Abraham-Hicks 2016 Mediterranean Cruise Notes


Abraham’s Channeling on the Mediterranean Cruise 2016

9/3 Saturday– Help from the Universe puts you in the right place and right time! Know your direction and feel “the sweet spot.”  (Individuals raise their hands to ask Abraham a question.)

A man felt (in the middle of the night and coming out of sleep) his perfection. Abraham said, “We are all one and blended with no resistance. Source sees through your eyes. For instance, when you tap your toe to the music or when you yawn, that’s “Us” or Spirit! Yes, you were feeling your perfection and connection with Spirit!

A person feels energy in their solar plexus and goose bumps and wonders what it means. Abraham said, “A future you is calling you into the present you. If you feel negativity and catch it early on, it doesn’t have the power to manifest. Your determination doesn’t need effort. If you are manifesting unwanted things, this is telling you to clean up your vibration.”

A woman spoke about her granddaughter and if she focused on her, as one thing, then it’s easy to line up with the unrestricted, positive flow. Abraham said, “Use the 16-second technique to manifest. But if it feels like work, then leave the subject causing “the off-ness.” People deliberately make life more difficult. Fine tuning your vibration to a faster moving energy makes things more possible.”

9/5 Monday – The Law of Attraction is responding to what you’re offering vibrationally. There are so many around you with their own perspectives. Leave their perspectives alone. Notice your own Inner Being and don’t get crossways of it. Your life is about you. Be aware of what you’re asking for and send out a rocket of desire for it.

Don’t be conditional but just line up with who you really are, your Inner Being, and you will get what you want. You create a vibrational version of your desire and your Inner Being is focused on it. See what you want as DONE. You must learn to manage your own happiness. No one else can do it for you.

A person was in S. Africa for 13 years treating cancer patients and asks what is the reason for people getting cancer. Abraham says that if you have emotional alignment, then that will bring inspiration about all of the rest. People must be willing to acknowledge that they are vibrational beings. Most humans see death as a failed situation. But sometimes it’s the only way to see into the vortex. Death is not a failure.

The true reason for cancer is a disallowance of the ease of who you are. The person with cancer has practiced attention to unwanted things! Doing this rips you apart and your physical can’t heal. Only look at things that feel good! Get to the heart of what you really want. If you stay in the negative, you can’t be your real self. That core discord can’t give you emotional stability. ASK and BECOME! New thoughts change to new things but it’s not automatic. But sometimes asking creates tension.

An individual asks about how to enjoy life. Abraham says to “Feel good in the absence of what you want.” Know that nothing has to change to make you feel better but just your own willingness to feel better. In alignment, you feel impulses of your Inner Being calling you to what you want. So say, feel, eat, be, and enjoy wonderful experiences. The strength of your desire to feel good makes it easy for Source to manifest for you. Make sure that you deliberately care for yourself.

A young girl holds herself responsible for her husband’s death. Abraham says that your Inner Being is here and now and never looks back. If you look back, you separate yourself from your now.

If you hold to a memory, you are sad. Don’t hold to the past but live in the now. When you long for the past and relationships you can’t have, then it holds you back. You have now become much more than that was. Esther remembers Jerry. He is dead and THAT thought can’t be turned into a thing.

Instead, focus on yourself and what you’ve accomplished. Your Inner Being says, “Come to all that you’ve become!” Meditation, imagining, emotional blending are good but when thoughts turn into things, that is even better. Thoughts turn into things and become this man. You cling to what WAS to your detriment. For instance, people come to Esther’s house and move or destroy Jerry’s stuff! As a result, Esther feels freer. He’s sending people to free her and for her to let go! It’s alright. It’s bondage to hold on to the past. It’s preventing your forward progress.

Your Inner Being calls you to the fullness of who you are. The REALNESS is where you’re going to the beautiful life! You must let yourself go to who you are now and the real life. Know it just gets better and better. (Owls come as you’ve found the answer.)

Another person says that they always want what others have with jealousy. I think, “They are in alignment and I am not.” Abraham says, “If you focus on your alignment or how you feel under different conditions, you will discover that it doesn’t have anything to do with them. You don’t have the alignment you want.” There’s a gap between you and you (the stuff you want.) When you feel that feeling, say “Thank you for pointing out that vibrational gap to me.”   Think, “If I had not, through the life I’m living, felt a gap then I couldn’t feel the discomfort I’m feeling.” Just RELAX it and turn your thoughts to your feelings and your things.

