Exploring the Miracles of Meditation

Exploring the Miracles of Meditation, A Commentary by Lama Sing,                     TM & Al Miner
Going Within Project – Reading #1
CHANNEL: This is December 11, 1994. This reading is Code Number C-110. It is a request for a topical research reading entitled, “Going Within”. I would like to thank my dear friends who have anonymously sponsored this reading and whose continued urging has finally borne some fruit.
We are very interested in getting information that might be useful to ourselves, and others who may follow, on the topic of Meditation, and any and all relevant information that we may not at the moment know to ask. And so, while we are requesting, in essence, an open reading, we very much would like to know more about the process of going within or meditation, and we would value highly any contribution that might be given in this reading.
And so we prayerfully submit this request now to You, Father, asking as we do that You would guide us to the highest and best information that You would know to be most appropriate for us at this time. And as always, we ask this of You in the name of the Master, The Christ, remembering His promise to us as we do. Thank You, Father. Amen.
LAMA SING: Yes, we have the Channel then and, as well, those references which apply to the topic as indicated just above and those intents and purposes as are a part of the thought of those entities gathered about these works. As we commence herein, let us join together in this prayer of affirmation.
Dear Father, it is Thy spirit that we know to be good, and so do we cleave unto same in word, thought and deed. As we seek in these works, Father, to know better Thy spirit, help Thou us to gain same in the knowledge that so as we do we might the better impart Thy healing grace unto the needs of all those Thou shall bring before us. Grant us, as well, O Father, the presence of the Master, The Christ, so as to impart His healing grace, His love, His compassion and wisdom. Thereafter might we ever be glad of heart. So, as well, do we offer this prayer on behalf of all those souls in all realms who are presently in some need and for whom there are none in joyful prayer. Humbly we thank Thee, Father, for this opportunity of joyful service in Your name. Amen.

There are many aspects which are found associated with the topic “Going Within” that are clearly known in the Earth. There are also many aspects that we have spoken to in past here and there in previous works. But, for the purposes of providing herein a foundation of sorts, we shall strive to, at least briefly, speak to many of these. And then follow that with some suggestions, comments, and insights which it is indicated here should be of some help to those of you who seek through these works. Lastly, we shall endeavor to unify these in order that they can be, to the greater extent, comprehensive. This shall be our prayer.
As you consider going within, the very term implies that you are moving from the outer to the inner. And in many respects, while this is literally true, there are certain aspects that can lead to some confusion, and, perhaps, some aspects that would potentially create a limitation in the thoughts and hearts of some entities.
Consider, then, if you will, what it is that is going within and where it is that the destination is ultimately located. If we consider that it is self seeking to go inside the body, physically speaking, then this can, as we gave just above, create some limitation, some immediate sense of question. The body is, in effect, the temple of the greater self, which is as to say, the spirit which gives life to the body. This is widely known.

Within the body there is that aspect that functions in many different ways ana- tomically, that creates the physiological structure of the body. And yet, within all of these marvelous functions—the glands, the various systems and sub-systems that continually support, nourish and cleanse the body—to the present point, none have identified what could be called a physical expression thought of as “the spiritual center”.

And so it could be concluded from this, perhaps, that the spiritual center is not, as such, a tangible, that is to say, a physical organ or system or some such as this. And yet, many entities, particularly in those doctrines which are of Eastern descent, associate certain energy centers along with the, as called, seven major glandular centers. And that within these as a structure of sorts there is a flow of energy that is directly associated to the rise and fall, if you will, of spiritual energy and/or spiritual awareness.

We could certainly, in these works, subscribe to this, at least to a considerable degree. But we shall, for the moment at least, choose to step beyond this to a more broadly encompassing commentary, as follows.
While the body is the temple, the house in which thy spirit dwells, the spirit is not bound to the body. It is, rather, focused upon same. And so, the expression “going within”, while it might be thought of in the physical sense as going within the body, is actually going within the spirit, which is the house of the body. And since we have just stated that the spirit is not limited by the body, then it follows, perhaps at least to some, that the aspect of going within is focused not just on the physical perimeter of the body and that within, but within the greater spirit itself, which is, in a manner of speaking, super-imposed or surrounding and embracing the physical focal point of self in this incarnation. See?

