, the importance here has been to use this period in your consciousness and to use the cycle of movement of your soul grouping, that is, the souls whom function in the Earth plane, to reach beyond and to claim your movement along the mountain of experience, that you can move to another realm, to a higher level of your own acceptance. And thus it is our prayer that the cycle will not need be repeated again. See?

CONDUCTOR: We thank you so much, Lama Sing, for your time, your love and your consideration. We surely do appreciate it.

LAMA SING: These things we give from an infinite source and do so joyously. It is we whom thank thee, each one, for this blessed opportunity to have been with thee in humble service. Thus, for the present, we should think it wise to conclude.


LAMA SING: And so we will lovingly return the Channel to the Earth plane. Know in your hearts, each one, then, the strength, the power, of your prayer. In this, be strong. In this, cling to your heritage. Until next we meet, dear friends, we shall be with thee as God permits. For the present, humbly, we conclude. Fare thee well, dear friends.

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