Understand it and you don’t need to explain or justify. Think, “I am looking forward to the journey!” Enjoy the softening of jealousy because when you get there you will feel elated! Think, “I’m in love with the journey!” These are expansion pains so just expand your attention now. There is no completion to what you’re becoming. Eternal incompletion! That is you! And you don’t need the approval of others. It’s not true what others think. It’s only true what you think of yourself.

It can’t manifest all at once. You don’t want it all at once. Just relax and wait to be surprised and delighted! You are constantly becoming! Learn to manage your vibrations. Bring them back into balance.

Another person asks about “inspired thought.” Abraham says to release your resistance for your Inner Being to give you inspired thought.

While in slumber, you release all resistance. For instance, death is an inevitable outcome that is delightful to explore where you are on the leading edge and immersed into other worlds. Right now, we are in our knowing and presenting these words to Esther. She’s in a place to seamlessly present the precise message to you.

Dreams are downloaded in the last second of consciousness before awakening. Out of body experiences are death but you don’t have to let go of the physical to attune to your Inner Being. You are here not as a separation of the spirit. Intention is to become spirit in the physical form.

Life is supposed to feel good to you! The past has to give way to what’s coming. Pay attention to what you’re feeling to what feels better and better. Choice is in every moment. If you feel hate, anxiety, and jealousy, you’ve pinched it off. Why jeopardize alignment? Find positive thoughts and practice them until you own them. See people the way Source sees them. Continually go get a drink at the fountain of alignment! The result of alignment will be to do what you really care about and go with your passion.

Reality is changing constantly but don’t keep saying, “I can’t. It doesn’t work!” Change your emphasis. Your thoughts and feelings create but some thoughts are unconscious. Try not to say negative things. Don’t look at sad things at all. It’s never impossible. It’s just what your patterns have seen. Humans want to be dramatic. You want to defend why it’s hard or be jealous of another.

Know that you can’t be in Rome now (our last cruise destination)! Give yourself the opportunity to take the journey. If the ship were resistant, it would be going around and around. We would be going in a tight circle. You can’t keep saying the same things! If you think differently, evidence of releasing resistance will show up.

Great things happen with our intentions and being in the vortex brings rewards! If your state of alignment is extended and you have positive momentum, you will experience tangible results. Follow your bliss and allow Blessings to come to you. Your jackpot is all about timing. Timing is all about alignment! Just release resistant thoughts. When effort is required, there is resistance in the mix. Be in a receptive mode. Be blissful, playful, and happy!

Someone says that their family worries about her and say that she is naïve.

Abraham said that this came from a lack of belief in their own worthiness. Naïve is the opposite of normal because most people doubt and don’t trust. Most people say the naïve ones are not living considering what could happen. They want to bring you down. If you’re in a sweet, naïve, positive place, how could sinister get in your experience? Humans dull their inner guidance to the point of not recognizing it. The more you are in alignment, you CAN recognize danger.

9/7 Wednesday – A person asked about why they need glasses.

Abraham said that it’s all about focus and your expectations when you take the glasses off. If you are tired, you expect your vision to be blurry. Your lenses get stronger because you don’t give them a reason to focus. You are looking for results and think, “I’m really appreciating these lenses.” Abraham “saw” for Esther but her beliefs got in her way. First, expect its possible to see well. Second, care about your focus. It often depends on the world outside. Third, new lights equal different frequencies. (?) Fourth, Use your eyes in a broader way. You have developed a dependency on the lenses. Such a dependency will keep you requiring lenses.

A person asked, “How should one deal with a separation or divorce?” Abraham answered, “Don’t converse about what’s not working. Conversation is a generator that can block what you want. Divorce and separation is when you talk about the bad stuff.

Instead, talk about positive expectations that you want to happen.

Every time you speak, you add more resistance. Catch yourself saying those things you don’t want and PIVOT to better words.

Speak about what you DO want. The Universe is responding to your vibration. Say positive things to yourself. Explain less and don’t hold yourself in that pattern. You get what you think about!

Trust into something not yet seen!

Another participant asks about being the creator of his own reality.

Abraham again says, “Focus on what you want! Yes, you are the creator of your own reality!” You are in this sea of vibration all of the time. Your vortex is what you think about. You are a vibrational transmitter. This energy surrounds you and other people. If you have strong desire and little resistance, you will manifest what you want.