So, as we seek then to go within, we are seeking to go within the spiritual essence of self. We are striving to moderate, to balance, to calm, or to bring about a state of ease in the physical body to such a degree so as to enable you to accomplish an awareness of the spiritual self.
Why would one wish to do this?

This raises a very good point, in the sense that having a purpose for any work gives considerable strength to that work. Having some goal as is associated to a given work gives one a sense of focus as they are about the process of doing the work itself. And finally, having a general overall ideal for that work to fit into. For example, that this individual goal will contribute to the overall greater work, which is, perhaps, in this in- stance, to make your life more joyful, more complete, or to bring about a sense of healing or forgiveness, or to release limitation, and many, many other such. See?

So we are, then, obviously urged to have what we could call the objective, the goal which we are doing the work for, the pathway or purpose along which we are seeking to move. And overall, how we are going to fit this particular work into our life, yours in the Earth, ours perhaps (with a note of loving humor) a bit less limited at the moment, and only such, the moment. See?
There is a certain completeness to each entity that is moderated by focusing upon what could be called an individual incarnation. While this might seem illogical to some, it remains that, as one seeks to take on a physical body or an incarnation in the Earth, there are many purposes, many goals, many objectives, that are a part of same. And as such, then, the completeness of that entity as a soul expression is moderated, that these more singular points of objective or goal can be dealt with in the most, we could call it, pro- found method possible. See?
So the focal point of the completeness of self is the current incarnation. Now, as you are going within, you are actually reaching out to reclaim, at least for a few moments, a few Earth minutes, or for however long you can sustain, that state of attunement. And you are striving, again, to reach into the completeness of your soul, your spirit, your greater consciousness.

Yet, if it be so that the spirit overlights the body, surrounds it and envelops it in its own eternal light, given by God, then why is it that one must perform such works in order to attune to this, if it is always present? Again, this point is relevant to the individual, and it is even more so relevant to the individual’s purposes in the current incarnation. But suffice to state here that there is always the possibility, the potential, for developing the ability to be attuned to such a degree that you can have continual guidance and yet still accomplish the soul’s purposes for the current incarnation. In fact, under such conditions, the purposes can be accomplished with considerable rapidity and, in most instances, very thoroughly.

But let us move on now, further into the topic of “going within”. In a paradoxical sense it could be viewed that actually going within is, in a manner of speaking, literally going without. And there is truth to this. But the focal point of going within serves these very important works.
Within the physical body there are centers of consciousness. These centers of consciousness do relate to the chakras, which are the energy centers, in turn associated with the glandular centers. And these are thought of, if not literally so in many instances, as the emotional centers of the body.

Therefore, it could follow logically that each of the seven major centers and their corresponding chakras or energy centers have associated types of thought, associated types of emotion and, to a degree, memories associated with them. These collectively could be thought of as influences which are continually affecting the thoughts, the attitudes, the interactions with others, the daily works and deeds. Outwardly, each entity is continually influenced by the same or similar forces which are radiated to them in turn from others who are interacted with during the course of the Earth day. Indeed, many of these interactions may be quite significant and may be at times a part of the primary purposes of the soul’s sojourn.

So now, applying this to yourself, you could consider that at any given point in your life and in any singular Earth day there will be those thoughts, those influences in the form of energy fields which could be called thought-forms, that are associated with your body, your mind, your emotion, and, therefore, influencing your spiritual consciousness. Some heighten it; some diminish it; some have no effect whatsoever.

So the first stage of one’s meditational journey, or the first step of going within, is to recognize that these influential fields exist not only within and about self but, more broadly, in all things all about the Earth. Within your abode, your home, within your vehicles, in many different places that you may tread during a single Earth day, you will feel, even if subtly, the influence of these fields. And again, they are the thoughts, the attitudes, the emotions, generated both by self and by others.

