Pleiadian Meditation on December 25, 2016 from Barbara Marciniak

A few short comments here with the full audio below:

Journey with this audio channeling, having a descriptive meditation, to an energizing forest refuge. Gradually, you are lead into the realms of expanded consciousness and the solar system’s movement through space that is adjusting human consciousness. Barbara Marciniak’s channeling of this safe, loving Pleiadian energy meditation is called, “Enhancing Cosmic Consciousness.”

We are moving into the Age of Aquarius with a dimensional shift.  (More like the Atlantian times.)  The Pleiadians interbred with us in the past and it has changed our genetics, our DNA.  Earth has been considered a genetic laboratory.  You are part of this Pleiadian family of Light.


Meditation and Mystical Experiences

meditation-quotes-transformationA man asks Abraham in September of 2016 about his mystical experiences with meditation. He asks, “Where does our longing for these mystical experiences come from?” Abraham said, “Your Inner Being knows all about you in all aspects. It knows your longing for these mystical experiences. Learn to balance your desires and your beliefs. For lasting value, you have to be up to speed with them both. If you think about them often, you are stimulated to a greater expectation. That’s good.”

Osho’s Meditation Techniques

14519879_10155124419592069_8963247314756207039_nOsho continues to inspire millions of people worldwide in their individual search for joy, fulfillment, depth, and silence. All his talks address the question of how we can live each moment of our daily lives in awareness, relaxation and totality.   In The Book of Secrets we are invited to experience and experiment with the games and situations that everyday life brings through the tools of our senses. The 4000 year-old Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is a compendium of highly condensed, telegraphic instructions for 112 different awareness techniques that bring us into the present moment. Osho describes each technique in detail, and explains how we can discover which is the best one for us and how to integrate it into our daily lives.

osho-book-the-book-of-secrets-_international_-large“These techniques, if followed, suddenly turn your mind. It comes to the present. And when the mind comes to the present it stops, it is no more. You cannot be a mind in the present, that is impossible.”   Osho

 An excerpt (1 of 4) from a video “Stress Free Living-Meditation For Busy Women” is below.   This video presents strategies to avoid and reduce stress, and meditative methods to unwind, based on ‘The Book of Secrets’, by Osho.   —



Esther Hicks’ Meditation Tips


“Esther looks for and isolates a sound in the room which helps her to detach from the physical. Use a sound such as an air-conditioner. In Esther’s relaxed willingness, her Inner Being tunes her into alignment. Nothing can go wrong in meditation. There is no danger but you may feel uncomfortable. Being in a receptive and intuitive mode is best. The way to accomplish alignment is to lower your resistance and allow your natural alignment.   Your value is your alignment. You teach others through the clarity of your alignment. It is an example for others. Meditate for the joy of your own alignment.”   Abraham on the September 2016 Mediterranean Cruise

Exploring the Miracles of Meditation

Exploring the Miracles of Meditation, A Commentary by Lama Sing,                     TM & Al Miner
Going Within Project – Reading #1
CHANNEL: This is December 11, 1994. This reading is Code Number C-110. It is a request for a topical research reading entitled, “Going Within”. I would like to thank my dear friends who have anonymously sponsored this reading and whose continued urging has finally borne some fruit.
We are very interested in getting information that might be useful to ourselves, and others who may follow, on the topic of Meditation, and any and all relevant information that we may not at the moment know to ask. And so, while we are requesting, in essence, an open reading, we very much would like to know more about the process of going within or meditation, and we would value highly any contribution that might be given in this reading. Continue reading Exploring the Miracles of Meditation