Next, a man asks, “Do I bring more people into my life to bring more into my vortex?” Abraham said, “Yes! Every bit of contrast helps you create more. You turn thoughts into things. Follow your impulses. Contrast, while soaring, gives you clarification. Focus and momentum. How you’re feeling is important! You can’t alter your beliefs suddenly. If you alter them gradually and incrementally, you will get better results. Your vortex is a frequency you isolate. It is the power of now, the now of your inner being. Be enamored with what you can feel. Feel your way through. Find it vibrationally. Your inner being will surprise and delight you.

A lady is upset because her mother died. Abraham said, “Your beliefs about your mother caused her to leave.” (I didn’t record much more but there must have been a good reason for that being said.)

Someone spoke of having an outline that they followed for their life. Abraham said, “Even with an outline, inspiration comes. When you are focused in the now and with who you are, whether someone stays or leaves doesn’t matter. But lean toward it flowing.

A man’s heart was in shock. He knew he had to change his thoughts and energy. Abraham said, “Focus into your desire and not into your fear. Every emotion has choices. Focusing is an important resource. Most people have emotional responses to conditions. Don’t attend to what you don’t want! You’re back at Step one which is OK but focus on what you want. (Step 1)

A person finds aspects of others that don’t match them. Abraham started a Rampage… “Sure wish I had a good relationship. Wouldn’t it be nice if I were inside of a well-created relationship? It would be nice if every relationship had the positive aspects I want. I can see advantages to all I meet as they are more and more at my level. I am rising to the vibration of my inner being. The Law of Attraction brings me a person that is tapped in and turned on. I have control over my vibration. All people are leading me to more clarity.” Think this way!

Someone’s sister is a negative. Abraham says, “Think of what you’re giving out and find a way to think of the vortex version of her. Think of her as younger. When you hold someone as your object of attention, if you are in vibrational alignment, you can stay and stay in alignment. You are responsible for how you feel. You can’t be split between you and you because that causes conflict. It is not your responsibility to raise her energy. She is an inevitable consequence of “your height.” If you find someone’s energy around you, you must have it going on with you. Practice a different vibration about her when you are not on the phone. You’ve got to feel better whether she is cheerful or not. Short conversations might be better. Abraham tells him that he resents her and attracts her negativity. We know you love your sister sometimes. But you include what you don’t want about her. Find what you are including for clarity. Talk about what you want. The more you practice defense, you bring more to fight! You don’t have to right the World. You are vibrationally enraged.   If they are really entrenched in it (negativity and fighting), they will drift away. So you miss the other way she was. Get off the subject of what you miss!

Next a man says someone is asking to connect with him. If he is in the vicinity, he connects with him. Abraham said, “You are always connected in some degree. You are like a satellite signal that gets locked onto him. This is what it feels like in alignment.”

Another man says that he meditates for 15 min. each day, quieting his mind. Abraham says, “You’re locked on to alignment again. You are a strong focuser. So say, “I am a strong focuser. So why am I so uncomfortable with negatives?” Abraham says that being negative in the morning is vibrationally off. With sleeping, your resistance subsides. Expect to feel great when you wake up! Focus to get yourself moving again. Hold your mind in the positives. Your default is where you last left them. You quiet your mind in meditation and sleep.

Abraham said that, “Expectation is a powerful thing. Thoughts, thinking or speaking sends out those expectations. Speaking is the most powerful! Say to yourself, “ I love waking up.” Slumber stops and you idle your engine. Engines of desire do work and your inner self directs the movement. Pay attention to your thoughts in the morning.

Abraham said, “You can’t feel appreciation and loneliness at the same time. Go to sleep when you need support. Look for support in the vibration. Then be inspired. Say to yourself, “I love that I feel awesome when I wake up!” “

A person asks about dreams. Abraham said, “How you think and how you feel always match in your life and in dreams. Dreams don’t happen all night long. In your least resistant dream state, you are receiving a download. If you feel good, you have good dreams. If you feel bad, then you have bad dreams.”

9/9 Friday – Resonance is the vibration of you and your inner being. Practice feeling the resonance. A steady connectedness is best. Practice alignment in the morning. You can try too hard that you devalue yourself. Resistance can be too strong to get it by taking score. You think, “I know what I want so when is it coming?” Be sensitive to how you’re feeling. Shadow beliefs that you don’t recognize are there are sometimes at work. Activate your emotional guidance through meditation. This is when your thought flow is quieted and your resistance is gone. The awake meditation of quieting your mind gives you a detached state in 15 or 20 min. Your on-going awareness is heightened.