And when these are summated or come together as the result of interaction be- tween many entities, they could be considered group thought-forms or even mass-mind thought forms, implying the presence of a greater energy field which is the result of all of the entities, let us say, in a geographic area or, if you prefer, within and about the Earth in the total sense.

So as we consider that there are all of these energy fields, all of these influences, which are actually, perhaps, best defined as thought-forms, then this first procedure or step is to move beyond these, or to move into a state of what could be called loving neutrality, a sort of passiveness. That, while there is the awareness that these are present, you have placed yourself at a point of consciousness wherefrom these do not have direct influence or bearing upon you. This, then, we might call the first goal.

So, consider then that the environment is a part of the mechanisms that are in- volved in reaching the first goal. Those who are very accomplished in what could be called “going within” or meditation, or the many varying terms and titles assigned to same, could perhaps find themselves entirely capable of reaching what they would call an excellent or a high meditative state, regardless of the environment in which their physical body might be located.

But for those who are seeking to strengthen the foundation of their meditation or those who are still striving to reach what they consider to be a significant meditational state, then environmental conditions are worthy of consideration. And it follows that controlling one’s environment has merit. And that merit could be broken down into these reasons:

Those things which are known over a sequence of repeated meditational sojourns become familiar. Once you have identified the energies, for example, in a certain room. And perhaps you have changed this or that item in the room, or you have disconnected an electronic or electrical device which generates a certain electromagnetic field, or any other such. As the Channel might, perhaps, flesh this out a bit more thoroughly, and others of you, as well. But once you have, for example, a favorite room or chamber or place as balanced as you have control over balancing it to your joy, your pleasure, or what not, then your successive meditations in that environment, be it a chamber or a favorite wooded knoll upon some mountain top., that is your choice. But once you have gained this, then you are at a point where you can bring about a sense of balance within you, and you can detect thereafter those changes that otherwise might be too subtle to be noticed. See?

So you go within, first of all, the environment of choice. Then you begin the process of going within in the more specific sense.

The next point in controlling the environment is, perhaps, obvious. Once again, it is to control those conditions on or about your physical body that you know will make you be in the greatest state of ease as is possible. If a particular garment or item of cloth- ing or jewelry or some such seems to cause undue pressure or too much radionic influence upon the body, then change that and use those things which do not. The objective here being as much neutrality around and upon the body as is possible. Strive to accomplish a state of mind which is freed from even subtle focuses upon the needs of the physical body in all respects, as much as possible.

If you can, do as much as you can in terms of whatever suits you regarding the balance, regarding the dietary and what not, so that your body is in the most comfortable and balanced state of ease as is possible. See?
We should add a footnote here. It is not essential that all of these specific steps or regimens be followed by every entity. Some would look upon certain of these and consider them insignificant as far as they are concerned. If that is so, then so be it, and proceed on. But for those of you who might find these to have merit in terms of suggestions, then use them. There is not only one path, but one path for each entity. But you will find common conditions and traits and characteristics that you can share with others, and by so doing, make great and wondrous discoveries through such sharings. See?

Now let us move forward yet another step. Such items as colors, and such items as the temperature in the chamber, the subtle sounds, these can become very significant and even disturbing when one begins to enter into the early stages of neutrality, or the loving neutrality we have spoken of. And this is because of a very unique result that occurs during the initial stages of one’s meditational journey.

In order that you can place into a sort of neutral mode (as you would call it in the Earth in current times) your, as called, five physical senses, you first need to affirm them. In other words, you turn on a radio receiver by finding its control button or knob that performs that function, do you not? And so, in order to, for example, take greater control over your hearing, then you must move into the fullest possible awareness of your hearing in order to gain control over it and to moderate it in the physical sense and heighten it in the spiritual sense. See? And the same is true with sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, and all these. See?
So whatever you can do externally to bring these into a relaxed, balanced, joyful state, do so. But as you enter into the first stages of meditation, recognize that these will become much sharper, much more acute, before they move into a state of what we might call relaxation.