Exhilaration has more momentum than satisfaction. You can fine tune to the subtle differences in your emotions. Control over the way you feel is good. In the now of how you feel, you have options. The Law of Attraction has you in the negatives or where you last left it. You need to meditate DAILY!

If you have a traumatic reaction to an experience, you can move yourself to a slightly better place. Think of new subjects. Sensitivity moves emotions until you feel better. Freedom equals choices like experiencing fun, light-hearted, happy emotions until you feel better. These are less resistant words. You need to meditate so you are in the same range as your desires are. Go where it’s done! Milk what has already happened! The best conversation is about what has manifested!

Commit to meditation! The human tendency is to get to manisfestation rather than the vibrational root of it. (Push the car rather than fuel it.) Don’t focus on the tough stuff. Do your vibrational work first!

Person asks, “Why am I in a bad place?” Abraham said, “This is not a good thought. This brings split energy. You need to plug into the stream of energy that’s you through meditation. Co-creation is ultimately with Source and who you really are! You co-create in powerful ways when you manifest.

Another individual was in seclusion for 20 years. Abraham said, “The Law of Attraction doesn’t create in solitude. Go with the flow of things you like. Just look for someone to love. Forget the hard ones to love! Just love where it’s easy. Raise your vibration and by being in meditation, you are really tuned to Source Energy. Expanded appreciation and love equal meditation.

A person “conditionally” easy to love puts others down. Those people have a condition that controls them. Always feel good no matter what’s going on! Seriousness equals over-thinking. Align with vitality and well-being. This is appreciation which equals alignment!

When you quiet your mind in meditation, everything goes away and you come into resonance with your inner being. “Plug in the toaster before you toast the bread!”

Someone asks about communication and has difficulty understanding others’ meaning. Abraham said, “Is what they are broadcasting muddled or are you on the same wave length? Because people say things that they don’t mean. Their words say one thing and their vibration says another. You can’t control their feelings. If you worry about their feelings, you won’t get back on your same wave length. FIRST, get where you want to be! If someone is confident and knowledgeable, you understand them better. It’s about focus.  Do pre-paving. Communication is so important in co-creation!

If you are angry, you are being contradictory. For instance, only talk to kids when you are feeling good. Tend to your own vibration FIRST and then communicate. (Like the airlines talk about giving yourself oxygen first before helping another.) Or you will give a mixed message. Don’t communicate who you used to be! Your potential is different with new groups.

Someone questions saying that their desire engine is low. Abraham said, “Just pay attention to yourself and not to who you live with.”

Then another asks about her fear of abandonment. She fears that her inner child was left behind and needs to grow up. Abraham said, “There is no such thing as these fears. Fear is the opposition of desire. When you spend time thinking about the specific fears, then you split your energy. If a worry about it becomes long enough in time, then you create bad stuff. Abraham advises, “Stay on your track and tend to your own tuning! If you focus there, you get results. If you are looking for love in all the wrong places, you are looking where it’s NOT sustainable. Look at your inner being!” Abraham said, “Feelings of abandonment are an excuse not to sync with your Source.”

A participant asked, “ How do I see with the third eye or have more inner vision?” Abraham said, “Esther said, ‘I’m willing.’ Then the energy locked on. Also, meditation allows all energy to be in the receiving mode. Source energy is non-physical energy. The Stream of Consciousness equals “Abraham Soup.” Be in concert with Source. Allow fully who you really are. Esther allowed it to happen, to flow with it. Mostly, it’s the wholeness that makes the difference.” “There is no possession going on in channeling!”

This question came, “What is Source?” Abraham said, “Source is personal. Consciousness is a loving and knowing personality. It is as personal or impersonal as you are allowing. Your logic tells you that Source must know everything. Infinite intelligence. It expands through us, who are on the leading edge. Just don’t do the thing that keeps it from coming.”

Then a person wonders if the Universe is always fair. Is it translating vibration with blurred lines? Abraham said, “In this moment, you are doing it now. Bring your vision up to the windshield rather than the floorboard. Your vortex feels like the future to you. There’s plenty now that is complete and enough. Be vibrationally blended enough to be now and in the future. Now, now, now and ahead now. If you could see through the eyes of Source, everything in your Vortex would be realized now! “

You blur lines between you and you. Be in the receiving mode. You are always going to be more. Be satisfied in your “What Is Ness.” Be joyful in your now. Engage in the energy that creates Worlds!”

An individual asks, “What is a rendezvous?” Abraham said, “It means a vibrational match. All that comes back to you is what you broadcasted. You keep pulling in the Vortex and keep allowing (or not). There always will be more in your vortex. You don’t want it all today! (Like, you don’t want all of the air you breathe to be given to you at once!) “The planting seeds concept” is that you can’t eat all the seeds today.”

Live in a simple way to live life happily and feel good! Say, “I let the power of the Universe do the work!” Let your dominant being be to chill out!   There is no need to demand or beg! Your Vortex is really YOU.

A woman asks, “Is our feeling the evidence when we feel at ease?”

Abraham said, “When you have manifested, then more contrast comes. If you say, “I want to be there,” then you’re not ready. If you felt it, then it is you. Everything comes by the power of your thought! Every negative emotion you feel is evidence of your free will. Always turning thoughts to things.

9/13 Tuesday – “What is insomnia?” Abraham said, “If energy is being replenished, it continues. You get tuned in and get replenished. Not sleeping is action orientation driven because you feel tireless. Action equals resistance and keeps you from replenishment. Slumber stops thought. Say, “I am continually replenished.” Lie in bed and feel happy and feel replenished. Wild animals and pets seek selfish replenishment. Your natural guidance says to rest. If you can’t sleep, then get up. If you don’t, you will introduce resistance. The greatest advantage of sleep is the softening of resistance. The body likes to sleep in small bits. Follow your own instinctual rhythm. Let your own connection and inspiration be what guides your sleep patterns. If you can, don’t use sleep aides or it thwarts your ability to sleep naturally.

One lady questions, “Am I focused in a world of variety so that my guidance says I’m taking a dip in vibration?” Abraham said, “Learn to maintain your positive vibration in all situations. Don’t train yourself to hide your sensitivity. Momentum will get you to feel emotion and whatever is underway will be. Slumber is a clearing of energy. Understand momentum. First pay attention to your desires and allow rather than resist or be negative. If you deal with it in the early, subtle stages, it’s easier. Dealing with it is softening resistance. See it as Source sees it and slightly different and distant from Source. With resistance against negativity or someone who’s negative, you push against it. Or if you ask them to change or not be negative you are pushing. Any negative thing wobbles you. So embrace the negative contrast. If someone says or thinks negatively, that is no risk for me. Don’t fear contrast. If you fear it, you’re afraid of life. A big World is filled with lots of thinkers and if you acknowledge what they think or do, just enjoy the differences. Don’t try to change minds and you could find value in every conversation which is a gift to you because it expands you.”

 Abraham continues, “The variety of good and bad expands you. Experience that expansion and variety without fear.”

Another thanks Abraham for the stateroom gifts. She asks for clarity because although contrast helps her focus, wine causes her to lose her clarity. This leads to regret the next day. Abraham said, “You are too hard on yourself. Wine makes you feel less inhibited. It lowers your resistance. The softening of resistance is an artificial, temporary tool. You can do something in advance to change your experience. Drink from alignment. Momentum is staying on a vibrational genre or wave length. Your physical body is a great adapter and will adapt and have expectations. Your Inner Being impulses call you toward your vortex.

Forgetting when drinking slows momentum so that confusion results. What causes this is the lack of ability to focus. If you were able to focus, you could increase your momentum which would bring clarity. But your focusing faculties are numbed.   However, the most enlightened conversation comes from someone whose mind is quiet. If you’ve experienced drunkenness, you might have spoken “the truths of the Universe” but without anyone to understand you. It’s better to drink for fun and meditate for clarity.”

Another person thanks Esther and her team. Then they ask, “What is the difference between detachment and releasing resistance?”

Abraham said, “You release resistance when your buttons are pushed and you detach from the person or thing. When you detach, you move from a radio station you don’t like and focus on a new, chosen station. Detachment is good. When you detach and live away from a person, then 90% of your day you do not focus on them. However, if you can’t move away from them, you can work on your resistance about them. It would serve you to detox from all that bugs you. If you don’t need to think about it, don’t!

The detached thing is then not your point of attraction.”

“Also, don’t pretend that you like things that you don’t like. Play down things you don’t like. If you are detached from it, you won’t be in the “Law of Attraction” range of it. Say to yourself, “I have the ability to find vibrational alignment to my inner being.” That way you are requesting those people and things that your Inner Being wants for you.”

“Don’t feel a grudge and keep it going! Doing that causes the slow, gradual out of alignment movement that leads to depression. Don’t focus on what bothers you!”

“We don’t mean that going to therapy is bad but you’ll never get to the bottom of it all! Instead, make an empowering statement about it! (This is the Step 5 that we speak about.) Detach from it! Find an improved thought. Move from resistance into expansion. Choose a subject that you truly ARE and stay there!”