The reason that this is given here, and its accompanying importance, is that many entities, if not all, will find that the initial or early stages of meditation employ the five physical senses to a very significant degree. Some entities will find that their first impressions in a meditational state will be those which are related to by the physical senses. Even if the eyes are closed, something may be seen. Darkness, perhaps with a light in it, or a bit of color, or some beautiful patterns. Some may hear sounds that obviously are not present in the physical sense. Others may detect odors or may have some familiarity in terms of the sensitivity to the skin, whether that is temperature or the reaction to energies, and so on and so forth. And this is very common, very, quote, “normal”, end quote, given with a note of loving humor.

So do not concern at all if, in the beginning of your meditational experiences, you find that there are striking experiences relevant in the direct sense to the physical senses. Consider for a moment that these are the most familiar pathways for you to assess information. They are the means by which you in the Earth gather knowledge, gather information. They are your means of communication. They are the faculties of awareness that you employ constantly in the Earth. And you are continually collecting data about your environment, your interactions, and everything that is about you. On this point, we be- lieve that most all will agree.

Now the beginning stages of a meditational consciousness will be likely to be filled with memories. And the memories will flow more and more so randomly, it will seem. Do not enter into combat with these. Rather, relax and let them flow to and through you, literally. Feel yourself moving just so as you feel these, as well, moving towards you and through you.

If you find some particular memory or stimuli that repeatedly comes to you and, no matter what you do, you cannot move beyond it, then make mental note of this clearly, for there will likely be significance to that singular point. This may be something that is so dynamic in your life, so powerful in terms of its influence and current effect, see? that it needs to be dealt with, perhaps moreso than anything else. And this brings us to a very important and special point.
Again, we indicated the value of purpose, of goals, and the overall fitting these into the ideal, which is the way of life that is sought after by you. Meditation is one of your better tools to accomplish this. And the spirit does have great consciousness. Therefore, believe that there is purpose in this. Do not become frustrated because you want something else but, rather, be thankful that this is being brought to you.

As you thank God for bringing you this awareness, you disarm the Earthly power of the thought-form, and you claim the unlimited awareness that will enable you to see the alternatives, to understand the Universal Laws that are in effect. And all of these and more will enable you to deal with this powerful thought form, this powerful memory, that continues to more or less bother your meditation. See?

One of the greater tools with which one can do combat with those things that challenge is to not be an adversary. In other words, accept them for what they are. For as these thoughts and emotions can cascade themselves upon you in a literally bewildering array and with such consistency and dominance, that you might even just simply abandon meditation totally because these things never seem to go away. If that is familiar to you, then consider these things just given.
You have the power over them. Do not give them your power by fighting them. Even though you may need two or three successive meditational scheduled times before you can break through these cascading thought-forms, is that not a small expenditure in terms of what your objective is and what can be gained through same? The more you look at these thought-forms, and do so passively, not reactively, the moreso do you claim your power, and diminish their power to limit you. This is Universal Law, and this is a good place to apply it. See?

As was given, certain of these patterns or thoughts or memories may come to you again and again. And if they do, they are worthy of exploration. For within them, undoubtedly, will be found considerable wisdom. They may well be the steppingstones from which you can easily reach much higher consciousness or awareness. In many doctrines, these occurrences are considered to be the gifts of the keys. And as the adept, one who is willing to apply themselves in such a manner diligently and with consistency, can open the portals to gain passage to higher consciousness. See?

Now, we shall move forward here, knowing that you are aware that we welcome further questions on any aspects here, so we shall attempt to move forward to provide enough reference to make this meaningful.

Now at this point, many of you, if not all of you, will have made certain discover- ies that you probably will not immediately recognize, because you are too close to them. Among these discoveries will be certain techniques, certain methods, that are uniquely your own. And as another footnote here, we should heartily and consistently encourage you to follow any deviations or addendums to what we have given just above and what we have given previously, because we know that you are being guided constantly. And, in the individualistic sense, there may be a need that cannot be covered in a general commentary, for which you will be guided in that moment of need in a unique and specific way.