“You must accept contrast. Your expansion is because of this resistance to contrast. Remember, you made the decision to come into your body and you jumped into contrast and loved it. You may have cried as a baby but you told yourself, “I’m going to deliberately choose contrast for the leading edge expansion that it brings!”

Step 5 is about loving the contrast. Your Inner Being doesn’t join you in the trauma of contrast. Love and negative emotions can co-exist. Take contrast in smaller doses if you need to.

Another questioner asks if there is such a thing as “old souls.” Abraham said, “Yes. However, old is a comparison. The oldest of souls is new to the Universe now. The old you was summoned to a new place.”

 A man asks about his mystical experiences with meditation. He asks, “Where does our longing for these mystical experiences come from?” Abraham said that your Inner Being knows all about you in all aspects. It knows your longing for these mystical experiences. Learn to balance your desires and your beliefs. For lasting value, you have to be up to speed with them both. If you think about them often, you are stimulated to a greater expectation. That’s good.

Also, here is Esther’s technique as a tip for meditation. Esther looks for and isolates a sound in the room which helps her to detach from the physical. Use a sound such as an air-conditioner. In Esther’s relaxed willingness, her Inner Being tunes her into alignment. Nothing can go wrong in meditation. There is no danger but you may feel uncomfortable. Being in a receptive and intuitive mode is best. The way to accomplish alignment is to lower your resistance and allow your natural alignment.

Your value is your alignment. You teach others through the clarity of your alignment. It is an example for others. Meditate for the joy of your own alignment.

A writer asks what if I am writing about negative things? Does that hurt my alignment? Abraham said, “ If you are focused on negative emotions, your guidance has gone too far. Have your awareness on negative things without losing your positive connection. Write about the negative without joining them where they are.”

Next, a person asks about “the veil” between our worlds. Abraham said you don’t need a transition experiment. If you need proof of this veil, then that puts you in a place where you don’t believe. If a past life were valuable to you, you would have remembered it. Don’t use a past life to justify or allow that treatment today.

A lady speaks about always feeling in alignment with her husband.  Since their 10 years together, it has been so special. Their flow together is easy and it takes no action but just thought to get what she wants. Abraham said, “Amplify your pleasure of the process with your partner. Get into the nice experience and milk it. Be so thrilled with the process that the outcome is irrelevant. There is more fun in the unfolding. Have joy in the journey!”

A person asks what to say when people ask his age. Abraham said,

“Say I am old enough!” You are born into contrast and you are comparative beings. Comparison is helpful. However, comparison is sometimes not helpful when you think, “I used to be this way or I used to feel that way.” The younger you are, the more carefree you seem to be. Esther is having as much fun as her children and doesn’t feel “off” or bad about aging.

All we have is right now. Excellent utilization of this moment in time is best. If someone asks, “How old are you?,” say “Now!” How you feel now is important! In your joyful now, age is too limited for you. Anyone talking about those things is not in connection. They are too limited. Don’t engage in the age question. Change the subject! Say, “I feel even with you in that regard.” All are in the same situation on the boat of life and all is fair. People use age to pinch themselves off.

Another asks how to love without attachment and no expectation.

Abraham said, “Attachment and expectation are all right. More important is that you get what you expect. If your happiness is dependant on another, that’s not good. Better to be unattached.”

“Happiness is equal to your appreciation of the flows toward it. If you are living in the now and the moment, you are continually renewing a relationship. Come into alignment with Source and if you are attached, it’s Ok. If you feel you don’t have enough, it doesn’t have to affect how you feel. Attachment to your Inner Being is alignment. Don’t put it in as temporary. It should be permanent.

Good relationships don’t need to get happiness from you. Be who you are. Be attached to Source. Look at a cat or dog. They choose freedom. You can find that for yourself, too.

Someone asks about music and how it can take you back in time to a previous situation. Abraham said, “If you had alignment then, you like reliving that and like hearing the music that you enjoyed then. Then if you hear a song that you don’t like, it disconnects you. It did in the past and does now. Music is interpreting another level and a pure vibration.

There was a question about the passing of a grandmother and feeling her around now. Abraham said that we are co-creating with those who have made their transition.

Final appreciative comments were made for Esther and Abraham’s channeling on this Mediterranean cruise. The spiritual learnings and new friends made were wonderful additions to my life. I would easily go on another Abraham cruise in the future!

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