So do not fall prey to the concept that meditation is a very deeply channeled groove and you are some sort of spiritually spherical object that must roll down this groove, and only in this groove, in order to be called, quote, “good at meditation”, end quote. The goodness of meditation is measured by the individual, and the results and assessments of same that that individual has, personally, from the event.

Comparing meditational experiences is good because it broadens, it opens hori- zons, it provides references. It shows, through the commonality of experiences, events, and effects of same, certain encouragements that might not be discovered if one has no counterpoint with which to measure their own experiences. But you are not a machine. Neither are you machined, in the sense of the groove and the spherical ball rolling down same. See?

Now then, having said that, consider this. Along the individual path that you have found to lead you to your current state of accomplishment in meditation, you will have found certain indicators that will, to you at least, confirm that you are progressing to a greater and greater state of meditational oneness. Some will refer this to a higher state of meditation; others will refer to it as a deeper state of meditation. The two comments seem to be diametrically opposed, pulling at one another, each striving to maintain its legitimacy. But the truth is, they are both the same. And that sameness is only deviated upon because of terminology and because of individual reactions to certain static events and conditions.
But suffice to state here, dear friends, that when you reach the first stages of meditational ease you will find certain symbols, certain indicators, certain sensory perceptions, that will, for you, indicate that you have reached that certain condition of neutrality, if you will.

Now, as an example, we know of a certain entity who looks for a certain light. And in the midst of that light is the overlit silhouette of an entity that is known to this individual as the Master, The Christ. Upon seeing same, this entity knows to proceed, that all is well, and that stage of loving neutrality has been attained. And so the entity moves forward to seek the next. Another such symbol is seen as the symbol of the cross, clearly denoted on a velvety, rich background of indigo or deep purple or violet, depending upon one’s visual acuity, see? or sensitivity. Another sees a numerical value and knows upon seeing same to proceed. Yet another entity feels a sort of pleasant tingling sensation or current of some source of origin likened unto an electrical or magnetic field that has surrounded them. Another entity senses the odor of certain beautiful flowers. Another hears an incredible sound, and so on and so on. We believe that you perceive the meaning here.

So the indicators that become familiar, that become the symbol of having attained the first stages of meditational ease, can become valuable allies to you. And in fact, these same symbols or conditions can do much more for you. And here is how:

These certain symbols, essences, or sensations can be focused upon. Once you have defined them or attained them, as you begin your meditation, let us say on this certain evening, having stated your opening affirmation or prayer, which is, of course, some- thing we would urge you to always do, see? seek ever in God’s name, just so as we opened this work and as we open every work. Do the same. See? And choose your own words and feelings as you do. They will be the best.
Then you can begin to focus upon your personal symbols or experiences or sensations. And it will be like giving those energy. It will feel to you almost as though two forces are now at work, you in the Earth and these personal symbols or functions of personal power that lie some distance from your conscious mind, but yet are an eternal part of you. And so you have doubled the potential. You have magnified the swiftness of your movement by perhaps an equational factor of two or more, so that with practice thereafter (which is actually a misnomer here, but suffice it to stand as is).

But as you continue to repeat this process, you will find that it becomes more and more swift. You will find that the path becomes easier. You will find that those limiting aspects or thoughts or emotions or sensations that previously you seemed to be so limited by will simply fall away. Not disappear, not dissipate, but fall into their proper order, their proper position, in your life. They will no longer claim a predominant position in your consciousness, but they will be relegated to where they have always belonged, a part of the life experience, and that’s all. See?

Now there are catalysts, if you will, that can be used in conjunction with attaining this first level. Some entities find that they are accelerated by an illumination, a single candle. And we find that the presence of a candle in the environment in which your meditation is to be conducted provides several very good aspects. Symbolically, the flame symbolizes the purity of God and His spirit and therefore the chamber, the room, in which you are meditating is blessed because of your thought-form of such. It also neutral- izes to a great degree any random odors or such that might stimulate your sense of smell.

It provides a gentle multifaceted, in terms of energy portrayal, the aura, the vari- ous bandings around the flame, that have a very excellent mesmerizing effect for many entities, and helps them to remember that here in the symbol of the flame is depicted the varying levels of this action of combustion in the Earth. So then can they integrate this with their spiritual consciousness. And, even if very subtly so, it still occurs, that the association to that given above, the glandular, the chakras, the spiritual envelopment, they are all evidenced and symbolized for you in the flame. And of course, more than this. See?

A clear glass of water near at hand, that you might take a sip here or there as needed, yes. But water contains certain qualities that are native to your body in great quantity. The waters of spirit, the waters that slake the thirst, spiritual waters, the literal ion field of a glass of water, the potential of water to dilute drosses, to neutralize, to diffuse negatives by absorbing same. And so, a glass of water has, like unto the candle’s flame, considerable value.
A tonal quality, perhaps a personal tone that can be created from some favorite source. A crystal object, a metal chime, any tonal note that might please you might also be used. The effect here is best used when the eyes are closed, because the perception then shifts strongly to the vibrational frequencies that generate sound, which is good in freeing the focus from the Earth to beyond it. See?
This need not be constant all throughout meditation. Perhaps to sort of symboli- cally sound that tone three times at the onset of meditation might be just the ticket for certain entities to sail into meditational ease, with great ease.
Others might find certain sounds of their personal choice to be highly contrib- utive. And others may prefer the sound of silence, which is literal, as well. For there is constant motion and in all of the fields of expression, even if you are in a chamber, a room, there is motion. And motion generates a vibration (or there is vibration within motion, if you are a physicist in the Earth) and that can be perceived and followed. Just so as the great silver birds of the Earth lazily soar on currents high up in the heavens of the Earth until they can be barely perceived, these stately creatures know the meaning of such movement of energies. Think of yourself then as a great spiritual eagle soaring upon the vibrations of spirit. See?

Now this brings us to the next most intriguing point, a consideration or sugges- tion, if you will. We stated that there will invariably become some symbology which you can use to reference a certain state of consciousness, speaking in terms of meditational ease. You can also use this to initiate meditation in several different ways. You can have an object that you visually focus your sight upon. Place it at a position that you can glance at it from where you are seated or reclined—and do make yourself comfortable, see? physically speaking. And you can let this be, as some call, the mandala, or you can let this be your personal symbol that is, for you, most meaningful in terms of your spiritual joy, your spiritual quest. And the focus upon the symbol, just as with the candle or the sound or many other such catalysts, if you will, can accelerate your movement past carnal thought, emotions, and limitations, which are of an Earthly nature.
It is a good alternative to consider, but don’t cling to it. Use it for so long as it gives you value, and then place it in the repertoire of your foundational knowledge, of your personal meditational journey. Use it whenever you are finding it difficult. And use any of the above whenever your meditation seems at a certain time to be less productive than you know it can be. Although there is more that can be said on that point, as well, but we’ll leave that for the most part to another time.

Now we have achieved, for sake of discussion here, this first level of meditational ease. You will find delight at this level in the simple state of being. There is much to be said from the Earth plane perspective, of being able to attain a state of peaceful ease, is there not? We can clearly perceive how much you are buffeted in the Earth by things which are literal and those which are not perceived, not specific, and not physical.

And so, attaining a state of peaceful ease offers a considerable degree of healing to you. Therefore, there is great value in consistently striving to define this state of ease, that you can thereafter attain it easily and swiftly. This state of ease can shut off the sensory perception when it is no longer needed.
For example, if some unforeseen event causes you some pain or duress, literally or emotionally or figuratively, once that indicator which is served to the mind in the form of pain has alerted you to some need, after the need is known the pain truly serves no more purpose. This is not to say that we are encouraging you to walk about in the Earth numb, for that wouldn’t do too well, see? You could cause the body unnecessary harm. Pain serves a good purpose to indicate to you that something requires your immediate attention. Like a hot stove, for example. You wouldn’t want to shut off the pain and cause considerable burn, whereas you would only have, otherwise, a momentary unpleasant pain, see? So know when to use this. Use it with good sense. See? But use it where it has appropriate purpose. See?

As you move about, which you surely will after having attained several (and probably not very many, if more than one, with a note of loving humor) such states of meditational ease or even meditational bliss, you will begin to discover that there is an incredible vastness. There is often, as is perceived by many, this remarkably rich, this supple, yielding, incredible universe of deep vibrant color. Usually it is (as we are told from our colleagues in the Earth) perceived as an indigo or very deep, rich, royal purple, or many variations upon same. And it is described by certain colleagues in the Earth, lovingly, as the very robe of God Himself, in that it possesses in the richness of its dark appearance, all colors, all energies, all thoughts, and all potential.

Some of you may perceive, as we gave, geometric patterns of light and color. Some may perceive variations upon these two somewhat basal themes. And some of you may immediately perceive figures or things, objects or places. But regardless of which of these, if any, you might perceive, we encourage you to consider the following. There is value once you have attained this state and are comfortable with it and have identified it and can attain it with some consistency. Then we would encourage you to attain the perception, the feeling, moreso than the sight or any other of the senses, the feeling of movement. Let yourself flow with what’s there.

Now you have stated at the onset an affirmation that you will only accept the highest and best, that which is in accordance with God and God’s will, so you can free yourselves literally, with no concern. For you know that God’s very spirit surrounds you and embraces you with His love and grace. Only those that would be equal to this can approach you or can interact with you.

As you feel movement, as you feel the sensation of travel or distance, several things will occur. One of these will be a startling difference of sensory perception, feeling, or reaction, that occurs when you awaken from meditation. You will be able to distinguish from this, well, for some subtle, but for most, significant differentiation, once you begin movement in meditation. This is a prime indicator of the success of this next level, the second, in your meditational journeys of going within. And it is and can be a significant confirmation to you.
Now when you awaken or allow your eyes to open and such after meditation, do so somewhat in slow motion. Do not, as a colleague here states it, jam things into reverse, see? from the direction that you were going and move abruptly back into the physical body, back into the physical perception, and all that. Gently, lovingly, regain control of your body. Re-orient your sight, all of your senses, and take some time, considerable, proportional to the amount you spent, perhaps, in relaxing yourself, should be spent in awakening yourself.

Why is this important, you might ask. Because meditation is actually releasing the physical body. It is the turning over of the body’s functions much more profoundly than, perhaps, those who are scholarly in the Earth on such matters would readily accept, but is already evidenced in the Earth, even as we speak. So it follows that, just as the commander of a vessel upon the sea, who has placed that vessel under the control of an auto-pilot, would, before disengaging the auto-pilot upon returning to the wheelhouse (perhaps after having had a nice meal, see?  Spiritually speaking, with a note of loving humor) would check the instrumentation, would re-orient himself with all that is taking place, so that, once he disengages the auto-pilot and resumes direct control of the vessel, he has control and knowledge of its conditions.

Another very valuable aspect is to be gained here that is so often overlooked by so many in most all disciplines of meditation. As you come back to the body, and, as the captain of the vessel, you are very sensitive, you are very much more aware of conditions that otherwise would be overlooked. And as you regain control and take time in doing it, you will learn a great deal about the conditions of your body, the status of your emotions. And perhaps you will be able to assess and remember, very clearly, messages, guidances, and things of importance today, tomorrow, now. But if you jam things into reverse and jump back into the body and leap up to answer the telephone, you will not only have lost all of these valuable perspectives, but you’ll likely feel very much out of sorts for hours thereafter.

And here again, the reasons for this are lengthy in their breadth and depth, and, if need be, can be discussed further, if that is your choice. But to summate them here briefly, you are the force of life for your body. And as you move in meditation, it is likened unto the spirit (which is the life) connecting itself by a delicate pipeline, if you will, a sort of filament of light that extends from the body, sustaining it, but enabling you to journey outward (or inward, whichever is your choice) to your objective. And as you return to regain control, it is like bringing a great force of light back into the body form, a great force of energy that is, in essence, unlimited and placing it in a physical suit of armor. The arms are heavy, the legs are stiff, the functions of the body are sluggish, because they are at rest. The metabolism may have slowed, the respiration, and much more.
There can actually be a bit of a shock to the body or to the spirit or to both. But be gentle with gaining control of the vessel. Check it out, here, there, and slowly move the toes, the fingers, the arms, and allow enough time to be at ease, comfortable, and joyful. See?

Now as you have reached the first stage, and the second, and you are traveling about in your meditation, you are likely to have any number and variety of experiences. But in truth, the most valuable aspect of this particular meeting on this topic has been reaching the first stage of meditational ease.
Remembering now, overall, on the topic of going within, you are seeking to actu- ally gain a state of consciousness which is at a position of utter ease. This ease is certainly an inner ease, and it is certainly, as well, an outer awareness. And so it
stated that going within is becoming complete. It is the balancing of the body and its centers and its energy levels, and the outer body which is spiritual and sensory in that aspect.

And the journey in the second stage of meditation, as we’ve titled it, might be to some of the first interactions that are beyond the Earth in the sense of the finite aspects of same, and can be of a guiding nature, of an informative nature, or helpful to any particular need that may be in your life at present, be that yours, a loved one, a colleague. Or, as in the case with such as our Channel, this can be the pathway that leads to guidance or information for another who is seeking through thee.

But in all respects, this becomes the next stage of focus and it becomes one of immense value to you, and perhaps for most entities the purpose of striving to master going within in the first place.

Now understand, dear friends, that we would embrace here the concept and the literal nature of there constantly being spiritual guidance. There is not one stage of the meditational process that is without spiritual guidance and companionship. God’s hand rests upon each of His Children. And when they know it to be so, they can reach out and grasp it in the spirit of love and compassion with which the Father extends same. And there are those offerings from other of God’s servant or servants plural who are literally your brethren. If you like, your brothers and sisters. If you have moved beyond this, your brethren.

The point here is simply this: You are never alone. And this second stage of medi- tation is most valuable in the sense that it generally, for most all entities, is the point of initiating contact with other consciousnesses that lie beyond self. It is not always so, but it is often so.

And it is from this second stage that one can discern that many alternatives are possible. Many methodologies, many pathways, many works. And for the most part, all things begin to become possible, dependent upon the reason for which you are doing this work.

And so this brings us full circle, back to having purposes, having goals. But not rigid. Your goal can be to reach that first stage of meditational ease. And that’s a good goal. You can have as a part of your objective or purpose, the wishes of your heart and mind; perhaps, to serve the needs of others or to enrich your own life. And once you reach that state of ease, you will begin to fashion the pathways that will lead you to other goals. And these become the methodologies and they, too, will become familiar and known to you, and they will become what could be thought of as the next plateau or foundation upon which you’ll begin to plan and move towards your next.

These are not mandatory steps or stages. They are identifiers, given here humbly and lovingly, so as you find them of value for your references. They are valid; they do exist. And all entities pass through them, even though some acknowledge them not, because the movement is so swift or so specifically focused in a different sense that they are not noted or have no meaning to them at that point. But in the spirit in which you have presented this inquiry, so have we offered these comments.

And so we shall now conclude, offering our continual prayer unto each of you. May it be ever the grace and wisdom of our Father that you allow to guide your footsteps.

Fare thee well then for the present, dear friends.

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SPECIAL NOTICE: This material has been prepared specifically for use as research information only. In readings where such is pertinent, application of the material should be attempted only under the guidance of an appropriately accredited practitioner.

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